Out of sight…

If you’re driving along the main roads in the vicinity of Sungai Merah here, you would not be able to see this coffee shop (2.328072,111.840428)…

Uncle Lau, Sg Merah

…right behind this big supermarket…

Behind Everwin, Sg Merah

…that faces the Catholic & SIB churches there and also the Chinese cemetery across the road.

I’ve been here…

Uncle Lau Corner

…once before because my car workshop is in the block of shops directly opposite and I will drop by the area regularly like when it is due for servicing, for example, when I need to change the engine oil or get some routine checks done.

I remember I had the kampua noodles from this stall…

Uncle Lau Corner kampua stall

…in front once but I did not blog about it as I did not bring along my camera that morning. However, I did take a snapshot of what I had using my mobile phone camera and shared it on Facebook and yes, I would say what I had was pretty good – quite typical of the taste of the authentic kampua noodles that most everyone here would be accustomed to.

That was why I had the same…

Uncle Lau pian sip kampua

…that morning except that this time around, I asked for the pian sip kampua or the noodles without the slices of boiled meat, coloured red to pass off as char siew, but with the pian sip or meat dumplings instead.

The noodles were well-cooked, not overdone till a bit too soft and soggy like what I had in yesterday’s post, and it had the fragrance of the shallot oil/lard plus there was none of the msg overdose, unlike at some other places, that would put me off right away. The pain sip

Uncle Lau pian sip

…had a bit more meat in it than most elsewhere in town and the skin was thin and smooth as well.

All in all, I would say that was a good breakfast for RM4.20…

Uncle Lau pian sip kampua & kopi o peng

…including the glass of kopi-o-peng (iced black coffee) and the not-too-bad complimentary soup.

I noticed that they had a chap fan (mixed rice) stall at the back and they had started cooking for the day so I went to have a look. I thought the braised soy sauce pork leg looked good and even though the ang chao (the red yeast residue from making the traditional Foochow red wine) pork did not look as red as when my missus cooked that, it did look like it would be nice too…and so did the rest of the dishes that were ready. I wouldn’t mind going back there for lunch one day…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

18 thoughts on “Out of sight…”

  1. Looking at this reminds me of the instant kampua noodles you sent me some time ago. Those were already really good to me. I can’t imagine having the real thing in Sibu. Would really like to try one of these days. Now I’m hungry.

    Come on over, school holidays in a couple of weeks. Problem is the cheap airline is not cheap during school holidays…and there are no more long weekends this year. 😦

  2. Again enjoyed the map references given. I think I may have also found your car service place, too.

    You have? Did the google car drive into the isolated place? 😀

    1. Yes it did, but I think it stopped there as you can’t progress any further.

      Yes, I did drop by to have a peep too. Saw them working at the workshop…and people at the coffee shop too much fun! Hehehehehe!!!!!

  3. This looks like a good bowl of kampua with pian sip. Very fulfilling breakie.

    Yes, and I like the place too – more to the quiet side, not as busy and crowded as at some places in the town centre…and I could just sit there, enjoy my drink and food, relax…and wait for my car to be ready!

  4. Looks like a quaint little place. 🙂

    Not all that little – a one-shoplot coffee shop. Of course there are bigger ones, two or three shoplots or more.

  5. What a snug little place, serving good kampua. I don’t really fancy Kolo Mee in Miri and Kuching but kampua has always had a special place in my heart. The other type of noodles I love is rice drop with minced meat at the hawker market in Kuala Belait, Brunei. The flavour was rich, with thick gravy for good measure. Why am I referring to it in the past tense? It was once sold by an old man. After he died, his son has been unable to maintain the good standard. What a pity!

    You mean the lau shu fun or rat tails? Not really a fan but will have that sometimes for a change. I think they just toss and serve like kampua, same ingredients but I did have one not too long ago, fried and I thought it was very nice. Ya, sad that when the older generation dies, the younger ones are not able to maintain the standard, not so nice anymore. Same thing with the kampua I ate all the time while I was growing up.

  6. Ok, going to try this place out. My mum went to this place to ta pow mixed rice for my nephew when day she was not cooking. She said is quite cheap and the food very home cooked style.

    Exactly what I thought when I saw those dishes already cooked, not like at other places where they cook a lot of everything in one giant wok. Hope to go back and give it a try someday.

  7. That was a very satisfying breakfast. They don’t serve this with pickled chilli?

    Nope! You get pickled chili with Kuching kolo mee, not with Sibu kampua noodles.

  8. Hungry now…looking at the kolo mee is so comforting but torturing the stomach.

    Kampua. Kolo mee is not the same, but for me, I think I like kolo mee more. 😉

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