Over the weekend…

The weekend came and went and of course, Saturday was the day when we would be out and about in search of some place nice for lunch.

I was thinking of the very nice signature barbecued pork ribs here…

Jack Pork signature BBQ ribs 1

…so there we were (2.287323,111.826564)…

Jack Pork Sibu 1

…at the place…

Jack Pork Sibu 2

…browsing through the menu and making up our minds as to what we would want to have.

It seemed that there were a lot of things on their menu that we had not seen before among those that we had tried and liked at one time or other. Once we had picked our individual choices, we sat there waiting…and very soon, our drinks were served…

Lemon tea, hot & iced

…on the house – lemon tea, hot or iced. We did not know of it initially but the waitress told us that we would be getting these complimentary drinks with our orders.

My missus asked for the pineapple chicken rice (RM10.00)…

Jack Pork pineapple chicken rice 1

…and got this huge slab of nicely-fried chicken on a bed of pickled pineapple and whatever underneath…

Jack Pork pineapple chicken rice 2

…that was very compatible and went absolutely well with the meat.

My girl loved their creamy cheese baked chicken chop rice at their sister cafe next  door so she opted for the pork version (RM19.00)…

Jack Pork creamy baked pork chop rice

…here. She said it was nice but when I tried it, I felt it wasn’t anything I would enjoy and would order for myself. For one thing, it was rather strong on those herbs in western cooking that I am not all that accustomed to.

I saw their photograph of this, with rice (RM10.00)…

Jack Pork dragon eggs with rice

…on their Facebook page and was looking forward to giving it a try. This was their version of scotch eggs, using salted egg yolk instead and they call it their dragon eggs. It sure looked very nice in their snapshot and I sure was not disappointed – we all agreed that it was indeed very good.

But no, I did not forget all about the pork ribs (RM28.00)…

Jack Pork signature BBQ ribs 2

I ordered one to share but because the servings of our individual orders were rather big, we did not even manage to finish half of it so I asked for it to be put in a doggy bag to take home.

Yes. everything was great, as always and we sure had a delightful lunch, just that we had ordered too much to handle. I think it would be good to just order the ribs to be shared by three…and order the very nice cincaluk fried rice from next door to go with it but then of course, you would need to find two other persons who would not mind eating the same things as you…or you will end up like us – each person ordering a different thing and ending up with a whole lot more than what we could possibly finish.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

17 thoughts on “Over the weekend…”

  1. I like those vases! I do like the colors they have near the countertops, too! Nice!

    Yes, the decor is very tastefully done at all the food places that these guys own and run.

  2. Clever naming of the restaurant. Those ribs sure look sticky and juicy – must be eaten with fingers I imagine to truly enjoy them. 😉

    Best way to enjoy this kind of thing!

  3. Good to hear they have improved their menu. Would love to try the scotch eggs.

    Yes, too bad their all-day breakfast concept did not go down well with the Sibu public. I did like some of the things they had on their menu…but they do have some good stuff on their present menu too. I really think their RM10 per set lunch with complimentary drink is a steal, so cheap and worth dropping by for.

  4. The barbecued pork ribs look succulent! 🙂

    Very! Very nice and tender and at around USD6 for that huge slab, I would say it is really very cheap. Big enough to be shared by 3 , at least…or more if there are other orders to go with it.

  5. interesting location! the ambiance almost looks like an exotic eastern-style outlet, with traditional furnishing … and the salted egg yolk scotch eggs is something i haven’t seen before! love the idea, wish it was available in kl 😀

    Yes, I was attracted by the eggs too when I saw their photograph on Facebook – just could not wait to go and try and I certainly was not disappointed. Come, plan a trip over here…and I can take you for these and more, lots more!

  6. Nice name for the eatery. All looks great. I think the pineapple chicken rice with that huge slab of chicken & dragon balls together with a complimentary drink each is worth every cent of it.

    Yes, only RM10, unbelievable!!! The pork ribs here are our favourite in town, they do it really very well…and it was such a huge slab. How much are the ribs at those places in Kuching such as Howdy or Porkies?

  7. I always like Mel’s food choices, because very similar to mine.. I love love love her baked cheese pork chop rice.. Look at the creamy sauce, I want extra sauce!

    I guess young people are more into these things. The burgers here are very nice too…but no, I am not into those either.

  8. Got chance, i want to try the scotch eggs…

    At the current exchange rate, it sure is a good time to come here. Everything is so very very cheap, kampua mee less than SGD1.00.

  9. LOL! I like the name of this place, very creative!

    Nice spin to the word jackpot. Maybe somebody will open one and call it Pork Luck next… 😀

  10. The food looks really appetizing here. Good photos!

    …and one lunch set, rice with something, inclusive of drink at AUD3.00 – too good to be true, eh?

  11. I think I would like the Pineapple Chicken Rice very much. And not forgetting the ribs! So nice that the drinks were complimentary.

    Yes, they sure do not come cheap at places like this. Minus that from the cost of the lunch set, it sure is a steal!

  12. We will always order to share. Both me and William. Today eat this, next day eat another thing. I’m not such a big eater hence won’t be able to finish all these big portion servings.

    Yes, that’s a good idea. Now that we know the size of their servings, we would know how to order next time – definitely not one each, plus one. Maybe just two to be shared by three.

  13. I want to try all, but can’t be so greedy, like that this place I can come few times to try out all the food.

    Yes, we’ll be back…pretty soon, I’m sure and we’ll try something else on their menu.

  14. No wonder cannot finish… 4 portions for 3 people.. and yes, I agree with you, such big portions, I think I cannot finish the rice too… The scotch eggs indeed look kind of special…

    Make sure you do not miss it when you come – it sure is different, and nice…worth a try. Yup! None of us could finish the rice but I had the least left, my girl could barely finish half of hers – all of us were so very full!

  15. The food looks so delicious and high class….

    You would not believe you can get anything for RM10 at a place like this, inclusive of a free drink, would you?

  16. Alamak … I thought Sibu is a small town but there seems a lot of good food there!!! The Pork BBQ steak caught my attention…it looks so good and I guess there are honey on it. Yummy!!! I’m drooling liao …
    Nice ambience there , I love the environment!

    Not sure about the honey in this one but I do know they have these very nice BBQ ribs at another place here, with honey. Also very nice, maybe a ringgit or two cheaper. So how small and backward do you think Sibu is? People coming here will make a sweeping remark – like Ipoh. I think it is nicer than the very congested old part of town there…and generally, it is more Chinese, like Singapore, than any town or city in the peninsula.

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