Everything red…

I’ve been here a few times before though I have not gone there for quite a while now. I do recall that what I had there on those occasions were not too bad including the pek ting eyok mee sua. Well, the other day, I decided to stop by there with my missus for brunch as I was feeling like having some of those longevity string noodles in traditional red wine chicken soup.

If anybody is wondering where this coffee shop (2.322037,111.837046) is, you will find it in the block of shops on your left as you turn round the corner from Sing Ang Tong/Kwong Ann (or if you are coming straight ahead from the direction of RTM or SMK Kpg Nangka) – the poslaju main office is on your right – just before you turn round the corner into Sungai Merah bazaar…

Hua Kwong Corner
*streetview screenshot from Google Maps*

Upon arrival at the place, I noticed some changes in the stalls. The mee sua stall was nowhere to be seen but I saw the photographs on the kampua stall so I placed my order for that. My missus asked for the ang chao kampua (RM5.00)…

Hua Kwong Corner ang chao kampua

…which had the meat cooked in ang chao

Hua Kwong Corner ang chao pork

– the lees or the residue of the red yeast rice from making the traditional Foochow red wine. I did try a bit and I thought it was pretty good just that I would prefer the noodles to be done like the regular kampua mee and served with the ang chao pork, not tossed with the ang chao gravy as I felt that was somewhat an overkill. Of course I may be biased – others may love it this way – but my missus cooks this all the time so it really is not anything that I would get excited about as I would get to eat that so very often at home.

When I wanted to pay for our orders, the waitress collected for the kampua only and said that I would have to pay for the mee sua separately when it was served. It seemed that it was from some other place, not the same one as the kampua stall, somewhere inside the shop and I did not bother to go and check so at this point in time, I do not have the slightest idea what kind of arrangement they have there.

It did come soon enough (RM5.00)…

Hua Kwong Corner mee sua 1

…in this very nice bowl with a lid.

Yes, it was good with lots of the very nice red wine in the soup…

Hua Kwong mee sua

…and just the right amount of ginger, quite a lot of it but not too much – I would not like it too gingery.

There were just two small pieces of chicken…

Hua Kwong Corner mee sua 3

…and one small shitake mushroom but that was perfectly all right by me as I am more into the noodles and the soup and of course, I love eggs in any form and there was a hard-boiled one in it. I sure enjoyed that and I certainly would not mind going back there again anytime I feel like having this.

There was a stall in front of the shop selling fritters and a whole lot of stuff that looked quite good. I ordered the popiah (RM1.00)…

Hua Kwong Corner popiah

…and it was not too bad – nothing like my own homemade ones or the ones that I love, available only on weekends (RM2.50 each) but this is only a ringgit so really, one can’t expect all that much.

I really liked this a lot though – some bihun or whatever filling…

Hua Kwong Corner stuffed tofu puff 1

…stuffed in tauhu pok (tofu puffs) and deep fried and it…

Hua Kwong Corner stuffed tofu puff 2

…was only RM1.00 each.

I was not able to take a snapshot of the stall as by the time we finished our noodles, the girl had already cleared everything. Β I do not know why they do not keep on selling right through lunchtime – according to her, she would fry the things for sale in the morning till after around 10 to 11.00 a.m. and would resume at around 3.00 p.m. for those dropping by for tea and she did say that the response from the general public had been consistently good. I guess I would have to drop by again another day to try whatever else she may have to see if there is anything else that is as nice.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

15 thoughts on “Everything red…”

  1. so red, the noodles doesn’t look red though, only the pork. But you mentioned they toss it together with the same ang chao. wow, now using google street view for your posts, high tech! πŸ™‚

    Oh? You’re here! Got a new post, eh? Will hop over and have a look.

    Not red? You probably need new spectacles. The noodles are supposed to be white or slightly light yellow. Of course, you cannot toss with too much ang chao till it is bloody red, might as well eat the ang chao with a spoon then…plus if too much, it will not taste nice, overpowering. Personally, I would prefer the kampua noodles served the usual way, no ang chao added…and the meat served by the side like what I had here:

  2. Wow! That ang chow meat is really red. I would prefer the original kampua with char siew, not this as ang chow by itself is flavourful. Overpowering the kampua taste.

    Exactly!!! Especially for someone like me, grown quite sick of ang chao meat. I would not go for it, that’s for sure. My missus’ one is an even darker shade of red – nice too, maybe even nicer…but not when one gets to eat it at least once a week! 😦

  3. i’m dazzled by the redness in your first pics … at first i thought they might have been fermented baby octopus, which are also a shocking crimson in colour! πŸ˜€

    My missus’ is just as red, maybe a slightly darker shade, dunno what she added but generally, at the stalls and shops here, you will find a very much watered down version, diluted…so not so red.

  4. Interesting tofu puffs. Ang chao chicken looks very tempting.

    In the soup, that’s ang chiew…the wine, not ang chao, the lees… The ang chao meat in the kampua is pork.

  5. lots of red goodness. I love the soup with more ginger though…hehehe am very much a ginger person plus ginger does wonders to prevent my heartburns from happening so often.

    Lots of health benefits – my missus loves lot and lots of ginger but it is too heaty for me, may feel unwell after that…so I would prefer having less of it.

  6. Arthur, so amazing. You are now using Google Street View! Very high tech of you. I only like to have lots and lots of ginger during confinement. On normal days, normal amount of ginger will do πŸ˜€

    Let me check your address – maybe I can find your house. Hehehehehehe!!!!

    Ya, confinement, everything ginger, lots of it – to keep the body warm, they say, and cannot eat cold things. Later old, lots of problems!

  7. I still prefer the mee sua that you cooked…

    Same lah, if it is this chicken soup version. They do not have the same dry/tossed ones as mine outside, fried one got lah.

  8. Wow… This angchoa kampua noodles is very special!! The side dishes.. popiah and the fried stuff looks very new to me too.. yes, worth trying!!

    Well, you can only get to try if you come over… πŸ˜‰

  9. I am fan of ang chao! Ate a lot during my confinement, hehe!

    You mean ang chiew, the wine? Usually, convalescing mums here take a lot of the wine…not too sure about the lees or ang chao.

  10. So red! There is a restaurant quite near my area that serves dishes cooked with this red wine. I must make it a point to visit and satisfy my curiosity.

    Not sure how good that would be. In fact, we have this everywhere…especially the mee sua in the red wine, but I would not say they are all the same and definitely, not all are as good as any other. Same with everything else, I guess. Must know where to go for the really good ones.

  11. How unusual!

    Ang chow kampua….now that’s something I’ve never had before, although I’ve had the seafood, beef rendang etc kampua at Noodle House. Sounds like a great combo – two classical Foochow dishes. I must check it out when I’m home. I’ll be back end of month coz my dad just came back as well after a 4 month stay in Singapore.

    I prefer the one I had at Mitsu, that dim sum place behind RMC. They serve the kampua as regular kampua and they put the ang chao pork on top – so one can still enjoy kampua the way it should be (like the ones you had at Noodle House), not tossed with the ang chao gravy like this one. End of month? Hope to get to catch up, just give me a tinkle – I’m free all the time except on weekends, chauffeur duties as usual. 😦

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