Pick and choose…

The other day, we dropped by this place (2.305823,111.84837), thinking that we would be able to try some of the things on their menu or go for the nice ones that we had had before but we were told that they would only be serving those from 7.30/8.00 a.m. till 11.30 a.m. after which they would be serving chap fan (mixed rice) at RM6.80 per head for two meat and three vegetable dishes plus a free flow of orange cordial…

101 Drink all you can

…and complimentary soup…

101 free flow, drink & soup

…but this present arrangement is only available on weekdays, it seems.

They only had three meat selections that we could choose from…

101 meat dishes

We all had the sesame pork which was very good and my girl and the mum had the fried chicken which was…good too, like fried chicken while I picked the chicken in soy sauce and I thought they did that very well.

There were a lot of vegetable dishes though…

101 vegetable selections 1

…and that egg with chai po (preserved radish) was counted as one of them too, and not placed in the meat category.

My girl had the Japanese egg tofu, also placed in the vegetable category, and she loved the brinjal…

101 vegetable selections 2

…so much that she said she would want to go back there again soon for this.

I had the chai po omelette, the long beans with egg and the kai lan (Chinese broccoli)…

101 my platter 1

…and I particularly liked the latter – very nicely done and not overcooked like at most of suchΒ chap fan places around here and everything is, more often than not, very oily and loaded with msg..

So, for this plate of my personal picks…

101 my platter 2

…and those of my girl and the mum, together with the free drinks and soup, the bill came up to only RM20.40 which I would consider very reasonable especially when I asked the nice guy if I should limit myself to just a piece or a spoonful and he said I could just help myself to a little more if I wanted. Maybe they saw how much I took so in the cases of those who came later, they had to just point and they scooped what they wanted for them. Hehehehe!!!! Service was great, very prompt and if that is their regular standard, we sure would not mind dropping by here for lunch again sometime.

Incidentally, while I was there, I saw that this place next door has wrapped up its business, closed down for good and there is now a coffee shop at one half of the premises and there are people at the other half doing the renovations for whatever shop that will be there once they have finished.

On another day during my girl’s week-long holiday, we went back to this place here (2.316714,111.837513) and I had their nasi lemak again but this time around, I decided to try the beef curry…

Colourful nasi lemak with beef curry

…that they did not have before. I once had the chicken and I did comment in my post that it did not really tickled my fancy as, like the beef rendang that I had the other day, it was not spicy at all. I don’t know if he reads my blog or somebody has told him about it so this time around, the curry was very good – not too spicy but spicy enough to get my thumbs up. The sambal was so very good, very spicy and needless to say, I enjoyed what I had to the max.

My girl had the nasi lemak too but with fried chicken wing…

Colourful nasi lemak, chicken wing

…and she enjoyed it as well while the mum opted for their fried noodles…

Colourful fried noodles

which she had had before and liked it as much as their fried kway teow.

The total, inclusive of drinks, came up to a little over RM22.00 and considering how we enjoy the stuff they serve here, whenever we feel like having our lunch outside and have to pick and choose, this one would certainly be a possible option as well.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

18 thoughts on “Pick and choose…”

  1. the food looks good to me. why there is a signage “drink all you can” along the column? is this a pub at night?

    The drink dispenser is there, free flow so you can go and help yourself as many times as you like…but I think it doubles as a watering hole at night, I’m not sure. Never checked out the place after sundown.

  2. Ooooh…I love chicken wings! Fried, roasted, barbecued, whatever, I love wings! πŸ™‚ And it is nice to see the sign that says “drink all you can”. I have noticed that restaurants are beginning to do this. Rather than putting the soft drink machine on the side where the employees are, they are putting it on the customer’s side so that they can serve themselves. At least McDonald’s and Kentucky Fried Chicken here in Montreal are doing this, but I cannot speak for all restaurants. πŸ™‚

    They are doing that too? I have come across a few places with free flow of drinks but I can’t remember exactly where now except Coffee Bean. You order a set from their all-day breakfast and you get free flow of coffee…except that the cup was so big, I only had a second cup once, the few times I dropped by there.

  3. Wow, your plate is full of goodness. When coming to chap fan, I always find it difficult to make my choice especially when all the food looks so delicious. Am a noodle lover, so that plate of fried noodles for me, pls.

    Not here, most of these Chinese chap fan places – just one look and I would not feel like eating already. I prefer the Malay ones, everything I would want. πŸ˜€

  4. Your rendang curry seems to be overflowing from the plate already! Looks so thick and creamy! πŸ™‚ For three persons which cost around RM20 plus, it is reasonable cos marketing is not cheap nowadays …

    Another one. It was curry, not rendang…and no, that was an optical illusion – only looked like that in the photo. The plate was big enough, had a green border.

    Yes, not cheap going to buy at the market and not easy to cook so little for two for two meals – more often than not, we would end up eating the same thing again and again for days…and in the end, I would find a little bit left of dunno what sitting in the fridge from dunno when…and I would just throw it away. Best to just eat out and be done with it, no hassle, no washing, nothing.

  5. That sure sounds wallet-friendly with so much dishes!

    Yes, the choice is ours…just pick and choose, spend wisely – save the pricier ones for special occasions.

  6. Two meat and three vegetable for RM6.80 is a very good deal. And for the amount you scooped, even better. But they wised up, eh? hee..hee…

    Bet they could not believe their eyes and were thinking to themselves, “Cilaka! This si tua pui!!!” πŸ˜€ Lesson learnt: never say anything you will regret later. LOL!!!

  7. Mixed rice RM6.80 for two meat and three vegetable dishes is very good deal, you know my working area…the mixed rice, just only three vegetable dishes it costs me RM5.50, if one meat and two vegetable is RM7.50, crazy right?

    Gosh!!! So expensive!!! I’d tapao sandwich or something from home.

  8. If i am not wrong, in Malaysia, the ingredients, you scoop yourself? As for here, we choose the ingredient and they scoop for us…

    Not here. I think for the Chinese stalls, I only came across it here and I noticed that for those who came later, they did not scoop what they wanted themselves either though I did not know whether it was by choice, they did not want to do it…or the people did not let them do so. So far here, there were a few Malay stalls that I went to where they asked us to help ourselves.

  9. I would go for the economy rice any day!! So many choices. Not bad.

    A bit more expensive but the drinks are free and the place is nicer and more comfortable than our regular coffee shops.

  10. One O One! Yeah, I’ve eaten here lots of times before, only recently found out that a friend’s brother actually runs it!

    I met the wife, who’s usually there, but it’s owned by the younger brother of Andrew, from your school too, though he’s my senior (maybe 12 years or so).

    I quite like their kampua.

    The nasi lemak place I’ve never tried before but the credentials looks solid! πŸ™‚

    Yes, check it out when you’re back.

    101’s owned by somebody I should know – my sis did tell me once…or more than once…but I just cannot remember who that was. The kampua’s good, the kolo mee too and the Foochow fried noodles…and the chao chai hung ngang – great place for breakfast, prices a bit more than the regular coffee shops, of course…but this is much nicer. Yet to try their laksa, dunno if it is any good…and now they have mixed rice on weekdays.

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