Ahead of time…

The Mid-autumn Festival, on the 15th Day of the 8th Month in the Chinese lunar calendar, also known as the Mooncake Festival falls on the 27th of September this year, which is today.

Well, school reopens tomorrow after the week-long mid-term holiday so we would be sending my girl back to her school today. This means that we cannot celebrate it this evening and last night (Saturday) would be out of the question too as we would be going for the sunset service in church. That was why we had a little celebration among ourselves, just the three of us, ahead of time on Friday night.

We chose to have a steamboat dinner as that would be less of a hassle since we would not need to go through all that chore of doing all the cooking at the end of which we would be too tired to sit down and enjoy the fruits of our labour. For that, I went and bought these fairly huge freshwater prawns…

Freshwater prawns

…and these big seawater prawns as well…

Seawater prawns

…and also these lovely scallops…


All these would certainly make the soup extra sweet and tasty…


We did not want to add a lot of stuff for fear that we would not be able to finish everything and indeed, even with the little that we had…

Steamboat 2

…there was still a bit left over.

For dessert, in keeping with the special occasion, we had one of the mooncakes that my friend, Annie, in KL sent me

Green tea mooncake

I did not buy any this year, not at the current prices and thankfully, I had two to enjoy whilst observing the tradition and preserving our cultural heritage.

Yes, it was very nice and the best part was that it was not sweet…

Green tea mooncake 2

…only slightly and we all enjoyed it, thank you so much, Annie.

So have you had your celebration yet? Or are you getting ready for a scrumptious dinner tonight? Well, here’s wishing everybody celebrating a very Happy Mid-autumn/Mooncake Festival. Cheers!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

21 thoughts on “Ahead of time…”

  1. Thanks! Wishing you and your family a very happy midautumn festival too! I love how fresh the prawns look in your post. Simply delicious steamboat! I also didn’t buy any mooncake but my in laws gave me two.

    Thank you. We’re two of a kind! Not so many this year here, not like in previous years, when the shops would be flooded with all kinds – mostly from your side, Tai Thong, Baker’s Cottage…all the big names – you name it, we had it but not this year. Either it’s because the economy’s not good or they did not sell last year and hopefully, when the buying decreases, the prices will too. Really so ridiculously expensive! I’d rather go and buy myself one roast chicken and enjoy to the max!

    The prawns were very good, very fresh…succulent and sweet but they are getting more and more expensive these days, these bigger ones, so we would have them on special occasions – ordinary days, the small ones will have to do. Crabs are no longer that affordable but I would have loved one or two just that I was too lazy to go to the market – got the prawns from a shop nearer to home.

  2. Nice steamboat celebration. Did not celebrate much. Just let the kids play lanterns tonight.

    What flavour is the mooncake? Green pandan skin with lotus filling??

    Happy Mid Autumn to you and family!

    Same to you and yours. That was green tea, very nice and we had the other one last night – jasmine tea with one egg yolk inside, also nice…strong jasmine tea fragrance. The ladies loved it – they are more into all these kinds of teas. It wasn’t really much of a celebration actually – we did not go all out to buy or make the things we would love in our steamboat – but I thought we ought to have a little something to observe the tradition and preserve our heritage.

  3. What a lovely steamboat meal, Arthur.. yes, just for the three of you, food is quality not quantity! hahahaa… As for me, my friends and I celebrated in Cititel hotel last night.. we took the buffet dinner and ended up weighing at least 2kg heavier! hahaha…

    The one in Ipoh? Ya, all your children are not at home, I guess…but at least, you have your friends for company.

  4. We always have a steamboat dinner in winter with the whole family, and there are always leftovers which will keep my wife and I in steamboat dinners for a whole week.

    Moon cakes are very expensive here. Last year, I found quite a few interesting recipes on the internet and made my own, quite successfully I must say, even though I used store bought lotus and red bean fillings.

    This year I didn’t make any, but I noticed in the Chinese shop that they sell salted egg yolks for making moon cakes with.

    I’ve seen those somewhere, the filling for mooncakes. Bet it would be a whole lot cheaper making your own – they are not cheap here either, over RM40, at least – without salted egg yolk, for a box of 4, the cheaper ones. I wouldn’t want to spend all that money on those. Would make more sense to use the money to buy one roast chicken or one roast duck…or a Philippine pork leg and enjoy to the fullest!

    So nice to have steamboat in winter…like the time we had one outdoors at Cameron Highlands, so pleasantly cool there. Here, having it at home, I would have to keep the air conditioner on.

    1. I should have said “even if” not “even though”, as I don’t mean that the store bought fillings were no good.

      Gotcha. Yes, I know people use those, maybe it was here, sometime back – my colleagues at the time…and they were as good as any.

  5. wah, quite a seafood feast! those seawater prawns look huge πŸ™‚ happy mid-autumn festival … i’ll be having dinner with family this evening … it’ll be chinese food, since my grandmother’s around πŸ™‚

    Same to you and your family, enjoy your dinner. You do not sound too happy…Chinese food. LOL!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  6. Nice steamboat. For 3 of us, I keep it simple too. I had mine on Saturday night. Happy Mid Autumn/Mooncake Festival to you & family.

    Thank you, the same to you and yours. You boy was home from Sri Aman? That’s nice. Nothing like having everybody together.

    1. My boy is back every weekend unless on call. Friday after work driving back, reach home around 8pm. Leaving on Sunday after lunch.

      Same as my girl, home by Friday mid-afternoon and back to school after early lunch on Sunday.

  7. Yes, one tiny piece of moon cake costs Rm20! We bought some nevertheless. Happy Mid Autumn Festival to you and your family Arthur!

    Thanks, and the same to you. I am firm in my resolution not to buy any at those ridiculous prices. As far as I am concerned, they can shove them up their you know where!

  8. School still closed here tomorrow cos of haze 😦 Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to you and your family.

    Yes, I saw the ministry’s notification on Facebook. Good for students, teachers have to go to school and sit around – no holiday for them and I hear they have to replace the days missed, poor things. Terrible, this haze!

    Thanks, and the same to you and yours.

  9. That’s a seafood delight steamboat! The soup must be very sweet and tasty from all the prawns and scallops. Much better than eating out.

    Definitely, and if you want all the seafood, you would have to pay through your nose, not cheap eating them outside. 😦

  10. I fancy steamboat meals, like adding a lot of prawns and vegetables. I craved for moon cakes this evening but they were not available in my neighborhood supermarket, maybe most of the residents in my area are bumiputra.

    Not many at the shops near my house either, not like before – I think they are not stocking up on those anymore. Probably did not sell well last year and I am not surprised. Not at those prices…plus the economy is in such bad shape right now and our miserable shrinking ringgit. 😦

  11. Ah! Prawns! My favorite.

    That looks like a nice steamboat, which reminds me, I haven’t had steamboat in a long time. The scallops look good too.

    No school closures due to haze around the Sibu area? I heard some schools are being closed in the outskirts and other towns in Sarawak – it’s closed for Klang Valley (it’s school holidays anyway, but still).

    In Kuching and places in the west of the state, not the central zone.

    I love steamboat and my girl too…and since she was home of the holidays, we decided to have this simple one for the occasion. Prawns and scallops were great, did not want to add more stuff in case we could not finish but we did have a lot of greens – not in the pics.

  12. Oh my! Look at those mouthwatering scallops! Where did you get them, Arthur? I love steamboat, too.

    Eco-save, beside Wonderful Supermarket & Departmental Store to the left, right below Manpower Gym – Ulu Sg Merah, go past Giant Hypermart to roundabout, turn right…Sumber Rejeki area.

    I think it was RM26.00 for a pack of 12, we ate 6 only, so big! Still 6 left in the freezer. I think this one is from Taiwan – they have from Japan, over RM70…no shell and maybe more, I wouldn’t know. So expensive, did not want to buy.

  13. hahaha last night we had Yong Tau Foo instead.

    wah…your prawns looks so yummy leh. The soup will be very sweet lah . Yummy

    Yes, can’t go wrong with all that seafood and we also used the prawn stock from boiling the shell and the heads of prawns we had a few days earlier – the longer one simmers, the sweeter and nicer it will get, no need to add anything.

  14. Wow….that’s a juicy pot indeed. It’s quite difficult to find fresh scallops here, so I’ve never bought any to cook before. Can you eat that orange part of the scallop? Coz I always see them being removed when celebrity chefs cook them.

    “In theory, all the scallop is edible, but it is generally advised to eat only the “meats”, as toxins may accumulate in other parts of the scallop…Sometimes, there are actually two parts to the flesh nuggets you buy, if they are sold with a red, crescent-shaped part of the inside flesh still attached. This is called the “coral” by some, and the “roe” by others. The roe has a bright orange coral colour. You will usually only get it when you buy fresh, whole scallops. Many people feel that, possible toxin concerns aside, the scallops just aren’t as good without this…”

  15. I need to try and make more desserts and snacks that are vegan – but I need to keep them simple to make too!!! This last one made me think of it!

    I think I’ve something for you and Opal in tomorrow’s post… πŸ˜‰

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