Less and less…

I went back to this place in town in an effort to find something that is really worth going back for after my futile attempts here and also here. There were still a lot of people but no, it was not as crowded as on my previous visits. A friend commented that many had gone to try and they did not bother to go back again as they were disappointed with what they had and that was why the people there seemed to be getting less and less.

Well, this time around, I tried the Sarawak laksa (RM4.00)…

Bateras Sarawak laksa 1

…but it was very mild, kind of watered-down even though I could still detect the laksa taste and it was good, something like the real thing and with the sambal belacan and a squeeze of the calamansi lime…

Belacan and lime

…I would say it was pretty ok.

To be fair, it was only RM4.00 compared to RM5.00 or RM6.00 or more elsewhere. These days, even a plate of Foochow fried noodles will set you back by RM4.00 and more often than not, one could hardly find any trace of ingredients buried in the noodles. At least, in this case, you would get a few prawns…

Bateras Sarawak laksa 2

…and also a bit of the thinly-fried and sliced egg and shredded chicken and bean sprouts.

My missus had the lor mee (RM4.00)…

Bateras lor mee

…but she did not like it. I must say that it did look good – the broth had the right thickness and consistency but when it came down to the taste, it failed big time! It was salty and tasted of nothing much else other than soy sauce whereas lor mee, from the word phak lor, should have a hint of the five spice powder as in lor bak, the stewed meat dish or the meat roll or ngor hiang as it is called here. I did try it once here when they were at the former place and I thought it was all right and I told my missus that but she insisted on having it…and should we drop by again, you can be sure that is one thing she will never order again.

I also bought this steamed kueh (RM1.00)…

Steamed kueh

…wrapped in banana leaf from another stall to try. The lady did tell me what it was but I could not really catch what she said. From the colour, I guess the sticky exterior was probably made from sweet potato, something like the skin of the angkoo kueh, and inside, they had black/red bean paste…

Tau sar

It was quite nice but I prefer angkoo as I like the mung bean filling a whole lot more than this.

The fried or koi/steamed yam cake (50 sen a slice)…

Or koi

…was good with a lot of yam in it unlike the wobbly all-flour ones that are sold at some places but I could not detect any hay bee (dried prawns) in it. I guess with the price of the much coveted stuff these days, it is no longer feasible to add any at all. Sigh!!!

The steamed chai koi (70 sen each)…

Chai koi

…tasted great though the skin could have been much smoother, thinner, more chewy and more translucent and I would not mind a bit more filling for say, RM1.00 each. Generally, we can’t get very nice ones around here, anyway, so beggars can’t be choosers. Take it or leave it.

This is our third visit to this place – still a number of stalls that we have not tried…but it sure does not look like we’ll find anything that will get us running back for more. As it stands at this point in time, it is just some place that we may stop by for something because of the convenient location and the free and quite easily available parking, that’s all.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

13 thoughts on “Less and less…”

  1. RM4 laksa. Hard to find in Kuching now. Small RM5. Special RM6 and above.

    Yes, I saw the special in your post, looks regular to me. The small must be very small. That is why for RM4.00, I really can’t complain. Quite good, not too bad.

  2. Noticed the notice above this comment box.. ” ALL ANONYMOUS COMMENTS AND THOSE WITH DUBIOUS NAMES, LINKS AND EMAIL ADDRESSES SHALL BE PROMPTLY DELETED” , i wonder what prompted this bold, capital letter words.. hehe

    I’m not too much into kueh nowadays, been avoiding carbohydrates, as I am trying to get healthy again. 😀

    That’s the problem with WordPress. I did not use big case, just normal typing but when I saved it, it came out all in capital letters…by itself.

    No, no problem at all…or not at this point in time but there are people dropping by for whatever reason – ask for this info or that info, addresses, directions to certain places, how to get in touch with someone, use my photo or poem or whatever and yes, I am all right with all that – will certainly want to help if I can but I do thing it is sheer courtesy to use their real names…or if they are not comfortable with that appearing online, then do give a genuine link or email address. I am doing them a favour, not getting anything in return…so at least, they owe me that!

    You’re not healthy? Oh dear! Gotta cut down on the drinking, to start off with – turn down all those kaki botol events, leave them to the party animals. Your wife and boys would appreciate that, I’m sure.

  3. That bowl of laksa with 3 prawns looks decent. You can hardly find RM4 for a bowl of laksa over in Kuching & few places people praising to the skies are over rated. All in all, I still prefer the chai koi.

    Yes, it’s actually quite good, just a bit on the milder side – I like my broth a little stronger…and spicier!

  4. The shrimp in your first photo looks delicious! 🙂

    Small, inexpensive and just as nice. The large ones can burn a hole in one’s pocket!

  5. it’d be pretty much impossible to find a RM4 sarawak laksa in KL, i think! 🙂

    I guess so, higher overheads, labour cost, standard of living and they need to transport the pastes from here.

  6. I love the Sarawak laksa…

    You’ve tried? Where? You never came over so not sure if what you had was anything like the real thing.

  7. Too bad the food was not really all that great. I guess you will only come by again only if you happen to be passing by.

    Yup. It is convenient for me as it is on our way back home from my parents’ place…so we may stop for a bite, not that it will be anything you would be looking forward to. 😦

  8. Too bad your wife didn’t like the loh mee – it looks really good, like the place opposite the old Ngiu Kee in town. That used to be my favorite but alas, that shop is no more.

    Looks can be deceiving. I tried a bit – it was no good. Used to like the one behind Sibu Polyclinic, dunno if it is still there. Have not dropped by for a long while.

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