What came first…

That evening, when we wanted to go and watch the outdoor performances in conjunction with the Sibu International Dance Festival by the mighty Rajang here…

The Rajang River, Sibu

…we made our way there earlier to stop by here (2.284596,111.831437)…

Le Ark Cafe Sibu

…for dinner first.

We had not been here for a while now after a few disappointments previously when the place was undergoing some change of hands time and time again but I was here a couple of times myself here and here. However, it was a convenient choice for us as the dances would be performed at the Esplanade right beside it and besides, my girl heard from a colleague that they were very generous with the lamb chops that they had and they quite liked the food here.

I have always loved this place for its award-winning architectural design and also their very nice decor…

Le Ark Cafe decor 1

…all throughout the various sections of the cafe…

Le Ark Cafe decor 2

…some indoors, air conditioned and non-smoking…

No smoking

…and some outside on the balconies.

Any place that has fresh natural flowers…

Fresh flowers

…would definitely get the nod of approval from me – either they have those or none at all. Those tacky plastic ones would only make a place look cheap and look, they have tablecloth here too! Another thumbs up for them!

The place was crowded with all the dancers. What we did not know then was that they were sponsoring the dinner for them that evening prior to their performances. It did not matter much as we were shown to a private section of the cafe upstairs, the same one where my ex-students had the 1st birthday party for their son that day…and the service was prompt and very good.

My missus had the faludah (RM8.48, inclusive of GST)…

Le Ark Cafe faludah

…that she and my girl liked very much – something like ais kacang or one of those, they said. My girl had their 100 Plus (RM4.24, inclusive of GST) while I stuck faithfully to my big glass of iced water, free of charge.

The two ladies ordered their grilled pork chop with smoked BBQ sauce (RM26.50 each, including GST)…

Le Ark Cafe prok chop 1

…and boy, they sure were very generous with the meat – two huge slabs of it!

Le Ark Cafe pork chop 2

I went for their pan-grilled lamb chop with rosemary sauce (RM29.68, inclusive of GST)…

Le Ark Cafe lamb chop 1

…that my girl’s colleague liked a lot and yes, like what she said, there was a lot of meat…

Le Ark Cafe lamb chop 2

…in the dish as well.

Both tasted great though we would prefer the meat to be a bit more tender so it would not require as much effort to chew and eat…and I do think that when it comes to lamb, mint would go better with it than rosemary. It certainly was not cheap though – the bill came up to RM95.40 but for the good service and the nice place plus the food was fine too,  I just paid RM100 and asked them to keep the change.


Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

20 thoughts on “What came first…”

  1. heheh, i like the fierce-looking dog for the no-smoking sign … and i’m sure the staff here appreciated the tip! 🙂

    In the old days, colonial times, it was the accepted social etiquette when dining out at classy western restaurants. The general practice was to leave a tip of 10% and no, they did not charge it in the bill and the prerogative would be on diners to give or not to give if they were not happy with the food or the service. I guess that certainly would motivate the restaurant people, keep them on their toes at all times. Generally, I was happy with everything so I just left the change, not much, not even 5%, I think.

    Ya, I liked that dog too. 😀

  2. The pork chop look yummy, and the portion is big leh…..hehe

    VERY! Have not been here for a long time but now that we know what it is like, next time, we would order two for the three of us. More than enough to go round – two meat dishes…or perhaps, we can order a pasta dish and a salad with one meat dish and share.

  3. Not tender then I have to say no thank you because my teeth are not strong. The lights are quite fanciful. Okla for a place like this the bill comes to about 33 each. So generous of you to ask them to keep the change.

    It certainly wasn’t that kind of fall-off-the-bone tender but it was still ok for ol’ toothless me. In my younger days, I was working temporarily at a hotel here and what I knew then was for pork chops (not for beef steaks and lamb though), the chef at the hotel restaurant would pulverise the meat with that spiky hammer kind of thing to tenderise it and it was not tough at all. These days, pork or whatever chops, they are served as one clean slice of the meat…and chances are it would not be all that tender.

    Not that much really, the tip and I did appreciate the lady’s effort in opening up a private section for us instead of asking us to sit at a table and squeeze in with the crowd of dancers in the main sections and she speaks English!!! Probably the proprietress or the wife, not one of the workers.

  4. The design of this place is very enticing – right down to the details on the menu.

    Yes, I’ve always been impressed by this place, though not the food sometimes when there were others running the place…but the menu is new, very nice indeed unlike some wannabe classy kind of places where it is on some laminated card. At the prices they charge and the amount of business they get, they should be able to afford something a lot more decent, really!

  5. I never been there. Not much review on this place.

    The pork chop is huge. I would go for lamb though. Hehe.

    It was really good when it first started, the chef’s now running his own business at Colourful Cafe. After he left, it was downhill all the way. I did go and try and blog about it, did not like it much even the time when the CafeCafe people were running it.

    I wouldn’t mind the pork but since both had that, I opted for the lamb. I’m ok with it but I know some people are not into lamb as much, my missus for one – she would rather go for pork or chicken.

  6. Restaurant looks expensive, like wedding banquet table & decoration.. The faludah looks like mango+orange juice, and I see some Nata De Coco too.. Oooo lala, the lamb chops look so so good, I can eat 5 slabs !!

    Good grief! Dunno what’s in the drink, a whole lot of things including grass jelly, I heard. Yes, the place sure looks posh, very nice.

  7. Nice decor of the place. Love the 1st lightings, 2nd lightings looks too flowery for me. Both chops looks great & I don’t mind to have both, hahaha!!!

    That is why we usually order to share, then can have a bit of both or more! I don’t mind the lights – thank goodness they did not have a chandelier, would stick out like a sore thumb.

  8. Oh no… the haze condition sure looks terrible there, i hope everything’s fine next week 😦

    A lot better than Kuching…and Singapore. That was last week, been raining quite a bit so it is more like on and off now depending on the wind.

    Next week? You’re going to Kuching next week? Ya, hope it is much better there then – flights delayed and cancelled, airport closed and all, not so bad in Sibu. Pray hard!!!

    1. Penang is horrible right now! visibility lower than 5km!

      Yes, somebody in Penang just shared a photo on Facebook – like Genting on a cool misty day. 😀

  9. I like the menu cover….looks so grand! Is that canned corn I see on top of your lamb chops? Why would they put that, they should just stick with fresh veggies.

    Nope, it’s fresh. Been ages since I had canned, dunno when the last time was when I had it, can’t stand the smell. We get fresh ones at the market here very easily, not expensive, so nobody used the canned ones anymore these days – not even the Chinese restaurants. Still, I am not all that fond of those as sides in western cuisine (though I quite enjoy a corn on the cob) nor in Chinese cooking – more for my kampung-style sayur rebus or masak lemak.

  10. Nice shot of the sun through the haze. Also enjoyed my “drive” along Sibu’s waterfront.

    LOL!!! Busy part of town, our Las Vegas – especially on draw dates. They have a row of all those lottery shops along this road so it can get real congested. 😀

  11. Very classy looking place. I like those hanging lights. I prefer lamb in curry, somehow not too fond of the grilled ones. Maybe those I have had were no well executed.

    I love lamb shanks and there’s one place here where the roast lamb is really very nice but those awesome chops are very expensive so it has to be delegated to one of those things I can live without. As for such grilled lamb chops, same with beef steaks – I would eat but they’re not anything I would get excited about. Like you, I would much sooner go for them in curry, korma, rendang…one of those.

  12. So nice of you to tip them. It is very rare to see that these days esp after the implementation of GST.

    Service was good, food good too, place also very nice, special treatment – taken to special function room to dine, ok lah. Can make people a bit happy, also good. It’s only money, cannot bring it with me when I leave.

    Some places, they charge 10% on your bill on top of the 6% GST, like Pizza Hut last time – I would never want to go ever!!! Did not stop people going, obviously. Now with GST, 6% only no more the 10% so a little bit cheaper to eat there…but not a fan. Sometimes my girl will go.

    You should see the restaurant in Kuching. They put a big sign saying that they do not have service charge so ask you to be generous with your tips…and they put a HUGE traditional basket beside the sign. They also state that in the menu – see the photo in the post – or they say you can put the tip in the waiter’s hand. So so so malu!!! And that place ah!!! You want to share the rice, ask for an empty plate – they charge 50 sen!!! Pay me also I will never go again!

  13. Rm95 plus okay bah….over here at least 3 pieces of rm50 gone. Most important is good service la

    Yes, macam VIP treatment, shown to special function room, away from the crowd some more and the food was nice.

  14. Yes, the meat portion is very huge! I surely cannot finish it all, maybe one piece will be sufficient for me… And it is very generous of you, keep the change… those three words I seldom use already nowadays.. hahahaha..

    I’ve a post coming up on this “keep the change” thing since everyone seems to be making such a big deal about it but not so soon – it is somewhere down the line of scheduled posts that I already have waiting.

    I sure wouldn’t mind if there had been only one piece of the meat (and it was quite a big piece actually) at around half the price or a bit more. As it is, since it was very nice, we would want to order it again but the next time, two or three of us will share one plate…and we may order something else to go with it. We usually do that all the time as places such as this.

  15. I haven’t been here in a long time too! I remember coming here for CNY one time when my brother in law was in town but that was when my mom was still around so it’s a good 2 years back.

    Oh, faluda! It’s a Sri Lankan/Indian drink, I had it in Sri Lanka. It’s made from fresh milk, rose syrup, basil leaves and tapioca seeds + vermicelli for texture.

    The rest of the food looks good too – lots of meat, for a reasonable price too.

    Seems ok now, this place – unlike when I was here when the Cafe2 people were running it, so much msg in everything even though I requested for less or none at all. Food’s pretty good that night when we went, not cheap but serving’s big enough to share so no need to order so much.

    Oh? That faludah is Sri Lankan, eh? It was nice, the ladies loved it – I didn’t try.

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