It’s been so very long…

When my girl came home for the weekend on Friday, my Tanjung Malim/Taiping friend insisted on taking us out and treating us to dinner. She was just a baby when he was posted to teach at a school here (Song, in the then-called 7th Division) and we even went on a trip to Kuching together – he still has the photographs to show…and she sure was little then! The last time he was in town, she was away studying in New Zealand so he did not want to miss the chance this time around.

He let her choose the venue and she picked this one…

Bistecca & Bistro, Sibu

…that we go to quite frequently everytime we felt  like having some Italian. Gosh!!! It was packed – it looked like most of the tables had been reserved and there was just this table for two available. Luckily, some people at one table had just left and it was big enough for six (there were 5 of us) so we quickly grabbed that one.

We ordered her favourites – the spinach egg pizza (RM28.00)…

Bistecca & Bistro spinach egg pizza

– once listed as Bracio di Ferro on their menu, with ham and lots of cheese, and everyone loved it…and we had the linguine aglio-olio seafood (RM22.00)…

Bistecca & Bistro, linguine aglio olio seafood

…which was good too. The serving did look kind of small but since we were sharing, there sure was enough to go round.

My friend’s daughter picked the mushroom chicken chop (RM16.00)…

Bistecca & Bistro mushroom chicken chop

…and everyone agreed that it was very nice, a welcome change from the teriyaki one that we used to order in the past – that is very nice too.

The father wanted the fish and chips (RM18.00)…

Bistecca & Bistro fish and chips

…probably in the hope that it would be like those that he loved so well those times when he was in the UK. Unfortunately, I forgot to put in a special request for the parrot fish that we had the last time and liked very much so we got dory instead…and at best, I would say it was nice but I am never all that fond of the texture of the fish. Thank goodness, it was not one of those jelly-like ones with a not-very-pleasant smell that would put me off instantly!

Actually, I was already planning to bring my girl here over the weekend as I saw on their Facebook page that they now have this on their menu – lasagna (RM18.00)…

Bistecca & Bistro lasagna

…and she loves lasagna…a lot! To appease her craving for it, she would go for the seafood ones at that franchise pizza place in town…but of late, the quality had dropped drastically…and it sure did not come cheap – all the seafood they had in it these days were those imitation crab sticks so needless to say,  she would never go back for more ever again. In fact, I had been pestering the guys here to add this to their menu and finally they did and yes, it was very nicely done and my girl sure enjoyed it a lot! We certainly would want to go back for more…soon!

All in all, dinner was great, thanks so very much to my friend for the delightful treat, and so was the company…and sky juice (iced water) was FOC, unlike some places here, but because of the crowd, the noise level at that small place was a little bit high – that is why I would usually drop by for lunch when there would not be so many people plus the natural daylight would enable me to take nicer photographs.

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20 thoughts on “It’s been so very long…”

  1. The food looks great! That was thoughtful of your friend to treat your daughter and family. My daughter loves lasagna. I normally make the stuff shelled and usually make it all, including the shells. It’s a labor of love, but I enjoy the process and the enjoyment that is experienced by my loved ones when they eat that meal. My BF loves my lasagna, so I have a new convert. Hee hee…

    A labour of love indeed. I tried…but failed. My girl did it once and it turned out pretty well. I guess it is easier to just go out and have a slice like that…instead of ending up with one huge baking tray-size piece – that would be quite a task for the two of us (the mum is not into such stuff much) to finish, an overkill.

  2. Food looks great. I love lasagna too. I was a fan of Garfield the fat cat when I was younger and kind of got influenced by its fascination with lasagna. I love anything with cheese so lasagna is easily welcomed any time, any day 😀

    That Garfield is a bad influence. My girl’s favourite. Had to duplicate all the cartoon shows on video tape to play for her to watch again and again. Probably that is where the love for lasagna stems from. 😀

  3. I have been toying with the idea of making a raw vegan lasagna! One of these days I will make the move 🙂

    I really like the window view of this bistro! Very nice!

    I wish I could make my own – tried once but it was disastrous. Would love to try with something different from the regular beef bolognese.

  4. Spinach egg pizza & mushroom chicken chop for me. I always prefer pizza with thin crust. Indeed a delightful dinner with great company.

    A whole lot better than the one I had in Kuching, so hard that my few remaining teeth almost broke! 😀 Loved it the first time, such a disappointment the second round – no quality control whatsoever, will never go back there again.

  5. My hubby used to love the beef lasagna from that franchise pizza outlet but like you said, its quality has dropped.

    First impression of the bracio pizza was broccoli. Hehe. But it was a spinach pizza. Never had that before.

    Your girl has an exquisite taste when it comes to food. Can see she loves Western cuisine. Great selection. And a nice gesture of your friend too.

    Must be because at Chinese restaurants, they line the plate with broccoli for the mushroom abalone dish.

    Ya, the lasagna there used to have very tiny shrimps, tasted all right but not anymore…and I wouldn’t touch those imitation crab sticks – don’t even know what they use to make them, definitely not crab!

    Young people these days. They’d go for Italian, western, Japanese, Indian…not so into our local delights. Times have changed. 😦

  6. Love everything in this post, especially that egg+spinach pizza and chicken chop.. I’m a chicken chop person, give me any gravy – black pepper, mushroom, ranch, me like 🙂

    No black pepper for me, ok with all the rest.

  7. I would like to try the Pizza but not others 😛

    Bet you have very nice ones at some places there, with a real-live Italian chef thrown in for good measure. No need to come all the way for this.

  8. I love everything especially the chicken chop…

    The chefs here worked for a few years in Singapore before they came back. Bet you could find some as nice or even nicer there.

  9. With dim lights, my hp also cannot take nice clear pictures, they will turn out something like these too… but when you mentioned lasagna, it reminded me that I have not taken that for a long while now… Oh, the grilled chicken looks like pork chop… now I am missing the steak I had during my recent vacation! Yummmmsss!

    They have angus here, will set you back by some RM50-60, I think…and there’s wagyu at one other place in town, over RM100. No, thank you…and I am sure you would not want the beef here, not after you have enjoyed those in the US – so fresh, so sweet, so tender and succulent.

    You like lasagna? Bet your girl loves it, not sure if you do. Hehehehehe!!!!

  10. ooo italian, my most favourite cuisine of all. i hope they don’t mind if we bring our own wine here – it’d be nice to have some chilled white wine with that lovely-looking pizza 😀

    They do sell wine here too…but of course, I’m a teetotaler so I would not be having any of that. Dunno if there are corkage charges if you bring your own.

  11. All the dishes look so good! Hey, that reminds me that I have not eaten lasagna for a very long time! In fact I have forgotten about lasagna. How could I? 😀

    My girl loves lasagna, so I guess we can say that it is always on her mind. Rest assured that we will be going back for more of that soon. 😉

  12. the place fully book means food are good there la.

    hmmm….the lasagna is as good as the one you made before ka?

    Of course! Why else would we keep going back there if the food is not good? And at those prices!

    I never made any, my girl did. Very nice also but of course, theirs nicer – they are professional chefs mah!!!

  13. All the dishes are ‘wow’able. haha.

    Yes, all very good…and include some of our favourites – the pizza & the pasta…and now, can add the lasagna to the list.

  14. Imitation crab stick is such a turn off!

    Like the spinach egg pizza idea. Don’t seem to see it on KL eateries’ menu. maybe I have to do it at home…with extra cheese and bacon.

    I cannot stand them – dunno why people like to use those. Dunno what chemicals, all the artificial flavourings & preservatives. 😦

    That would be extra special, extra cheese…and oooo…I love bacon! 😀

  15. The pizza has really stood out. What an atlas of goodies! The rest are great too.

    Now that you’ve mentioned it, it does look like a globe. 😀

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