This is that night…

When my girl came home for the weekend, followed by the mid-term holiday, last Friday, she said that she wanted to go for the Bangladeshi lamb curry…

Payung Cafe Bangladeshi lamb curry

…here (2.283419,111.833454)…

Payung Cafe Sibu

…so off we went that night…for the second round of celebration in conjunction with her birthday after the first one we had in advance earlier.

She ordered her favourite drink, the very refreshing pineapple ginger soda…

Payung Cafe pineapple ginger soda

…and the mum wanted her favourite – the green curry, chicken…

Payung Cafe green curry, chciken

…and since there was lamb already and chicken as well, I asked for the otak otak fish…

Payung Cafe otak-otak

…which took a long time coming. I enquired to check in case they had forgotten but they said the one they were cooking turned out a bit too dark, probably over-charred, so they did another one and that was why it was taking longer than usual. That was very nice of them but I don’t think we would mind if it had been slightly burnt – that might just bring the taste to a whole new level, who knows?

We asked for the Payung rojak, small as we did not think we could finish but the nice boss insisted that we were served the big one…

Payung rojak

…and charged us the price for the small and that was not all! He even made this lovely century egg salad…

Century egg salad

…for us on the house!!!

No, no, that wasn’t all either! I was asking him about the different types of ice cream desserts on their menu that I had not tried before but we did not think there was anything that we fancied especially when we were already so very full after the delightful dinner. Still, he served us this – their Maldives ice cream…

Payung Cafe Maldives ice cream

…also on the house. I don’t know why it was thus named – probably the scoops of ice cream looked like an island and there was coconut all over it – toasted desiccated coconut that my missus liked a lot as it was crusty and very fragrant but my girl and I were just o.k. with it, being not too fond of that in anything for that matter.

Then the boss mentioned that he was wondering why I had never ordered this dessert…

Payung Cafe Dreamy Nite

…that he said was very popular among the diners there. I told him that I thought it was a cake that I tried on one of my very early visits a long long time ago, probably my first time there and it was some cake made of egg white and no butter was used…and I did not think it was anything great. He told me that they had stopped making that a long time already and he quickly went and got this…

Payung Cafe Dreamy Nite 2

…for us to try. Yes, it was indeed very very nice – some kind of pudding (with the sprinkling of raisins and crushed peanut all over it) and we thought we could detect a hint of tapioca in it but he said no, there wasn’t any in it and instead, there were oats and some other stuff that he did not reveal to us. We loved how it was very soft, not like agar-agar, and its very mild and light taste plus it was not sweet…and for sure, the next time, we drop by, we would want to order it again!

The bill came up to only RM64.00 altogether, no charge for the big glasses of iced water that my missus and I had, but of course, half the things we had came free, compliments of the very nice boss, thank you so much, Peter!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

23 thoughts on “This is that night…”

  1. Lamb curry, green curry chicken, fish otah, all my favourites here

    Make sure you do not leave town without dining here – if you ever come to Sibu.

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever tried any dishes from Bangladesh. I guess they’re similar to Indian cuisine?

    Should be, they’re very close…and Pakistan too…and Sri Lanka as well. One of the helpers here is from BanglaDesh, a few from India. There was a Myanmarese once and an Indonesian too but they have gone home already. The menu is as international as the people you get to meet here. πŸ˜€

  3. Oh my. A very delightful dinner. The boss so generous.

    Yes, he likes to treat diners to a little something special quite frequently, it seems.

  4. Wow, jealous la, more than half of the food on the house! πŸ˜› When I read Bangladeshi lamb curry, I know it’s gonna be Payung already..I like the lamb and green curry chicken.. So kind & generous of the boss…

    Yes, and we did not even tell him it was my girl’s birthday. I hear that usually if somebody brings along a cake and celebrates his or her birthday there or just tells the boss, he would give the birthday celebrant something special…on the house.

  5. Don’t think i can get nice otah here as you had over in Sibu…

    I don’t think so. Yours would be something like Muar’s – we can get that at the Katong Laksa outlet here, same as the frozen supermarket ones.

  6. Yes, I recognise the rojak, thus I know where is this place. What an delightful dinner…somemore served with salad & ice cream on the house. Indeed the boss is a very generous. Thumbs up!!!!

    KIV this place, must visit when in town. Many stay at the Kingwood Hotel right behind, back to back, and they will drop by to try – and they tell the boss they got to know about the place through my blog. You can tell him that too. Hehehehehehe!!!!!

  7. I love lamb! I find curry a bit too spicy for me, so I would prefer roast leg of lamb or lamb chops…of lamb stew with some herbs and spices, but not hot.

    The curry here is just a little bit spicy, can hardly feel it – to cater for the masses. We lik it extra spicy so we would cook our own at home that way. I don’t mind roasts and stews…but not on a regular basis – would prefer more “challenging” tastes.

  8. You must be a constant and favourite customer of this restaurant. Deservedly so, as you do give it a lot of publicity through your blog.

    Not really constant – I have to go elsewhere even though I would prefer to come and eat the nice things here just so I would have things to blog about. Can’t be blogging about the same place and the same few things all the time. Trouble is going elsewhere, sometimes they are rather disappointing and not really worth the money spent – but no choice. At least I’ve gone to try and I know which places are best avoided.

  9. life has its perks, when you know the boss right? hehehe

    i wouldn’t mind a couple of scoops of that Bangladeshi curry lamb too.. can’t already imagine how it’ll taste in my mouth.

    Isn’t that the reality in life? Sometimes it pays…depending on who you know. Wink! Wink! πŸ˜€

  10. Waaaa lucky you.. and the boss really knows how to treat his customers! I wanna try the otak otak.. i like mine charred too ya.. will probably tell them if i ever visit;)

    The otak otak is not to be missed – different from the fish cake-like Muar ones and the wobbly egg custard Penang ones. Very nice! I would rate it as No. 1 out of the three.

    I do think the goodwill thus established between the boss and his customers would keep them coming back – something that some of the young ones in the business need to learn. Some are so snooty, thinking that they are so great, really get pissed off by those…and many are cold and aloof. Those sure have a lot to learn, really.

  11. Maybe you should go to Maldives so you can discover the reason behind the ice cream’s name. πŸ™‚

    The beaches of Maldives await you. Go on a vacation abroad.

    I’m not into beaches, don’t mind mountains. I loved Baguio…very very much!

  12. Ohhhh….good food and some more got very deep discount! You must be his favorite customer πŸ™‚

    As they say, the best things in life are free. Hehehehehe!!!! Well, I help by promoting his place and all the nice food…for free too. πŸ˜‰

  13. thanks for introducing the Dreamy Nite to us … i like the name too, and i’m intrigued by how there’s an element of a secret recipe to this dessert! πŸ˜€

    The guy was quite vague in his answers to my questions and instead of telling me everything, he offered to make for me, I just have to bring over my pudding dish and he will do it for me. Hmmmm!!! A closely-guarded secret indeed. He did say that it originally came from one of those countries – Myanmar or Bangladesh, I can’t remember now but it is very very sweet so he cut down the sugar by a mile.

  14. LOVE the lighting! And Pineapple Ginger Soda sounds great!!!

    Very nice drink, I like it too. Ya, the lighting is nice for the mood, the ambiance but not great for photographs. 😦

  15. Looks like the last dessert is new to me. They always serve generous portion of dessert which makes me really full after dining at Payung.

    The boss says they have it for a long time already but I never ordered it and he was wondering why. I think HB had it, if I remember correctly – seem to have seen it in his blog.

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