Only one…

Last Sunday, we went to the morning service in church – we did not have to go to the one at sunset on Saturday as it was a long weekend and Monday being a public holiday, we did not have to send my girl back to her school for the week on Sunday like what we usually do so we had a bit more time on our hands.

Having fulfilled our Sunday obligation, I drove themΒ to this place for a western breakfast. We had had dinner there here and here and yes, we did enjoy ourselves on both occasions but unfortunately, we have not had the chance to go back there again since. For one thing, if you want some decently good western breakfast here, you may be able to get that at one of the leading hotels though I am not too sure what you can find on their menu. Other than that, you probably would have to make do with the so-called American breakfast available at quite a number of places around town but usually, all that you will get is a plate of one fried egg, a sausage or two (those frozen ones that you can get at the supermarket and fry your own at home) and a slice of toast plus some baked beans by the side perhaps…

American breakfast
*Archive photo*

…or something that isn’t really anything to look forward to.

That was why I was delighted when I saw on their Facebook page that they now have an all-day brunch menu till 4.00 p.m….and that they open from 9.30 a.m…

N2 opens at 9.30 a.m.

…which was just nice for us as the service ended sometime after 9.00 a.m.

Once we had taken our seats at a table by the window…

N2 table by the window

…we promptly placed our orders and very soon, our drinks were served…

N2 Expresso

I had their expresso (RM5.19, inclusive of GST) that I thought was great, just that I probably could have finished it all in a gulp or two. LOL!!! The butter biscuit was very nice too – our guess was that they must have made it themselves as it did not taste like anything one would be able to buy at the shops. My girl and the mum had theirΒ super berries tea (RM4.77, inclusive of GST) and their Americano (RM6.25, inclusive of GST) respectively.

My missus chose the empanadas of cajun chicken (RM6.90, excluding GST)…

N2 empanadas of cajun chicken

…and whatever that was, it certainly was very very small. It appeared to me like something in puff pastry with a little cup of sweet corn by the side…but my missus said it was quite enough for her. My girl did try a bit and both of them were of the general consensus that it was very nice. Hmmmm…if I were to have that, I probably would have to order two! Hehehehehe!!!!

Both my girl and I had their Egg Benedict (RM9.90, excluding GST)…

N2 Egg Benedict

…hers with a special request for their special own-made bacon, grilled…

N2 Egg Benedict with bacon

…and mine, their own-made smoked salmon…

N2 Egg Benedict with smoked salmon

…each for an additional RM3.50, excluding GST.

The bacon was very nice but I thought the salmon came across somewhat like fresh salmon, not quite salty and smoked enough for me but my girl loved it! She has this soft spot for salmon so I just let her have all that was in my plate. Other than those, everything else tasted great too…

N2 Egg Benedict egg

…and the eggs were absolutely perfect, with their runny yolks…

N2 Egg Benedict runny yolk

– exactly the way we would like it!

Well, that certainly helped appease our craving for these western breakfast delights for the time being and yes, we thought it was good – thankfully, considering that we do not have any other choice in our little town. We may go back there again soon…or perhaps, we would drop by for dinner, seeing that they now have a somewhat new dinner menu…or things on it that I did not see those previous times when we were there.

For the uninitiated who do not know where this place is, it is located here (2.293368,111.841816) among the shops to the right of Medan Mall (Jalan Wong King Hua) back to back with this Italian fusion restaurant. I would say that if it is western cuisine that you have in mind, this is a good place to drop by and try.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

19 thoughts on “Only one…”

  1. Are those CHIVES by the window?
    The lighting in that place was great for photos!

    Nope! I think it is just grass, weeds. Lovely green. One reason why I like to go to such places in the daytime – photos will look a lot better in the natural light.

  2. The eggs look so good, I love my yolks runny and the whites firm. πŸ™‚ In your first photo you call the meat sausage…here in Montreal we call them hot dogs. However, we do have sausage but our sausages look different from the ones in your first photo.

    Oh? Hot dogs always give me the idea of these things in between buns but yes, the local term among the non-English speaking folks here is hot dog, not sausages or frankfurters or whatever. Generally, these are all we have – it is just a choice between chicken or beef. Pork ones come in packets, imported, or in cans – Tulip brand (sausages or cocktails) and they are by no means cheap. 😦

  3. The food looked great and appetizing to me. Such pity I did not get to try it. Or if not mistaken it opens for business after I left Sibu.

    Egg Benedict is very tempting. Hmm. Maybe I could try to make it some day. ^^

    Can’t remember exactly when it opened. End of last year, I think when you have moved back to Kuching. No worries, lots of Egg Benedicts all over Kuching, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

  4. Your Eggs Benedict post! Look at those runny yolks – heard a new terminology for those type of photos the other day – yolk porn – hee hee!

    LOL!!! Guilty as charged! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  5. The American breakfast looks simple, I bet you can make nicer ones on your own.. I remembered your scrambled eggs with cheese, super delicious πŸ˜›
    The cajun chicken empanadas is cheap, looks good and cheesy too, I would love to try it.. Ahhh, egg Benedict with salmon, the “in thing” for breakfast now, I’ve seen people posting in FB – poached eggs on top of scones or something, with salmon, fried mushrooms, hash brown, those kinda big breakfast.. Nice..

    Oh? Not really a fan of salmon though – but my girl loves it so will buy and cook our own once in a while. Too expensive outside, RM30-40 or more for a small piece. 😦 I think they use muffins, the bread base for Egg Benedict, not scones…or just bread, if they do not have those. Yup, I would rather make my own American breakfast at home…just that we are not too fond of those easily available sausages/frankfurters found all over the supermarkets everywhere.

  6. The food there suits me…

    Lots in Singapore. These guys at the nicer western restaurants would have worked over there for sometime, some 8-10 years perhaps, before coming back to open their own here.

  7. Gosh! The breakfast sets all look soooo delicious! *mouth watering*

    You can get these at a lot of places over there – even nicer, I’m sure! We just have this one place… 😦

  8. The only time I have a western breakfast is when I’m on a cruise ship or on holiday and the hotel does not provide Asian alternatives. After all these years here, I still prefer the food of my childhood and young days.

    I would say I am in that same boat though I would not mind going for that sometimes for a change.

    My girl loves stuff like these, you know young people these days. As for me, I do think I would rather go for our local stuff especially when considering that for one Egg Benedict, we can have three plates of kampua noodles and still have change to spare.

    I guess it is ok to pamper ourselves sometimes and especially after a dreary week in the jungle, my girl sure deserves that special treat – would take her to enjoy all that she loves when she comes home on weekends.

  9. All looks good and I am aiming for the egg benedict. Runny yolk…slurppppppp!!!!!!

    I know there are some places in Kuching serving this but dunno where exactly and dunno what time they open. Here, the earliest would be 11, mostly noon…only this one, 9.30. I always think Egg Benedict is a breakfast thing so I would not want to order that for lunch…or dinner. 😦

  10. The breakfast looks quite classy. I would have chosen the Egg Benedict too with bacon. Love that runny yolk! πŸ˜€

    Yes, it was good. Would certainly go again if the craving sets in… πŸ˜€

  11. what’s with the spring onions? If tak cukup rasa can sendiri pluck and add in ka? LOL

    Food looks good la. That cup of coffee looks very thick. must be good

    I think it was grass. If spring onions…just like mine lah, sangat kurus and kering…dunno my fertiliser not good for plants, orang aje gemuk. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    Food was good. Coffee was very good too…but the price!!! Heart pain wor… πŸ˜₯

  12. Is the way you capture the picture or what, the egg with runny yolks is so tasty….

    Must be the food and the natural light. My cheap digicam, RM299 at Courts – Hari Raya offer, will take shots of things as they are. πŸ˜‰

  13. What a wonderful breakfast especially after Sunday church! I love the first simple but nice American breakfast !! It looks so good and this is the kind of breakfast I go for. Eh… espresso one cup enough la… can get heart attack if too many cups since its too ‘kao’. Take Americano better, a lighter version of Espresso. hahaha..

    Heart attack from the price, yes. It is exactly the way I like my kopi-o to be but too bad they do not make it as well at the coffee shops around here, not anymore. 😦

    That American breakfast? Can whip out your own at home anytime, easy and a whole lot cheaper too.

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