Have some fun…

This is a Kuching/Sarawak bak kut teh franchise…

Go.Fun Kee bkt Sibu

…with many outlets in Kuching itself and in Bintulu, Miri and as far as China…


…and now, there is one in Sibu…

GFK Sibu 1GFK Sibu 2

I ordered the bak kut teh, dry, for two (RM18.50)…

GFK Bak kut teh, dry 1

…but when I checked the chit from the cash register, I saw that I had been charged RM19.50 instead…

3 meat mix for 2

My guess would be that extra RM1.00 was for the bowl ofΒ yew char koi/yeu tiau (crullers)…

Yew char koi

…that they would give to you with the menu…

Go Fun Kee menu

…as soon as you’re seated.

I liked how they had cut the yew char koi and kept them in the plastic containers…

In plastic containers

…ready to be served. I know one place in town where they even keep their bowls and plates and everything in those and will take them out as and when needed. This little bit of effort sure deserves some appreciation and ought to be emulated by all and sundry…though I did wish they would do the same for their chopped chili and garlic as well…

Chopped chili and garlic

I also ordered their century egg tofu (RM6.80)…

GFK century egg tofu

…and I loved how translucent the egg “white” was. I’ve used this tofu before, available at most supermarkets, if not all, and though it is very fine and smooth, and is very nice, it lacks the fragrance of our regular tofu sold at the wet markets. These remind me of tofu fua minus the sugar syrupΒ but nonetheless, I did enjoy how they did it here.

As for the bak kut teh, dry…

GFK Bak kut teh,dry 2

…I thought it was very nice, nicer than what I had here or here, but I actually prefer the one here with the nice hint of belacan (dried prawn paste) in it…and perhaps, the next time around, I would go for the single orders, one soup and one dry, with four types of meat…

Favourite types of meat

…for a total of RM19.60 which would be a lot cheaper than the one for 4 persons at RM28.50.

All in all, I would say it was a pretty good lunch, totalling RM34.70 for two persons, inclusive of rice (RM1.20 per plate) and drinks and while I was settling the bill at the counter, I noticed that they were also selling their packets of bak kut teh herbs…

Herbs & pastes

…and the instant pastes for meat and fish curry but of course, I did not buy any as I still have a lot at home at this point in time.

And look at what I received yesterday!…

Goodies from Annie

…Mooncakes!!! Yippee!!! Looks like I will get to eat some this year, after all. The prices keep going up and up – even the Foochow mooncake festival biscuits that were selling for RM5.00 last year are going for RM6.50 this year. Tsk! Tsk! Thank you so very very much, Annie! It’s so sweet and thoughtful of you to send me those and also my favourite Marks & Spencer’s All Butter Viennese cookies. You must let me know the next time your mum is going over to KL! I never get the chance to send you anything. Sigh!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

26 thoughts on “Have some fun…”

  1. I like how you can choose the cuts of meat you want from the menu, but it’s a bit unfortunate you can only choose 3 meats.
    I assume you can order more for an extra charge?

    The prices are decent too, the BKT looks good! We haven’t had BKT for a while, think we had it last month. I usually prefer the soup version but the dry ones are good once in a while, especially if you get a bowl of both. Haha.

    I’ve also had that tofu a couple of times, I wonder if it’s made of regular tofu or silken tofu e.g. it really is tau fu fa?

    We cook our own soup version at home and in fact, my missus does that quite often so let’s just say you will not find me craving for it. The dry version is a welcome change. I guess you can order a few bowls of 2, 3 or 4…and pick different types of meat for each so you can have them all…or maybe they will do it for you, put all in one and charge accordingly.

    Maybe I can cook some sugar syrup and have it with the tofu – see if it is anything like tofu fa. πŸ˜€

    1. PS. Clever title too! Have some ‘fun’ πŸ˜‰

      I wonder what the Mandarin character means. “Fun” means rice in the language but it depends on the intonation. Can get quite tricky!

  2. We always order the dry and wet type when we go for bkt.. And we always order the “cham” (mix) type of meat inside, plus innards.. Yummzzz.. The dry one looks so appetizing, I can eat two plates of nasi minyak with that alone.. Ooooo, mooncakes & butter cookies, so sweet of Annie πŸ˜€

    Nasi minyak? At a bak kut teh place? All we got was plain white rice. 😦

    Yes, Annie’s a wonderful friend, always so thoughtful, caring and generous.

  3. I once like to eat century eggs a lot until i read some article that tells…. many stories about the product.

    Moderation is the key. I bet you would not be eating that every day. I can’t even remember the last time I had it before this.

  4. Have not had BKT for quite sometimes, seeing yours, make me wanna go eat…

    Nicer in Klang, I guess – their original…or that is what everyone says. I’ve never gone there to try though, nobody brings me…so far. 😦

  5. Both version of BKT I like but for soupy one, I prefer the broth to be of herbal taste. Some are quite tasteless.Century egg on tofu is to die for. Like I always say, you are the blessed one.

    Indeed, I am, praise the Lord!

    If not herbal, then it is nothing more than tau eyew bak – nothing special. 😦

  6. Oh great. They opened in Sibu. They have improved a lot. Used to be bad when they started but over the years they improved and added more dishes in the menu. I actually prefer their dry version but soup type also not bad. Not so strong herb soup that make me dizzy.

    Maybe it is too heaty for you. These Chinese herbs usually are. Don’t go for those herbal soups too often.

  7. I had BKT yesterday, cooked at home using the ready made spice mix. Enjoyed it to the max LOL! I have not come across the dry one. Must ask when I go out and eat BKT again.

    What brand do you use? My missus always uses A1, dunno what brand exactly though because I notice almost everyone will put A1 on their packets, never mind what – bkt spices, curry paste…everything! 😦

    1. I used A1. It has the work Klang, I suppose because Klang is famous for BKT.

      Don’t think the A1 we usually use has the word Klang – everyone will use A1 on their packets, that’s the problem. Same with the instant curry pastes too.

  8. This reminds me.. been awhile since I cook anything bak kut teh. need to drop by at Giant’s non-halal section to buy the packet i want from spore…
    So nice lah GFK now in Sibu, always loved the place. But in Kuching, I prefer Grandma’s Bakuteh πŸ™‚

    I wonder where that is. Just saw somebody sharing photos on Facebook, having that for lunch today.

    Packet in non-halal section? I think they are not placed there here – together with everything else, all the instant curry paste and what not, same in other supermarkets.

    BKT originally from Klang, Malaysia – why buy the one from Singapore? Going to be very expensive X 3 now. 😦

  9. wah, they’re quite an empire, with so many branches … my personal choice would be a mix of pork liver & belly! πŸ˜€

    I would love the liver too. Newbie at the place, did not know what I had to do so left everything to them. I wouldn’t like those frozen meatballs, for one – the ones with the fish ball texture.

  10. Looks good!! All the food looks great here! I guess that’s why they did so well in the business!

    Prices a little on the high side, I think – may be a little cheaper elsewhere but at least, it is quite nice so I guess it is ok.

  11. I like soupy BKT more than the dry version

    Always thoughtful of Annie ☺

    Yes, she always is.

    I’m your opposite – I prefer the dry version though I do not mind the soupy ones if the dry one is not avaialble.

    Ummmmm….how did you end up in spam? Luckily, I did not click “Delete permanently”. Lots of spam these few days, dunno why – all about how to do well at an interview. Kacau only!

  12. Whenever I eat Bak kut teh, I must have lots and lots of garlic! Yumz!

    They say too much of that gives you cramps. Moderation is the key! I would like to enjoy the taste of what I am eating and do not go for the chili, garlic or whatever unless what I am eating is not nice and I would need to resort to such things to make it more edible. My missus had all the chili and the garlic with some soy sauce added – we are very different.

  13. Sir, you should try the BKT place below the Upstairs Coffee. So far that would be the best dry BKT in town, more towards KL style. Go Fun Kee charge extra RM 2.50 if you ask them to add extra bowl of soup.

    Yes, I’ve tried that and yes, I did mention in the above post that I prefer their dry bak kut teh with a hint of belacan – very much nicer…plus I think it is very much cheaper.
    Nice to see you around here, Daeiman. Have not seen you for a long long time, hope all’s good with you.

  14. I like dried BKT. Most of the time we cooked it at home, I mean the soup BKT. Maybe next time I will send you some that we like and my hubs sell at his stall.

    You are most welcome on the small goodies, hope you like them. Oh ya, that tai thong paper bag from my mum or from someone else? You know my moon cake not from Tai Thong right. πŸ™‚

    Oh? That’s from Tai Thong? Did not even realise that – must be your mum’s bag. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Oh no! Oh no! Please don’t send me more things – shy lah, take, take, take…and never give. 😦

  15. I normally go for bakuteh during rainy season, so now few months already haven’t had any bakuteh.

    Yes, especially the soup ones, steaming hot…not so suitable on hot days like what we’re facing now. And the horrendous haze! Terrible!

  16. BKT taken once awhile is tasty… I don’t take it often because of the herbal smell.. maybe Ipoh ones are like that… the herbal taste is quite strong.. I tried one stall in JB, the soup is clear and the smell is not that strong, I like it… Well, at least they have containers to keep the food stuff.. some are exposed in some shops….

    I thought you love those herbal soups and all? I am ok with the herbal smell though not really a fan, not really my favourite but once in a while is fine by me. Something different for a change sometimes.

    Yes, I do appreciate any little effort people make to keep the food clean and safe – not like at some shops and (roadside) stalls where they just leave the food all exposed…with all the flies hovering over it! Disgusting!!!

  17. In the first photo – what type of vehicle is that? Make/Model??? Just curious!

    The black one? That is a Malaysian car, one of those small things – if I am not mistaken, it’s the Perodua Kenari. The white one is one of those huge van-like things – not sure what make this is but there is a Malaysian one too – the Proton Exora.

  18. I am heading it for BKT tonight because this post made me crave BKT. Will have to settle for the soupy ones unless we drive up to Klang.

    Oh? They do not have dry ones in KL. I heard they have and they’re very nice…but I don’t know where exactly. People will just say they have had nicer in KL but they never tell where. 😦

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