Now that I found you…

I’ve been to this place once…and twice…and three times but I did not think what I had was anything to get me going back there for more but I dropped by again that day in search of the tri-colour kampua noodles. People are sharing snapshots of that on Facebook though I really don’t think it is anything to get excited about. If you’re wondering what that is – it is kampua noodles served in a plate, the white version (with light soy sauce) and the black version (with dark soy sauce) and I think the third one is the flat or mee pok version, a bit of each. I hear there is four as well but I am not sure where they have that.

It so happened that the kampua noodle stall was closed for the day – obviously, they do not open on Mondays but this guy…

Gay at Bateras Food Court

…told me that this was not the place I was looking for and I would have to go to a coffee shop in the vicinity of the supermarket but he added that they also have it here. Ah well, no love lost!!! As far as I am concerned, it is just a gimmick, nothing more than that…or something for fickle-minded or indecisive folks who just cannot make up their minds. I just thought I would like to blog about it as some people might be interested, that’s all.

Anyway, since we were already there, we decided to just order something that we have not tried before and I had this (RM6.00)…

Bateras braised pork belly & egg rice

…from the aforementioned guy because I saw the stewed eggs (RM1.00 each)…

Bateras stewed eggs

…and I just could not resist those plus looking at the shape and size of the guy, I was pretty sure that what he was selling would be good and I was right!

For one thing, that was quite a lot of the very nice braised meat…

Bateras braised pork belly

…with the rice and the sliced cucumber, as well as the complimentary soup…

Complimentary soup

…even though that was rather bland and nothing to shout about. They usually give you that at the chicken rice places – very very diluted salted vegetable soup with the discarded parts of the chicken such as the neck and the claws and also the innards and it would have tasted quite good had it not been watered down so much at all these places. I would just take to sip to try…and leave all the rest.

Incidentally, I also ordered his ngor hiang/lor bak (RM1.00)…

Bateras ngor hiang

…to try but no, I did not think it was great – nobody’s can ever come near my missus’. It was probably made using a blender for the meat and whatever else in the filling so it was too fine and smooth plus there probably was flour in it as well, not as much as some I have had elsewhere but it did not feel like it was all meat.

My missus ordered the own-made fish balls and glass noodles (RM5.00)…

Bateras fish ball tang hoon

…from another stall and one look at the oval-shaped fish balls…

Oval-shaped fish balls

…would tell you they were definitely not those not-so-nice frozen factory-made ones sold at the shops and supermarkets. I probably would enjoy that as well as I like anything in clear soup.

No, we have not tried everything at the food court yet – maybe we have just managed to cover half of the food stalls there…and now that I’ve found one pretty good one, I may go for that again the next time we drop by or go on sampling to see if there is anything else that is good there.

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21 thoughts on “Now that I found you…”

  1. I like what you had. And I agree it is really cheap for that. The stewed meat looks so good too. As what your missus is having, I can give it a pass. I don’t like things in clear soup BUT I’ve always had to order one to share with Ayden these days.. haih.

    He must have soup? Hmmmm….like Foochow, my dad must have soup at every meal…and my girl likes it that way too. I’m ok, no soup, drink water but yes, I love anything in clear soup.

  2. This makes me want to try another Kelp Noodle dish…might be a good idea for Vegan MoFo! Thanks for the nudge!

    My girl wants to make her own noodles too though I don’t know when she can find the time, always buried in her work. Probably would have to wait till the holidays.

  3. i had lor bak in penang during a visit last weekend, at a kopitiam on lebuh carnarvon, and it was good! very juicy and savoury 😀

    They have very nice ones there. I would go to Kafe Kheng Pin, a very popular one at the t-junction, Penang Road and Jalan Seri Bahari. Everything else from the other stalls there are very good too.

  4. Wow, your order is a plate full of goodness. I like the stewed egg. Among all, I still prefer the glass noodles with fish ball.

    I would love that too. Maybe I would order that the next time around.

  5. RM6! I still find these prices unbelievable. With current exchange rates anyone living outside of Malaysia might consider it almost eating for free! We don’t see prices like that so often in KL.

    Can get cheaper, I think…but of course, you will not get so much meat. I thought this was pretty cheap, big oval plate.

  6. Stewed meat & eggs! My favourite! RM6 for a plate of rice is good, I’d add another RM1 for another egg, haha.. I had chap farn for lunch the other day, it cost me RM7.00 for just 3 dishes – 1 vege and 2 meat..

    I haven’t had that here for a while now…but chap fan is bad because I would want this and that…and would end up paying over RM10.00…especially at the Malay stalls. Everything looks so good, just can’t resist.

  7. Oh, that look so good! I love the stewed egg and that big guy is certainly very generous with the pork slices.

    Yes, that sure impressed me much, would get probably half as much usually…smaller round plate.

  8. That braised meat and egg rice looked good to me. Yes, I also think those meat in ngoh hiang should be handmade and has some texture to it. Not machine blended etc.

    Yup, too smooth, can’t feel the meat, fail big time! Not a fan of those like that. Even meatballs – I am not fond of the blender-made ones, not the same at all, must be hand chopped.

  9. I love the oval-shaped fish balls…

    Maybe the guy at that stall was not so good at squeezing… Hehehehehe!!!!!

  10. RM1.00 for the ngor hiang? cheap wor..

    Maybe that is why it is not very nice, not that much meat. I saw the photo on the stall, 3 on a plate RM3.00 so I assumed it was RM1.00 each. I paid RM8.00 altogether – if it was RM3, that would be way too expensive…and deduct RM1.00 for the egg, RM4.00 for the rice with all that meat is way too cheap.

  11. Prices are reasonable.. only the taste of the food is questionable.. hahaha.. The way you described it, the food is so-so but there are many other stalls you haven’t try yet… so let us know which is kind of “special”… Over here in JB, I am still “surveying”… seems that I go back to the same shop again and again cos I do not know how to move further away from my “nest” yet…

    So far, these two are good, better than all that we have tried at this place so far but yes, still a lot more that I have not tried and some do not look all that attractive – I probably will have to just leave those out.

    Too many stalls, not a great idea to set up one’s business at such a large food court unless one is really very very good…can compete with the rest. Otherwise, will end up just sitting there looking at all the customers going to the better stalls.

  12. I’m disappointed not to be able to see a photo of the tri-coloured kampua noodles. Maybe another time!

    Here! You can have a preview here:

    Will certainly blog about it if I go and check it out.

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