These boots are made for walking…

No, no…nobody sent me any boots…nor shoes, just a shoe box…

Shoe box

– a shoe box meant for running shoes, if I am not wrong. As for what was inside, read on… LOL!!!

My friend, Rose, in Kuching PM-ed me via Facebook asking me to collect something that she would be sending me via one of our local bus companies. Oh no! I quickly told her not to go through all that trouble as I know Kuching Sentral is quite far away – I did go past it on my way from Kuching to Serian and home that day. However, she said it was perfectly all right as she would be sending it via one company that has its own ticketing office and station closer to home, somewhere opposite her son’s kindy so she would be going that way anyway. Ok, since she insisted, I said ok…and waited to see what was in store.

Now, what on earth would she be sending me? The suspense was killing! It could not possibly be food as I asked if I should collect it on the same day but she said, no and I was to go the next day instead. Hmmmm…so that would rule out mooncakes. That was my wild guess since the festival is just round the corner, sometime at the end of next week, if I am not mistaken.

After she had sent it, she PM-ed me again sending me a photo of the box, captioned, “No, not shoes inside!” and another one of the receipt. I downloaded the latter and printed it out so I could take it to the bus terminal to claim the consignment…which I did and as soon as I got home, I quickly opened it to see what was inside…

Hungry Jacks pancake mix

A box of pancake mix made in the US of A!!! I think I do recall seeing her making pancakes using this and blogging about it so I asked if it was good. I always made pancakes from scratch so I never paid much attention to the ones we have here – I think they’re all those of a local brand, Nona. Now, what appealled to me most, of course, would be the part where one only has to add water to it and fry. Ooooo…I can’t wait to try but that would have to wait till my girl is home. I hope when the time comes, I will remember to take some photographs when I get down to it so I can blog about it.

She also sent me a box of this lovely nyonya sauce

Gimson nyonya sauce

…that I got from my friend, Merryn, in KL a long time ago. I used it to cook in more ways than one and yes, it was very nice and yes, I finished all that was in the bottle a long time ago. It will only expire in December, 2016 so there is no hurry to finish all of it soon – I think I will save it for use on special occasions especially when I do not know when I will be getting anymore. I have not seen it anywhere around here so I guess it is not available locally.

Thank you so very much, Rose, for sending me these goodies…

Goodies from Rose

You shouldn’t have gone through all that trouble really! Please don’t send me anything anymore – just wait till I hop over to Kuching again and we can go jalan jalan cari makan or we can do that should you be coming this way anytime soon. I sure am looking forward to that!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

12 thoughts on “These boots are made for walking…”

  1. I guess i need to find my pleasure in giving too.

    waiting for you to make those delicious pancakes. When will melissa be back again?

    Yes, yes. I’d be glad to give you that pleasure. Wink! Wink! πŸ˜€
    She’s home already, came back yesterday and we had our second-round birthday dinner last night.

  2. No trouble at all. Just a little gift to a great friend.

    Hope your girl love the pancake mix. Very easy, I used this brand. It has 3 types. This light and fluffy is one of them. I am using buttermilk type; also just need to add water. Another type is to add oil and egg; something like that, I couldn’t remember much.

    You can try to add milk instead of water to make it creamier and tasty. Could not wait to see the result in your blog.

    i have not try that Nyonya sauce. I happen to see it and thought you could use it.

    Bought both from Cold Storage. Next round you come over here, I bring you jalan jalan in Cold Storage. ^^

    Yes, we did drive past that day and I was wishing I could stop by to browse around but I was not driving – not nice to inconvenience others, would just stick to places everybody wanted to go to. I like browsing around Ting & Ting too, may have some nice things and I heard a lot about Choice as well but dunno which one has all the imported stuff.

    Ya, I think adding milk is a great idea, sure will make it a lot nicer. Will but a carton & try.

  3. Nowadays a lot of this premix stuff, makes life easy for lazy people like me, hahaha. Hoping to see the end products of both soon.

    Yes, they sure make life so much easier…like how I would not bother to cook curry from scratch anymore.

  4. You’re very lucky to have such good friends who always give you stuff…wink wink! I guess, it goes both ways, giving and receiving. πŸ™‚

    That reminds me of this video clip: “Being rich is not about how much you have but how much you give. Somehow, when you give, you’ll be happier…”

    But yes, I am rich, rich with all the kind and caring and generous friends, I’m truly blessed in so many ways.

  5. Blessed to give than to receive, so the saying goes….. And I am sure you are a generous giver too! I prefer to give when I meet up cos I am one who is very lazy to go to post office or courier companies to send out…
    Now looking forward to seeing your Hungry Jack pancakes!

    I do not mind sending – the poslaju office is round the corner from my house but cost of thing, less than RM5, postal charge 10-15 – really not worth it. Better wait to give in person when he or she comes over.

    1. Less than RM5? Over here at least RM5.95 and that is the lightest… anything above will be around RM10…

      Same here. By less than RM5, I mean the value of the contents of the parcel, what I am sending – the postal charges can be quite shocking, really.

  6. Try cooking them together, pairing pancakes with spicy sauce πŸ˜›

    Brilliant. Would be a nice change from maple or honey. Can use the sauce as a dip like eating roti canai.

  7. Oh? Can send things via the local bus company and not the courier?

    Yes, cheaper and faster even! Send on the early morning bus – can get around 6-8 hours later. Only thing is, they do not send to your house. You have to go to their booth at the bus terminal to collect!

  8. Awaiting to see your pancake and what you cook with the Nyonya Sauce…

    You can click the link in the post to see how I used the nyonya sauce last time.

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