When I get up in the morning, the first thing I would have would be a mug of coffee, black and unsweetened. It would not matter even if it was one of those instant coffee as long as it’s coffee – for that much-needed jump start to kick off the day. Then I would have something to eat…which may be one of those instant noodles, if I have any in the house, or my own tossed dried noodles or mee sua or if there is any leftover rice from the day before, I would fry that to enjoy.

I would fry the rice in many different ways but the simplest would be the kampung version…

Kampung fried rice with cincaluk dip

…with ikan bilis and chili and that day, I had it with our Bintulu cincaluk dip and that was so good!

The next morning, I found one big plastic tub of rice again in the fridge so I fried it as well – this time, with the rest of the cincaluk dip added…and also a handful of bubuk (dried shrimps)…

Cincaluk fried rice with bubuk

…and it was very good too.

And talking about fried rice, while I was waiting for my car to be serviced that day, after my kampua pian sip breakfast, I went to stroll around the supermarket there and I saw a whole range of those packets of nasi goreng ingredients from this company including one that I saw for nasi goreng kampung and another for nasi goreng Cina (Chinese fried rice). Of course, I did not buy any – I would much rather use my own (fresh) ingredients to do that but I did end up buying a few things there. Like what I said to the boss of the workshop, “Bak chiew ching phai!” (Eyes very bad) If I had not gone to look around, I would not have ended buying anything. That is why I think that as far as possible, it is best to just stay at home so one would not end up spending one’s money. What do you think?

Anyway, getting back to what I would have for breakfast, if there is any bread in the house, I would probably make some egg sandwiches at the very least and of course, it would be even nicer if I had ham or bacon or luncheon meat or SPAM to go with them. Well, the other day, my dear friend flew over from KL on a working trip and she gave me these…

Goodies from Mandy

…so no prize for guessing what I had had for breakfast over the next few days. LOL!!! Thank you so much, Mandy. for all those – too bad you were, as always, too busy all day at those desolate worksites till late at night so we were not able to meet up for dinner or something. Hopefully, we will find time for that sometime…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

17 thoughts on “Awake…”

  1. those bread not selling at sibu?? i though is whole malaysia also got one???? hehe

    There was once…at the general hospital canteen, dunno if they still bring in and sell or not. Not a good idea, I would think as everything expires very quickly so if they are not sold quickly, they would have to be written off as losses. Bakeries here will leave their stuff for you to sell – the next day, they will bring fresh supplies…and take the previous day’s back – I think many would rather opt for those instead.

  2. I love my coffee in the morning too. I usually wait a few hours though of getting up and have it mid morning to keep me going.

    I can’t wait that long. Would be like sleepwalking until I have my mug of coffee, first thing in the morning, black and strong. Then only will my eyes open! 😀

  3. Yesterday my hubby said “Lets walk for a while to kill time.” So we walked down the aisles and ended up with few hundreds of groceries. Somehow we never walked empty handed when we go to supermarket. Lol.

    Hope some day you could bring Mandy to taste the Sibu specialties when she has time.
    My hubby always buy those buns when he was flying. Now he seldom fly since transfer back.

    Yes, that’s our weakness, I guess – no sales resistance. Once we see, we simply must buy. Will never go home empty-handed. Hehehehe!!!!

    Mandy is back in KL now, did not get to meet at all – hopefully, we will get the chance when she comes again or if we go over to KL.

  4. I do have coffee occasionally in the morning but my favourite is a nice cup of tea. 🙂

    I’m not a tea person, will drink but not on a regular basis.

  5. My kind of fried rice with cincaluk or salted fish but it’s hard to get good cincaluk these days. Hear say that Gardenia is selling at Plaza Merdeka with prices double the amount. How true???

    I have lots of cincaluk stocked up in the fridge – my Bintulu brother-in-law will bring us a few bottles whenever there are fresh supplies. Saw somewhere that bubuk is in season so probably there will be fresh cincaluk and belacan soon.

    Dunno how much the rest cost but that loaf of butter scotch bread is over RM4.00, RM4.45 or something. So expensive. I told Mandy not to buy anymore next time. At the end of the day, it is just…bread.

  6. I love the look of your fried rice. Mine is a quite similar to yours, but sprinkled with a few crisp crisp, an idea obtained from a Korean recipe.

    Oh? My girl and the mum would probably know of that – they are so into Korean these days, not me.

  7. Sorry, crisp ginger.

    Oh? Ginger? No, thanks. Too heaty for me, I cannot take too much, will feel ill after that. Like the pickled ginger at the Japanese restaurant here – my missus loved it. I would not touch it at all, thank you very much.

  8. I prefer chocolate Gardenia bread over the butterscotch one. It’s so nice that I can even eat on its own 🙂 Anyway. how are you?

    I think I’ve tried chocolate, but I prefer the butter scotch one. Still, I think almost RM4.50 for a loaf is too expensive for…bread. Not really into bread unless it’s sandwiches with egg or ham or bacon or one of those. Hehehehehe!!!!

    I’m doing ok, hope you are too wherever you are right now.

  9. Coffee on waking up, that’s for me too. Breakfast comes much later.

    Not me, more or less around the same time. Have to eat, so hungry upon waking up. As they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. 😀

  10. You and your famous fried rice!! I also like my own styled fried rice.. eat while it is hot, very nice! 🙂

    Come, come. You cook yours and I cook mine and we can try one another’s. 😉

  11. Isn’t Gardenia supposed to be available nationwide? =O

    Not in Sarawak, that’s for sure. That is why dads on working trips to KL will cart home a whole lot from LCCT last time and now from KLIA2…like how I used to buy Famous Amos in my time, none in Sibu either.

  12. YUP! I will be doing a rice dish…or 5 this week! The pantry is getting low but I DO have rices and quinoa to use LOL

    It’s the staple here, we eat it every day…more or less.

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