Another time…

I was here not too long ago and in fact, we were there for my brother-in-law’s birthday some time ago. Last week, we dropped by another time and this round, it was for my sister-in-law’s birthday and yes, her daughter was home from Singapore to celebrate the special occasion with her mum and of course, it had to be a cake from Marcus…

Marcus birthday cake

– her favourite!

Yes, there was my brother-in-law’s favourite too, the sweet and sour fish…

Tung Seng Sweet and sour fish

…and this dish of “Vietnamese pork”…

Tung Seng Vietnamese pork

…and this three-in-one…

Tung Seng Three-in-one

– their omelette with salted and century eggs added. The fish was all right, the usual and the pork tasted o.k. too – I did not know what was Vietnamese about it but yes, it did have a certain taste of its own but only slightly and as for the omelette, that was fine too though I was wishing they had added more century egg in it. We also had a fried vegetable dish – what they call the Sabah yeu chai.

My niece and her dad ordered this tong sui dessert…

Tung Seng Ngor bee th'ng

– their “today’s special” and it was huge!!! I did try a little bit and I absolutely loved it! We call it gor bee th’ng (5 flavours soup) or ngor bee th’ng and there was one stall, yes, just one (and it was the one and only tong sui dessert in town at the time and maybe even now), a long long time ago and everyone would crowd there just for this but everything in that area was demolished for the construction of the Sibu Central Market and I do not know if they are still in the business or not. I am not sure what the name means – if it is actually a reference to the number of flavours, I think there were five then in the bowl – there were barley, thin strips of dried winter-melon and persimmon, a bit of one red date and agar-agar (jelly, and it’s always green) but there seemed to be a lot more in this one! I must go back there again soon just for this, all to myself. Hehehehehe!!!!

Another thing that I certainly would want to go back there for would be their coconut prawns…

Tung Seng Coconut prawns

Oooo…it was so good and inside, there were prawns together with the soft and sweet young coconut flesh and I so loved the thick, a bit spicy and santan-rich gravy. That was really good! My niece picked up the tab for the dinner and I asked her how much this was and she said RM38.00.

Let’s see when I can drop by this place again for this and also the dessert…as well as their nice pork with cincaluk dip. Anybody keen on coming along as well?

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

21 thoughts on “Another time…”

  1. Owh, appetising coconut prawns. Just this dish for me….and I know I have to go to Sibu, rite? All others looks good too. Daddy, mummy & daughter bonding time is here again. Have a great weekend.

    Yes, long weekend!!! Best!!!

  2. Butter cake !!! My favourite !!! 😛
    I’m attracted to the icy dessert and that cocout prawns.. Looks at the soup/gravy.. I can drink all!

    So very nice, sure would be going back for more.

  3. I’ve never tried the 3-in-1 omelette, but i had the steamed version before, quite nice.

    I’m the opposite, never tried the steamed one…but I love eggs, in any form! Bet I would love that too!

  4. Wow!! All the dishes are to my flavour!! Coconut prawns especially.. it looks so special with the coconut flesh as toppings… I have eaten once before in Selangor.. but no coconut flesh on top.. just curry prawns in the coconut shell…. these dishes above are really yummylicious!

    No coconut flesh? Potong markah lor… Come on over and try ours – bet you will love it a lot more. I always get suspicious at places where they use coconut shell, no flesh or pineapples looking rather old and dried – I get the feeling that they recycle them, rinse and use again and again. 😦

  5. When i retired, i shift to Sibu, then we can be makan kaki….

    Bring SGD3-400K, instant millionaire!

  6. is the coconut gravy sweet or savory sweet? Looks really good – I don’t mind that prawn dish with heaps of rice either! 🙂

    Savoury with just a slight hint of sweetness, probably from the santan. Great with rice! No need for anything else.

  7. such a big dessert. can finish it all? come throw some over 😛 ..

    I shared with my niece. Just wanted to try, so very nice. Next time I go, I want my own!!!

  8. I had something quite similar to the coconut prawns some years ago. It was really good and my brother and i were joking that we must go back there and order one each hah..hah… But we never went back 😦 That dessert reminds me of ice kacang but from what you described, it is something I’ve not tasted before.

    This one’s big but ok for a family of 3 like us, just have that and rice, enough to go round!

  9. RM38 is cheap la for this meal After all it have prawns leh

    RM38 for that coconut prawn dish lah! Aiyor!!! For the whole meal for so many people, tak lama they tutup kedai lor…

  10. Wow..foods look awesome!! Going to try this place out next time.
    Wow wow on the price too, cheap!!

    RM38 for one dish, cheap? When are you coming back again? Coming school holidays, end of September?

  11. good looking cake! coconut prawns looks like a masterpiece, one of their signature?

    It will be, I’m sure. Did not know they had this dish, first time having…and will certainly go back again for more!

  12. Winter Melon and Persimmon…interesting!

    These Chinese desserts are supposed to be “cooling”, especially good for the body when it is too “heaty”. I think I read somewhere there there are no such things as “hot” or “cold” (which would affect the natural remedies recommended for the treatment of e.g. a cough) in western medicine and healthcare.

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