Last Sunday, we went to church in the morning as we had the double birthday celebration dinner the night before and we could not go for the sunset service. After that, we stopped by here briefly, our second time there, for a quick bite before heading home to get everything and go on our way to send my girl back to her school for the week.

It appeared to me that they have done up the place a bit with nicer photographs at the stall…

A-One stall

…and a bigger display on the wall inside.

My missus had the kolo mee (RM4.00)…

A-One kolo mee

…that she had the previous time and liked a lot while my girl opted for the kampua pian sip (RM2.80)…

A-One pian sip kampua

…and she said that it was all right. I did try a bit of the noodles and though I thought it was nicely done, firm and not soft and soggy or starchy and sticky, I felt that they could cut down a bit on the msg. I certainly would request that they do that should I be dropping by here again as I seem to have grown extra-sensitive to the white stuff ever since I have reduced or stopped using it at home.

Thankfully, my century egg meat porridge (RM5.00)…

A-One century egg meat porridge

…was fine. With the horrendous haze around here, even though it is not as bad as at certain places, I was fighting back a flu so I decided to have that instead of any of the noodles.

I enjoyed it very much especially with the fragrance of the added fried shallots and garlic…

A-One porridge

…in it. Thankfully, I spotted just two little bits of tang chai (salted preserved radish) and was able to pick them out and put them aside – I am never a fan of that even though I do not mind it in soups and other dishes but I would not just leave it behind, uneaten.

We finished our orders quickly and were soon on our way…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

17 thoughts on “Quick…”

  1. A1! I haven’t been here in a long time. πŸ™‚

    I know the owner (not sure if he’s still the current owner) – a guy called Alex. Young guy, and it’s not his main business, he does lighting. I hear the kampua is nice as well but I haven’t been here since 2008 when I was working in Sibu.

    It looks good though, I don’t mind MSG myself although like you, at one point I was ultra sensitive to it and would get headaches when I eat too much. Don’t know what’s up with that.

    You’re talking about this same place? It is very new, in the blocks of new shops beside the Iban Methodist church. If I am not wrong, the whole family is there, the mum cooks, the dad helps…the daughter does the drinks…and the son chips in – he used to do the fried stuff but it looks like they are not serving that anymore.

    Their business was badly hit when they opened the huge Bateras Food Court at the other end but it appears that the customers are coming back…having found nothing nice at the food court place.

  2. Porridge for me anytime, be it filled with goodies or plain. Plain porridge is best to go with bay ka long kiam hu, cai poh nerng, tau ju, etc…. Won’t vote for the kolo mee this time round cos I don’t like this type of noodles, prefer the curly ones….but it looks good though.

    Oh? Did not notice that they did not use the curly ones. I liked their handmade noodles, firmer…more bite to it but I was not feeling up to it that day. 😦

  3. Looked good. I dont think I been there. Yes, reduced msg. I could not stand it. Make my throat dry.

    Take care as the haze is not getting any better and going away soon.

    I don’t think so. This place is new…like the food court up the street. Ok, all right…nice but if you do not have all that much time here, I don’t think this is a priority. They say the lady used to run the kampua stall at Happy Hours, near your SIL’s shop, Rejang Park – ok but not sensational, dunno if you tried this but I remember you did not like some stuff you had there once.

  4. No foodie excursions for us this week. We’re staying inside! Schools were closed here yesterday. Doesn’t seem to be any improvement today.

    Yup, best to do that…and avoid the city centre especially today.

  5. I loves pian sip, can eat many of it… Hope you feeling better with the flu…

    Ok, not worse…but still not really gone. 😦

  6. Nice choices to start off the day! We were looking for kolo mee yesterday but unfortunately the stall was closed… I guess my girl will want to go there again.. hopefully open today! Radish is very nice to go with porridge… hmmmm… no thank you? πŸ™‚

    Nope. not my favourite – don;t mind it inside and in fish ball soup too…but will not eat it. πŸ˜€ Yoru girl loves kolo mee so much? Come over to Sibu, direct flight from JB…authentic ones, kampua mee too, kompia…and lots more…and cheap too! Definitely worth the trip! πŸ˜‰

  7. My wife is in Singapore at the moment and says the haze there is very bad. And funnily enough, I’m just about to leave and have lunch with my son who is home, sick from the flu too !

    Oh dear! Hope he gets well soon. I have been quite successful so far in keeping it at bay but I am still fighting, not 100% o.k. yet. Yes, the haze is bad, worse at many other places…but bad enough here, and the weather has been very dry – no sign of it ever going away as yet.

  8. I’m back! I’d go for Kolo Mee too! Not a porridge person 😦

    I was like you when I was your age. I would feel sick everytime I had to eat porridge – conditioning, as when I was small, everytime, I fell sick, I would have to eat porridge. 😦

  9. I haven’t tried mee kolo before.
    But it looks very similar to kon lo mee from my little kampung. πŸ˜‰
    Have a look

    Kota Tinggi? That’s in Johore. As far as I know, Yong Peng is Foochow but dunno if there is kampua (pronounced kang puang in Foochow) there but from what I heard or read, there are people selling kampua mee or kolo or kolok mee here, there and everywhere.

    Kon lou mee is Sabah’s, maybe it is because of the differences in the dialects so we have all these names, but no, it does not look like the one in Kota Tinggi which looks a bit like a cross between kolo mee and kampua but not exactly as they would not have that little bit of sauce underneath the noodles – both are dry, no sauce.

  10. hope you’ve recuperated from your flu by now! i was battling a sore throat last week, but thankfully am ok now!

    Still fighting. Thankfully, no sore throat, just bouts of sneezing once in a long while…and running or stuffed nose, such a nuisance. 😦 Glad you’re ok now.

  11. That was a very simple meal. I hope you recover soon. The haze is really bad. Don’t know how long we will have to put up with it. I was not feeling too good yesterday after running some banking errands. Today I feel better since I am indoors.

    Quite bad here today, over 100 already. Was better than elsewhere mostly before this. I read Pontianak over 1000 now, very near us here, closer to Kuching though. 😦 Best to just stay home.

  12. Each time think of Kolo Mee just come to your blog to see see but tummy not full haha.

    I wish we still have noodles pricing at RM4 over here. I think got indomie.

    Kampua is still RM2.80, RM3.00 here…praise the Lord for small mercies. Hehehehehe!!!!

  13. How’s the weather(haze) over there, Arthur?
    With this type of haze….it felt more comfortable to have a bowl of porridge…just like the one you had.

    Ok today, very good…but not yesterday, Before that, also not too bad, below 100.

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