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My niece, my brother-in-law’s daughter who is working in Singapore, was home to celebrate her birthday. The sweet girl travels very frequently to places abroad and everywhere she went, she would buy a whole lot of things to bring home and give to us. That was why to reciprocate, I went to this bakery (2.311137,111.831564)…

Aroma Bakery
*Archive photo*

…in the vicinity of the Dewan Suarah here to buy something for her to enjoy – their very nice chicken pies…

Aroma Bakery chicken pie 1

The price has gone up now though – it was RM2.80 when they first started and it kept going up till it got to RM3.50 each the last time I bought some. It is now RM3.70 but it does not matter much as the pastry is still as good as ever and the filling just as nice…

Aroma Bakery chicken pie 2

After all, in the face of our frail economy and the ever-dwindling value of the ringgit, what has not increased in price?

I think I did mention before that I was no fan of coconut tarts until I tasted theirs…

Aroma Bakery coconut tarts 1

…and since then, I would make it a point to buy some home everytime I drop by the shop. Thankfully, the price is still the same – a ringgit each, 2 for RM2.00 but it actually started off at RM1.80 for 2, 90 sen each, before that.

I thought the tart shell tasted a little harder than usual that day but other than that, they were as good…

Aroma Bakery coconut tarts 2

…as ever and I enjoyed them all the same.

I noticed there were some new things at the bakery including these ang koo (4 for RM2.50)…

Aroma Bakery ang koo

…except that they were green, not red in colour. The lady boss kept reiterating that pandan leaves were used for the skin and no artificial colouring was used in the making.

There were only two packets left and I decided to buy one to try only to find out that I should have grabbed both as they were really very good! Yes, as you can see, the skin was rather thick…

Aroma Bakery ang koo 2

…but it did not matter as it was so very well-made, so soft and nice and not so rubbery and difficult to chew (and swallow) like some that I have had before…plus it was so fragrant with the pandan. The mung bean filling was the same as the usual though there was not all that much of that. Ah well! I guess one can’t expect much for around 60 sen each, right? I am not sure how much the regular ones cost elsewhere but these were not very big – maybe half the size only…but considering that they were really very nice, I sure would not mind if they could make them bigger and sell at RM1.00 each or at double the price.

At the time of writing, I am already thinking of going back there to buy more. Maybe my mum would love them as well…

Author: suituapui

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25 thoughts on “Something for you…”

  1. Chicken pies? I love freshly baked bread, and chicken pies! 🙂

    They make only a few at this bakery each batch. Once sold out, they make some more so it is always piping hot, very nice.

  2. I’d like to try that ang koo kuih! We usually wrap it with sweetened desiccated coconut, 60 cents… cheap wor!

    Oh no! No coconut for me, no kacang – it has to be that mung bean paste. Cheap kah, very small wor… 😦

  3. See the chicken pie makes me want to go and buy and eat it…

    Go, go. Bet you have nice ones there, a lot nicer. Ours here not really…except this one. The others at other bakeries, not worth the calories.

  4. For pies/quiche/tarts, most important thing is the pastry. I like the pies/quiche from Aloha or John’s pie. I like ang ku kuih skin, soft & not chewy with generous amount of fillings. Some are too thin that one can see the fillings inside.

    Aloha’s are nice but very expensive – these are much cheaper in comparison. Not fond of John’s puff pastry. Yes, these chay-koo are very nice, if only they put more filling. Never mind if they increase the price a bit, more satisfying.

  5. Quite a few of the bakeries here have been taken over and run by the Vietnamese. With their French background, they make excellent pastries and baguettes. Even their meat pies (an ozzie staple) have won prizes in the local agricultural shows. These shows occur in spring, and each little country town will have one. The big one for Perth will occur this month – the Royal Perth Show.

    Ooooo…I wish I could go to the show! I loved the markets overseas – the Sunday markets, the farmers’ markets – all so very nice, so interesting! The Vietnamese sandwiches seem to be the favourite of many, derived from their French influence, I believe – bánh mì, they call it. I love sandwiches, bet I would like theirs too.

  6. At first I thought that the green angku had some other filling. Usually (the ones here) the red one has mung bean while the green/other colors have peanut filling. I always prefer the mung bean filling anytime, I don’t mind the thick skin as long as it is soft and has a slight chewy texture.

    Yes, I did not want to buy initially, thinking it was peanut – I don’t like that…and I had already written it off when I cut it and saw that the skin was so thick, very sure it would not be good…but I was pleasantly surprised when I ate it. The pandan fragrance in the skin was an added bonus! Sure would want to buy again should I drop by the place anytime.

  7. Love angkoo but it’s so hard to find good ones in KL nowadays…

    Lulu’s ones are not bad, not the best…but good enough and anytime nicer than these, fatter and a lot more filling – though by our standard and that price, these are indeed very good already. The same goes to their other nyonya kueh selections too. I sure would not mind buying and eating. They have stalls everywhere – like at Mid Valley.

  8. I could imagine the smell of freshly baked chicken pies. Must eat it while it is warm.

    Yes, I did buy some for you when you were in Sibu, right? Nice, weren’t they? Yum yummm!!!!!

  9. as long as the kuih is not rubbery and the tart shells aren’t too stiff, you can count me in 😀

    The kuih is very nice but as for the tart shell, I felt it used to be better. Not a good day perhaps…or what is left of my old teeth are no longer what they used to be. Sobssss!!!!! 😀

  10. I wonder what else was used with the Pandan Leaves for the ‘skin’. And Mung Beans for the inside!? Neat! I wonder if they were vegan!?

    Yes, definitely suitable for vegans. I think they use rice or tapioca flour (and water) for the skin – the trick is in getting the right texture, not all are good. I certainly would not dare try making my own. 😦

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