Just try…

My girl was complaining that the commercially-sold wraps, the naan bread variety, were too hard and she was not all that fond of them. So during the week-long holidays, she tried making her own. It turned out very nice but she was grumbling that it did not have those blisters like in the ones one would find at the Indian shops. I told her that it did not matter as long as it tasted great. She cooked some minced meat for the filling using one of the spice mixes that I got sometime ago from my cousin in Melbourne, Australia…

From Oz
*Archive photo*

…and we wrapped that on top of a layer of lettuce with some chopped tomatoes and a bit of ranch dressing and it tasted great!

The next morning, I heated the leftover naan and we had it with rendang

Naan & rendang

…and it went very well with that too. Incidentally, this brand is very good – we like their canned stuff, those that we have tried except perhaps the sup kambing which was very salty and had to be diluted to make it more edible. My girl loves their lamb kormaΒ but the problem is they are not easily available. They are not readily found in all the shops and supermarkets here, not like some other brands that we are not particularly fond of and when they are, we may not get a wide variety – just a few and mostly curry…and chicken.

There was a bit of the minced meat filling left too and I used that to fry some mee sua (longevity thread/string noodles)…

Fried mee sua

…with some thin shreds of lettuce, tomato and chili and eggs. We certainly made good use of everything – nothing went to waste.

Then, my girl went and made some pumpkin noodles…

Pumpkin noodles 1

– her mum bought her one of those noodle maker or roller or whatever you call it. I guess everyone knows what I am talking about – you make the dough and you roll it using the thing and it comes out the other side as strings of noodles…

Pumpkin noodles 2

She and her mum were busy in the kitchen that evening, cooking and serving it seafood aglio olio-style…

Seafood aglio olio pumpkin noodles

…while I only showed my face when everything was ready. Hehehehehe!!!! Of course, it tasted nice – one can never go wrong, cooking anything with prawns…


…but unfortunately, the noodles were too soft and soggy and a bit sticky so we did not think it was anything worth making again. Perhaps it would be nice and firm if we had added the alkaline solution that people use to make noodles but no, we did not want that.

There was some of the noodles left so the next morning , I decided to cook it my own way and I made sure it was 100% vegetarian so I could share this with my vegan friends, Opal and Jennifer in the US. They drop by my blog and even comment regularly but I guess most of the things that I blog about are not all that suitable for them. Still, they always say that they can derive ideas from when they see me cooking and come out with their own versions. These were the ingredients that I prepared…

Vegan noodles - ingredients

– clockwise from bottom left: finely chopped garlic, chili, tomato, mushroom, the leftover spice mix/seasoning that my girl used (I checked the ingredients – salt, pepper, paprika, spices…all those things), chopped spring onion and celery.

I fried the garlic in two tablespoons of melted olive oil margarine till golden brown and then I added everything in except the spring onion. I added a sprinkling of the spice mix and a bit of water so as to have a little bit of sauce. Once done, I put that on top of the noodles that I had cooked…

Vegan noodles 1

…and garnished with the chopped spring onion.

I tossed everything together…

Vegan noodles 2

…and ate and yes, it was very nice. In fact, when my girl got up that morning and had it for breakfast, she wanted to know what went into it. I guess she liked it a lot too.

Unfortunately, the noodles was still not firm and nice, not al dente even though I only threw it into boiling water and removed it even before the water had started boiling again and I rinsed it in water many times to remove the starch and residual heat to prevent further cooking. I think the next time around, I will cook spaghetti or other types of pasta that I can get from the shop this way – I bet it is going to be nice!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

22 thoughts on “Just try…”

  1. No, don’t put alkaline water into the dough for the noodle. That would defeat the purpose of making the noodles at home. We want homemade food because we don’t want harmful stuffs like boric acid and preservatives in our food. To make the noodle al dente just use less pumpkin and knead the dough longer before using the roller machine to turn the dough into noodles. All the food especially the noodles and prawns look so delicious. I like eating soft noodles. Can you taste the pumpkin in the noodles?

    Not really, can’t say I could detect the taste but neither could I taste the spinach in those green ones. Just like noodles. Will tell my girl that, thanks for the tip. She’s into things that are different – should start making the regular kind of noodles first and go from there.

  2. naan and noodles … this post is definitely not for people trying to cut down on carbs, heheh. but both look and sound tempting, and it’s always fun to read about your kitchen experimentations, especially for someone like me who can’t cook πŸ˜€

    Who needs to cook when one can enjoy the food all over, eh? I do enjoy it though, one of the very few things these days that keep me active. πŸ˜‰

  3. Those Mexican seasoning packets remind me of my university days.

    Must be all over the place there, like Maggi here. We have these at a supermarket here that imports stuff from abroad, limited selections plus their tortilla wraps, taco shells but no, they do not come cheap. Very expensive. Would be worse now with our frail and ailing ringgit. 😦

  4. I just bought a frozen packed of cheesy paratha and had a piece with Yeo’s chicken curry few mornings ago. ^^

    I never try Adabi canned food before. Will check them out in supermarket one day.

    Your vegan noodle looked so good.

    I am never fond of canned curry and stuff, has that not-very-nice canned smell, Yeo’s included…but I like those Adabi ones that I have tried so far. Thank you, thank you – it tasted great just that the noodles were rather soft, like mee sua texture.

  5. All looks good. I like the fried mee sua & Mel’s seafood aglio. Like I always say, am not adventurous to try everything but upon your recommedation, am sure to give it a try.

    Give those Adabi ones a try – they’re nice, not as nice as own freshly-cooked perhaps…but nice, except the sup kambing that I had. Saw a whole lot of soups at the supermarket that day, beef, chicken. Of course, I did not buy since I did not think the lamb was good.

  6. I am drooling over all the yummy homecooked foods that the floor is all wet with saliva, hehe…

    Aiyor!!! So bad kah? πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  7. I don’t mind soft soggy noodles, as it’s homemade by Mel+wifey, made with love πŸ˜›
    Wow, you’ve got so many packets of spices.. I’m interested in ranch dressing, I think I will dip my naan and then lick the whole dressing bowl later, haha..

    Practice makes perfect – first attempt so if she keeps trying, she would probably get it right sooner or later. Ranch dressing? I thought I had it in this post…maybe, it will be in one of those coming up soon.

    1. By the way, I’m sure the can rendang ayam is not cheap.. Here, a (small) can of rendang beef is around RM6++ in the minimart.. Yeo’s brand.. Curry chicken is around RM7 for a big can..

      I can’t remember, should be around that region RM5-6…nothing’s cheap these days but if it is nice, it is all right. Enough for a meal, one meat dish, for a family of 3.

  8. I found Khadijah n mas food on my recent trip back but adabi. My gf bought an electric noodle maker recently u just feed the flour in n it made the noodles itself. Very easy she said n made lots of ramen. I think it is Philips brand.

    Never tried masfood, Khadijah…the chicken kapitan is ok, and the rendang too but it is so expensive, double the price of our favourite A1 Mountain Globe which is probably nicer as well. Ya, she and the mum saw that at a shop here after they had bought the manual one – I guess if it is all auto, it takes away the enjoyment of making. Might as well buy the fresh noodles from outside, so easy to get here, they are everywhere!

  9. When I saw the first pic of your aglio-olio, I too realised that the noodles looked too soft. But, never mind, can still eat. I would think this type of noodles are more suitable in some kind of soup rather than in a pasta dish though.

    Most probably, like our mee sua – not easy to cook for tossing dry or frying. Overcooking would mean it will end up too soft and very soggy, not nice and great served in soup.

  10. Nevermind on the texture as long as its home-made and healthy! You can control the ingredients that you want, i believe many actually add in sugar and a lot of oil

    Sugar? In noodles? I know they add oil to yellow noodles, even our local alkaline-free version…but not these nor kampua noodles.

  11. Oh my, your vegetarian noodles do look very attractive! Not bad, Melissa can make naan and noodles too. Maybe it was the pumpkins that made the noodles too soft? Since she has that noodle making gadget, she can make pan mee or even pasta.

    It seems that she did not knead the dough enough so it was not firm enough, not much pumpkin was used. Never mind, still learning. Will get better in time, I’m sure.

  12. Pumpkin noodles? Sounds healthy, maybe can also make cangkok noodles, peria noodles, timun noodles, corn noodles! getting excited as i write this comment LOL

    I bet cangkuk manis noodles would be nicer that spinach noodles that seems very popular these days for the simple reason that the veg is very sweet.

  13. Guess your daughter like father, can cook quite well…..me cannot, I just can cook simple stuffs, but my mom can cook many…

    She’s learning but whatever she tries to cook, she will follow recipes, that’s the difference. I would just do what I like, anything goes…cannot follow recipes one, sure disaster.

  14. Rendang ayam, hmm long time no eat liao.. Maybe can give this brand a try..

    Never really a fan of all the canned stuff – used to like Ayam’s curry tuna once…and now, I find this one pretty good.

  15. Wow.. your girl can even make naan? Superb! Actually I took naan the other day and puri too, ate them with curry chicken.. yummmss… Tomorrow I might go for roti canai after seeing these…

    Learning, learning… πŸ˜‰

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