All for the love of a girl…

…my girl, that is.

We were browsing around at the hypermart in town (2.325528,111.853515) the other day and I saw these bagels…

US bagels

…from the USA and knowing how she used to enjoy the ones here when she was in Wellington, New Zealand, I wasted no time at all in grabbing a pack to try even though it did not come cheap, RM14 something, if I remember correctly, for a pack of 4 so that would work out to over RM3.00 each, almost 4.

Then I had to look around for something to eat those with and I spotted these…

Mini-lamb burgers

No, even though they were made in Malaysia, they did not come cheap either – over RM17 for 8 mini-patties, a little over RM2.00 each. The beef ones were cheaper, around RM12.00 a box…or was that the price of the bagels and the beef patties were over RM14.00, I can’t remember exactly now. You know what it is like with old folks – the memory is not all that good anymore. Sobssss!!!!!

I do not mind them being expensive as long as they are very nice, value for money, like those local-made bangers and meat pies. They sure did not come cheap, not at all but they were really good and I sure would not mind buying once in a long while when the craving sets in – instead of those much cheaper, not-quite-worth-the-calories ones. Unfortunately, those are no longer available here. Perhaps they did not go down too well with the locals – I wouldn’t be surprised, not at those prices – so the hypermart people are not bothered to order them anymore.

Anyway, back to the bagels that I bought, they came sliced and I toasted one in the oven with a slice of cheddar cheese on top of one half of it. In the meantime, I grilled the lamb patties and when they were done, I put one over the cheese…

Cheese and lamb

Then, I cut a tomato and placed a few thin slices on the patty…


…and over all those, I added a leaf of lettuce…


Lastly, I poured a little Australian-made ranch dressing…

Ranch dressing

…onto it and placed the other half on top. This range of salad dressings have only recently been made available here at that supermarket that sells a whole lot of imported stuff (2.293109,111.826969) and no, they do not come cheap, way over RM10.00 a bottle – I can’t remember exactly either, but then again, neither are those regular mayonnaise or salad creams, regular or thousand island or whatever and they are not all that nice. I bought two bottles, the other one for Ceasar salad or something but we have yet to try that and if it is anything like this one, I am pretty sure we would love it!

Oh dear! Forgive me for deviating from the topic proper but getting back to that, the whole thing put together…

Lamb bagel 1

…sure looked pretty good, don’t you think? LOL!!!

The bagel was not exactly hard or tough – perhaps, chewy would be a better word to describe it – something like our local Foochow kompia minus the wonderful fragrance and the delightful very mildly salty taste but it wasn’t quite like the ones in Wellington – we found those a little on the hard side though they were quite nice too. However at the price it was going for, I would much sooner settle for our own kompia or some regular kosong (empty) burger bun from our bakeries here.

As for the lamb, it was very very good but it came across more like a mini-lamb chop or nugget, not quite like a patty. That, I guess, was an indication as to how much meat there was in each one of them and how little of the fat and all the stuff that one would find in the regular meat patties. Of course, they did not come cheap so I guess I would not be going back for more all that soon but perhaps, I should give the beef a try as well to see if it is just as good or even better.

But come to think of it, the cost of the whole thing put together…

Lamb bagel 2

…give and take here and there, would be less than RM10.00 which is cheaper, or more or less the same, compared to some of the burgers at those franchise places…or even the roadside stalls in town. Anyway, my girl had it and she enjoyed it very much – to me, that would be all that matters!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

18 thoughts on “All for the love of a girl…”

  1. I love everything in this post today – the bagel, lamb patties, cheese & ranch sauce !! I can have 3 bagels at one go! Love those lamb patties, and I can make for breakfast every morning, topped with an egg maybe..

    I was thinking of adding an egg too but changed my mind. I am sure you will love it, young people these days are so into such stuff…like my girl. πŸ˜€

  2. See the burger you made, makes me crave for it, hehe…

    So you’re going to grab one for lunch? Hehehehehe!!!!

  3. Yeah, I love Ta Kiong, they have a lot of interesting stuff. πŸ™‚

    It has been bringing imported food for Sibu residents for a long time and I didn’t realize how cheap they were until I came to KL – even with the bulk here, it’s more expensive than Ta Kiong, especially with stuff like Tim Tams (later learned from a chat with the owner that they used to supply the KL companies at first).

    Nice bagel burger! I like bagels and pretzel bread. There’s a recipe for the former that doesn’t use yeast so it’s kosher for Jewish people during certain occasions.

    I like lamb, it tastes like no other protein, would choose it over beef if I had the choice anytime.

    Yes, so glad we have Ta Kiong here – I always enjoy browsing around there to see what new stuff they’ve brought in…but that is always so dangerous – will end up buying this and that and they usually do not come cheap, especially now with our hopelessly weak ringgit. 😦

    I prefer lamb to beef too but dunno why these are so much more expensive – 17 against 12, when the prices of the meat are not too far different actually.

    My girl loves pretzels – don’t recall her baking any though. Maybe she will do that one of these days, driven by mood… πŸ˜‰

  4. and it is less oily too compared to buy from outside.

    So I noticed. They seem to use so much oil on their hot plate when grilling the patties, those burger stalls and theirs would have a lot of fat in them too.

  5. My wife loves the Giant hypermart. We don’t have them here, but there was one near our hotel in Singapore. I took my “drive” around the area and must say there is a very nice housing estate near that hypermart.

    Yes, my cousin in Melbourne goes there to shop too when she is in Singapore, she did not say which area so I don’t really know exactly where. This one here is in the other direction so we do not usually go there or that way – more and more houses and shops coming up there now, used to be all jungle not too long ago. We have a smaller Giant in the town centre as well, two here.

  6. Your lamb bagel sandwich sure looks yummy! I’ve seen these bagels before but did not buy because of the price. The Ranch dressing is nice, eh? I dare not buy the bottled ones in case they were not good. Don’t think I have seen this brand over here.

    Only at this particular supermarket that stocks up on imported stuff. There may be some, very limited, at another one here, that is all. All the rest, all you can get would be the Malaysian-made mayo, no salad cream, none of these nice dressings. First time seeing ranch dressing so I quickly grabbed a bottle to try – that Princess Ribbon mentioned it a few times…and me so jakun, did not even know what that was. Now I know.

    Yes, expensive, the bagels…and I would not have bought if it was not because my girl enjoyed them in NZ and I was sure she would love to try them.

  7. so sweet of you.

    the lamb patties does look extremely appetising. I’ve just had lunch, and here I am looking at this patty feeling the need to rush out and get some burgers.

    Bet you would do the same for your boys, wouldn’t you? πŸ˜‰ Hmmm…aren’t you supposed to be watching your diet or something? Bad bad boy!

  8. This bagel is certainly priceless! Prepared with love for the family, where to buy? hahahaa…

    Indeed, that special ingredient – got money, cannot buy one. πŸ˜‰

  9. wah, authentic american-made bagels! i guess with our current currency exchange rate, RM14 makes sense! and the result looks delicious πŸ˜€

    It was good. This one was oats & cranberry. I did not see another one – the classic original, all covered with sesame seeds. A fried of mine bought that – I would have grabbed it too if I had seen it.

  10. Kompia is actually referred as “Foochow Bagels” for some for the similarity in texture. Your finished product look like restaurant grade, I’m sure it was lovely. Maybe you could experiment with doing the fusion style with kompia next time!

    Yes, we enjoyed it. Can’t remember ever doing it with kompia – for one thing, it’s very thin and hard to slice but I’ve done it with the sweet version, the chu nu miang here:
    …and this one, I used it like a bread muffin and stacked the goodies on top:
    Nice! Very very nice!

  11. Bagels! YAY! They are a great go-to food and fall-back-on food when you are on the go! At least for me they are!

    So expensive here – our local version, very much smaller though is only 3 for RM1.00 and the bigger, softer and a little bit bigger version is 4 for RM1.00. We’d go for those.

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