I can do it…

I guess most everybody knows by now that I do not watch television at home but when I go over to my parents’ place every morning to spend sometime with my mum, if she is awake and sitting up, chances are the tv will be on and she would Β be watching some travel and food or cooking show. The other day, this handsome celebrity Malaysian chef and his mum were on and one of the dishes they cooked was fried ikan bilis (dried anchovies) and potatoes. Potatoes? Now, that was interesting! I did not really pay attention but it gave me the idea of serving deep-fried potato cubes or wedges tossed with this very familiar dish…

Payung fried ikan bilis
*Archive photo: Payung’s fried ikan bilis with onions*

…and I was pretty sure it would be nice.

Well, the other day, I thought of giving it a try as some two weeks ago, my Bintulu brother-in-law gave us one buah sukun (breadfruit), a very huge one almost twice the size of a football. There are many ways to cook the fruit but my missus would usually just cut it into slices and deep-fry lightly to store in the fridge and we would eat it slowly with peanut butter or kaya (coconut jam) like bread. We still had quite a lot left…

Deep fried sukun slices

…so I decided that I would use them to cook something like what I had seen on that tv show.

It was already deep fried so that would save me the trouble of doing that. All I had to do was to cut the slices into cubes…

Cut into cubes

…and get all the other ingredients ready.

Somehow somewhere along the way, I got sidelined and ended up cooking something like one of my many versions of fried rice with the finely-chopped garlic, sliced shallots, chopped spring onions and chilies…


…and ikan bilis and bubuk (dried shrimps).

I fried the ikan bilis in some oil till golden brown and crispy and pushed those aside and then I fried the shallots and garlic, also till golden brown…before throwing in the bubuk and the chili and mixing everything well. Once done, I added the sukun cubes and the spring onions, sprinkled a bit of pepper (optional) and dished it out…

Sukun with pusu and bubuk 1

My!!! It certainly was very very nice…

Sukun with pusu and bubuk 2

…with the lovely taste of the sukun complemented by the garlic and the fragrance of the ikan bilis and bubuk and all the other ingredients that went into the dish, with no added salt or msg!

I think I can do this same thing with potatoes as well. Hopefully, I will get down to trying that soon.


Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

16 thoughts on “I can do it…”

  1. I have not eaten this type of breadfruit before. How does it taste? Texture? I think this dish is very tasty! Good that you didn’t add salt because it would be too salty if you did.

    It is not as sweet and mushy as sweet potatoes – let’s say it is a cross between that and potatoes, very nice. You may find it sold at the stalls selling banana fritters and stuff like that – coated in batter and deep fried.

    I do not add salt or msg in my cooking…unless it is necessary. No need if the ingredients are tasty enough or salty even or when sauces are used. The thing is when I eat out, a lot of things will be too salty, too much msg, too oily. Not so sensitive to those before except in extreme cases.

  2. Interesting dish…It never cross my mind to cook buah sukun with anchovies. Usually I would have it sliced, coated in batter & deep fried. Oh my, I like the ikan bilis fried with big onions and will add chilli, soya sauce & a bit of sugar to counter balance the saltiness.

    We do not use batter, just deep fry and eat the slices like bread. The taste of the sukun is nice enough, nicer than potatoes, I would say.

    Yes, that would be the way to do it – try adding some sukun cut into cubes and deep fried a bit like french fries and tossing it all together. I am sure that would bring the taste to a whole new level.

  3. Yes, cooking shows either on tv or YouTube are always a source of new ideas and fresh things to try.

    Yes, great for getting ideas, can always improvise, cook in one’s own ways.

  4. I never see this buah sukun (breadfruit) before, it looks so good to fry with ikan bilis. It looks something like yam or potato.

    We may get this, cut in slices and dipped in batter and deep fried…at the cucur stalls, alongside the bananas, sliced sweet potatoes and slice yam. Have not seen it sold in any other form anywhere else.

  5. I watched his show few times. Never tried his recipe yet.

    I do watch AFC when there is nothing to watch. Haha. Like Good Chef Bad Chef, Jamie Oliver, Nigella Bites.

    I only watch when I go to my mum’s place. Everything looks so good, makes one hungry only. πŸ˜€

  6. WOW! Your version seems to be delicious! Very innovative! keep going! I love when you cook!

    Hi! Have not seen you around for sometime. Yes, I enjoy it too but usually, I would just stick to the very simple and easy stuff suitable for lazy folks like me. πŸ˜€

  7. Wah, very creative la you.

    You’ll never know until you try…and now that I’ve tried and it was good, I sure would want to do it again next time I have sukun in the house.

  8. You can cook so well, that i wish that i can cook as well as you…

    No leh, standard recipe – one size fits all…same as my fried rice. πŸ˜€

  9. tasty-looking! maybe can also scramble some eggs to toss on the potatoes? heheh πŸ™‚

    Yes, I was so tempted to do that, and then it would be exactly like my regular kampung fried rice. πŸ˜€

  10. I have never had breadfruit before. I am quite curious how it tastes like. From the looks of your dish, it must be very nice.

    A cross between potatoes & sweet potatoes. Not as sweet and mushy as sweet potatoes, sweeter and nicer than potatoes. Love it!

  11. I’ve not come across breadfruit before and neither have I cooked this ikan bilis dish with potatoes (usually with onions only)…interesting!

    Neither have I till I saw Sherson and the mum doing in – he said it was their comfort food when he was growing up, the mum would cook it often and they loved it. Neither had I tried potatoes with mashed canned sardines – my girl had that at an Indian stall in Sg Petani and liked it – I thought it was all right.

  12. Looks good. Someone posted a buah sukun in a durian forum I’m in and thought it was some kind of unusual Borneo durian. πŸ™‚

    They thought it was the fabled durian botak (which I personally haven’t seen since my childhood) but I saw it and told them it’s breadfruit. Can’t blame the guy though, a breadfruit does look somewhat like a spineless durian since he was hunting for specialized durians in Borneo.

    Yes, it sure does look like durian botak – thorns removed. πŸ˜€

    1. Haha! Yeah, it does eh? πŸ˜€

      BTW, do you know where to get durian botak nowadays? I haven’t seen it for at least 10 years, maybe more. I would love to eat it again.

      You will have to try the jungle produce market. Not easy to get anymore these days as the tree is extremely big and many have been forced to get rid of it – the compounds around houses these days are simply too small. My BIl is going to get rid of his too – what a pity! 😦

  13. I would love to try this. It looks very appetizing!

    It is. The fragrance of the garlic and all the ingredients…and the very nice taste of the sukun – minus that, I think it will not be as nice with potatoes.

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