This place (2.314291,111.825939)…


…among the shops at Jalan Bandong here has been around for a while now and everytime I was in the vicinity in the evenings, it sure seemed to enjoy really brisk business and would be rather crowded and for that very reason, I never dropped by to check it out. From what I heard, the lady here had a stall at the Ramadhan Bazaar here every year and what she sold there was pretty commendable.

There is a satay stall in front…

Satay stall

…but I guess it only operates at night. I’ve never tried this one but I like those from another stall close by, just a few steps away.

I noticed lately that it was open in the morning so that day, we decided to stop by…

De'Orange, inside

…for brunch. I gathered that they open from around 8.00 or 8.30 in the morning right through till 11.00 p.m. at night but they close on Sundays.

My missus had the mee goreng sotong, fried noodles with squid (RM5.50)…

De'Orange mee goreng sotong 1

…and it was very nice. There was quite a lot of the squid in it…

De'Orange mee goreng sotong 2

…and the serving was very generous.

I had the kway teow goreng udang, fried flat rice noodles with prawns (RM7.00)…

De'Orange kway teow goreng udang 1

…and yes, there were a lot of prawns in it as well, the freshwater variety…

De'Orange kway teow goreng udang 2

…but these were very small so I do not think they would be as expensive as the bigger ones. It was nice too though I was not all that fond of the excessive use of chili sauce in it, not unlike the one I had here before at less than half the price, minus the prawns. Between the two, I think I prefer the mee.

Incidentally, when I mentioned in my post that day that I asked to lady to just keep the change, everybody seemed to make such a big deal out of it and somebody even commented and said that in giving a tip, I was “spoiling the market“. Well, it was not a complete name, not one that was familiar at all, no blog links and I could not verify the identity using the email address given so of course, I did not approve the comment. I have no intention of taking a risk and ending up with an anonymous spammer, thank you very much.

I know there is an old English proverb that says, “A fool and his money are soon parted,” but it wasn’t all that much, really, less than 5% – whatever that was left of the RM100 after paying for everything. Social etiquette in polite society in the past had it that it should be 10% of the total in the bill but one would have the prerogative whether to give or not to give. That is why I would not go to places where there is 10% service charge on top of the 6% GST – I would not want to be held to ransom like that and reserve the right to give when I truly enjoy the food, the people are nice and the service is great, and the place as well. Neither would I go to places where they actually ask you for a tip with a choice of putting it in the BIG basket provided or putting it in the waiter’s or waitress’ hand…but I would give whenever I see it fitting not just at such fancy restaurants but elsewhere as well, even at petrol stations where there is a ringgit or two change. I must say that with the resulting goodwill thus derived, I do end up getting very much better service, nice smiles and friendly small talk that sure go a long way in brightening up one’s day. In this present day and age in our dog-eat-dog world, we do need that little bit of pleasantry and cheer, I’m sure.

Anyway, going back to the shop that we went to that morning, when I went to settle the bill at the counter, I saw that there was a collection for the construction of a mosque in the Teku area here. Everything including the drinks came up to RM16.10 and I paid RM20.10…and contributed the RM4.00 change to the building fund. Yes, that wasn’t much even though it was definitely more than 10% of the total in the bill but as they say, it’s the thought that counts. Do unto others what you would have them do unto you

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

12 thoughts on “Orange…”

  1. I love the lion print, and so nice that they are not afraid to use colour on the walls! 🙂

    Can’t say I’m all that fond of it – looks like a floor rug or carpet to me but they have used it as a wall display. Here, people do use vibrant colours on the walls, not uncommon.

  2. Both look good but mee goreng sotong is still my priority. Yes, I agree it is the thought that counts & that little gesture may meant a lot to other people.

    That is definitely the better choice between the two. Indeed, seeing that they do get a lot of customers and if each one contributes a bit, they would be able to raise quite a lot for the building fund.

  3. Thank goodness tipping is not the accepted practice in Australia like it is in the US. Here, employers have to pay their staff well, unlike over there where staff get minimal wage and have to depend on tips.

    Not the practice here either but there is that 10% service charge that they are allowed to put on your bill, if they want. A few have done that but most have chosen to do without it. That will surely drive all the customers away as on top of the 6% GST, it will definitely amount to quite a lot.

    To me, I think it is up to the individual – to give or not to give…same as those at some eating places here where they will round up the total, give discounts on their own accord out of their own free will and goodwill. Not obliged in any way to do that. I guess you do not find people doing that there or at many other places either, maybe just here.

  4. Some time ago, I put up some food pictures in my FB citing them they are cheap and nice… and I got “shot” after that… hahahaha… Someone said I shouldn’t say cheap, why I said cheap etc etc etc… saying cheap will lead to hiking of prices after that, he mentioned… well..oh well.. then on the very same day, he deleted his “comments”…. oh well… again.. 🙂

    Such comments will not get through moderation. I would just delegate them to spam and delete them permanently. I do have my share of those. I do not know why there are such people – never dropping by to show their support and comment and appearing out of nowhere just to be nasty and rude. On Facebook? That would be one of your friends then? Eeeeee…some great friends you have! Hehehehehe!!!!!

  5. The food looked good. I would opt for that mee sotong goreng myself!!!

    It was good – the prawn kway teow was all chili sauce, not as nice – despite the prawns.

  6. it has been a while that I can’t view the pictures in your blog. I wonder what has happened on the browser. Anyway, happy weekend to you.

    Oh? I wonder why. Nobody else seems to have that problem. My phone discontinued the old browser and I had to download and use the new one – Opera mini, many photos do not appear and often, “the page cannot be opened”. I use google chrome on my pc, no problem.

  7. What attracted me most is the prawns, hehe…

    Very small, better go for the bigger ones, so very cheap in your SGD. 😉

  8. I also tend to ask the vendor to keep the change if the amount is small. It may be small to me but to the recipient it may mean a lot. Besides it’s goodwill. So I say live and let live!

    Indeed. It works both ways. Sometimes, a gesture from them, like giving a bit extra perhaps…or giving something else we have not ordered or bought to try…will make people feel good and keep them coming back. Honesty may also help – like when those ringgit notes stick together and they refund the excess, that would be a point in their favour.

    Whatever it is, at the end of the day, whether they treat me nice or not, it is all right as long as the food is good…and they are not rude, downright impolite and will snap at people – I would just take my business elsewhere and settle for second best. Such people should be boycotted, let them go bankrupt, teach them a good lesson. I am amazed that for some, that rudeness is actually an attraction…like in some countries.

  9. I totally agree with Phong Hong! A buck here and there will not change my life (and yes, everyday I am grateful to be able to say that) but it may help someone else pay their rent or for their kids’ school books. My mum had the right idea when people would complain about having to pay income tax and she said she would not mind one bit if she had to pay a million dollars in taxes. Think that one through….
    I know in Aust they don’t generally tip as I believe their minimum wage is about AUD 20 per hour. However, if the service is great, I just add on AUD 10-20 to the bill.
    Try going to the US, it is at least 15%! And when on business, we usually do 25%.

    I guess different countries have their own accepted norms – like all the noise people here were making about the recently introduced 6% GST. Likewise, different countries have different rates for income taxation, some a lot more than others. At the end of the day, if all that money is put to good use for the benefit of everybody at large, I would think it is perfectly all right…but not if a large portion of it goes into somebody’s pockets. I shall not deliberate on that, this blog is not the platform for such issues that I would generally avoid especially when it will just drag on and on, a never ending story.

    I would say tipping is a prerogative – up to the individual to give or not to give, a little or a lot. I do it sometimes for the positive vibes and to show my acknowledgement and appreciation when well-deserved and also to give a little bit of encouragement to carry on with the good work or to try and be even better – in our cold and seemingly uncaring world today, I do think you would need a lot more of that. After all, it’s only money – can’t bring it with me when I go…and if I’m happy and it makes somebody else happy too, why not?

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