I want…

My girl saw what my friend and I had for dinner at the Cafe Ind, the Indonesian/Indian restaurant (2.290816,111.829323) here, and of course, when home for the long weekend, she, being a lover of Indian cuisine, wanted that too and needless to say, as always, what she wants, she gets!

She loyally stuck to her all-time favourite, the mutton bryani (RM18.50)…

Cafe Ind mutton bryani

…and she enjoyed it to the max.

For once, the mum did not order anything from the Indonesian menu with a special request for it to be extra spicy and opted for the butter chicken curry with basmati rice (RM17.50)…

Cafe Ind butter chicken curry with rice

…instead. If I am not mistaken, I/we had that before and my girl said it was a lot nicer…

Cafe Ind butter chicken curry

…than the one she had at the Indian restaurant in Wellington, New Zealand – the one there was sweet and not really to her liking.

I, on the other hand, switched to the Indonesian menu this time around and picked the beef rendang with rice (RM16.50)…

Cafe Ind beef rendang with rice

…and it was really very good.

That came with an egg…

Egg by the side

…and some slices of tomato and cucumber by the side and I absolutely loved the peanuts and ikan bilis (anchovies)…

Kacang & ikan bilis

…which was very much nicer than any that I had had any place else – very flavourful, whatever ingredients they used to prepare that, and spicy too – just the way I like it!

The beef rendang

Cafe Ind beef rendang

…was very nice, the beef was tender but it did not taste like rendang as I know it. I am not sure if the Indonesian version is a little different from our Malaysian ones or what but it did not really matter as I sure enjoyed it a lot and personally, I would prefer it a lot more to what my girl and her mum had.

After enjoying our most delightful and scrumptious lunch to the fullest, I wanted to go to the counter to settle the bill but my girl insisted on picking up the tab so I just let her have the pleasure. Wink! Wink! The total came up to RM58.50 but the nice boss collected RM52.00 only from her, waiving the charges for our drinks and also the 50 sen…but I would say that even without these generous gestures, we certainly would be back to enjoy all the delightful stuff that they have on their menu. Everything is that good, believe you me!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

9 thoughts on “I want…”

  1. Me also loves the loved the peanuts and ikan bilis…

    Very nice, what I had here! Not the regular ones that one would get with nasi lemak or something, dunno what extra ingredients they used. I really enjoyed it.

  2. Reading about the bryani and rendang as stimulated my appetite for those. Must go and get some soon.

    I bet you have Indian and Indonesian restaurants there. My girl used to go to those and also the Malaysian ones when she was in Wellington. She did not quite like their butter chicken curry though – said there, it was sweet.

  3. RM58.50 to RM52? that’s very generous!
    I thought usually just rounding off the 50cents or even RM3 if they do not have much small change left.

    Some people are more generous than others and it is this kind of “goodwill” that will keep customers coming back. A common practice among the older shopkeepers, not so when it comes to the younger lot – they would wait for you to fish out that 10 sen from your pocket to pay your bill and they do not mind giving you 90 sen or even RM9.90 in change even – I really get put off by that! Given a choice, I would not bother going back ever again! Tsk! Tsk!

  4. Eh, you have two posts today? Didn’t realize that until after I commented on the latest one. Anyway, all the choices up there look really good. I would have a hard rime choosing but I think the mutton biryani had an edge over the other two for me. It always warms my heart to hear of Melissa giving her parents a treat!

    Actually she wants to pay all the time, when we go out to eat or when we buy things. The mum would let her but not me. I keep telling her to save save save – she still has a long long way to go, still so young…plus with my pension and my other sources of income, I can afford it – will ask from her should I run short and be in need of money, I tell her.

    Yes, two posts today…accidentally. I must have typed the date wrong in the schedule. The rendang was really good, I thought it was much nicer than the mutton masala and the butter chicken curry…but the two were good as well – all in the Indian menu generally very good, the Indonesian one…this is a good choice, must know which to choose.

  5. uiks…how come two posts…confused…
    I think i would stick to the briyani too. Looks yummier

    Salah typed the date…did not know, the same till after already published. 😦 Too late to change so biarkan saja lah!

  6. Never mind, teacher always have to prepare in advance… Good habits!! Not like me, I do homework last minute one…
    The food in this indonesian/indisn shop looks very tasty…

    Very!!! Wanna come??? 😀 😀 😀

    Ya, she takes her work very seriously…and is very careful, will do it slowly, taking a long time. Not like the father, cincai…cincai…ok already lah! Finish everything quick, then can relax and enjoy already! 😀

  7. I saw it from your previous post that the cook there comes from indo right (if im not mistaken)?

    There are two – one from North India in the Indian kitchen and one from Indonesia in the Indonesian kitchen. The ones when this place first opened were not very good so I did not go back for a long time but the ones now are great – worth checking this place out for a taste of either Indonesian or Indian delights.

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