Still around…

There was talk that the owners of this place…

Zen Japanese fusion, Sibu

…would like to let it go as they had bitten off more than they could chew with their many cafes and lounges, 5 in Sibu and 2 in Kuching and I hear they are eyeing the market in China too, very ambitious guys! However, it seems they are still around so my guess is that there are no takers…and no doubt at this point in time with the economy is such a bad shape and the currency at an all-time low, it would not be all that easy to find someone ready to fork out the dough.

My girl is especially fond of Japanese cuisine so while this place is still open for business, I guess it would be a good idea to drop by a little bit more often as we are not really fond of the others here like this one…or this one, for instance.

Apart from salmon, my girl is very much into unagi (eel) so I ordered their unagi kabayaki, small (RM25.90)…

Zen Unagi Kabayaki

…for her and nothing makes me happier than seeing her enjoy herself especially after a dreary week at her school.

I also ordered their teriyaki chicken (RM12.90)…

Zen terayaki chicken

…to share and that came with a bowl of plain white rice but we did order their garlic rice (RM8.90)…

Zen garlic rice

…to eat with everything else as well.

We loved their pumpkin korokke but this time around, we had the potato (RM5.90)…

Potato korokke

…and it was really very good too.

Other than the aforementioned, my girl asked for the kizami unagi sushi (RM4.90)…

Zen kizami unagi sushi

…and I added their ebi tempura maki (RM8.90)…

Zen ebi tempura maki

…to that.

All the above plus the Japanese green tea for the three of us came up to RM79.40,exclusive of GST and no, I would not say it was not all that expensive but considering that we enjoyed all that we had in the nice, comfortable and classier environment with the friendly and efficient service and the very soft and soothing jazz music playing the background, I would say it was worth it and would surely want to drop by again…before they call it a day.

Author: suituapui

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19 thoughts on “Still around…”

  1. I hope they are able to keep it running, because if they don’t find a buyer they will just close it down, I suppose. It is pretty sad the way the economy is, and it is pretty much worldwide, too. Glad you enjoyed your meal.

    There too? I thought it is only here. Our currency is really the pits, dropping like it is never ever going to stop. Sad times, bad times.

  2. I have such a love for everything pumpkin, I’d probably never even consider the potato. πŸ˜‰

    *whispering* The pumpkin is a lot more expensive, add another 50% or so to the price of the potato…though I wonder why, not that pumpkin costs that much more. The potato was very good though – bits of meat (probably chicken), a sprinkling of peas and sweet corn in it…probably to enhance the taste of the potato. The pumpkin, nothing. Wouldn’t mind the potato again the next time around.

  3. Looks so yummy. I want some too but expensive la, cannot have Japanese food too often.

    Yes, we do not go all that often ourselves, can’t afford it. Same goes to all the more expensive, more upscale places in town. Lots of young people and many young ladies, I notice and I always think to myself – gee, they must be very rich to be able to afford it…all the time!

  4. Unagi is my thing too.

    Once a while indulge in good food is fine. Worth the penny.

    Yes, once in a long while is fine. Gotta pamper ourselves sometimes. We do deserve that, I’m sure. πŸ˜‰

  5. Quite pricey, but I have to say the unagi is the best.. I love unagi in any Japanese restaurants.. They are sweet, sticky, yummzz.. And I won’t miss their garlic fried rice, and potato salad too…

    We did not order their salad this time – very very nice, the way they do it here but we already had the korokke so that would have to wait till the next time perhaps.

  6. Though not into Japanese food but still they look appetising. Would love the potato.

    I am not either but I do like the things they dish out here, and of course, as long as my girl is happy, I am happy too.

  7. It would be a pity if this place changed hands/closed unless of course if the new owner can maintain the good standards. Or else you will have to make do with the other not-so-good restaurants or wait for a good one to come up.

    Yes, that is what I am hoping for as well. Otherwise, we will just have to go without Japanese till another good one comes along.

  8. My wife and I love Japanese food. I love the unagi and also the korokke – and especially how it’s spelt!

    Why? My girl gets quite annoyed that I always call it karaoke… Muahahahaha!!!!!

    1. Because it’s spelt phonetically and makes more sense than “croquette”. I must also try the “karaoke” joke on someone here.

      πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Gets my girl everytime, she will correct me instantly, the teacher in her. πŸ˜›

  9. am not well verse with the Japanese food name . Only know Ramen and “sushi”. Paiseh Paiseh.

    Maybe the owners wont be selling the business leh after you advertise for them. Business will bloom just like the Kampua’s noodles shop

    I don’t think so. I think they are doing all right, but I guess there are only two guys running the show and they cannot handle so many. That is why they are thinking of cutting down a bit and focus on the more profitable ones. I also dunno much about Japanese cuisine, my girl is the one who is very much into it.

  10. i’m also very much into unagi, though it’s difficult to find good ones in KL these days. there are a lot of places that serve not very good chinese unagi, and there’s a bad flavour to it unfortunately…

    I used to like it a lot but these days, I would not go out of my way for it. The one here is ok, I guess – my girl enjoyed it.

  11. I love to eat unagi so much!!! Thanks for recommending this place. Will go and have a try some other day

    Most welcome. You’re from here?

  12. Glad the shop is still around else there will be one less shop for you guys especially your girl for the Japanese fix. The sushi and maki looks good!

    Yes, not fond of the other two in town, including the franchise one – expensive, poor service and not nice. 😦

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