So hot…

This was sometime ago when the weather here was so unbearably hot and that was why we went out and bought these…

Ice cream

…for a little bit of welcome relief!

From the comments I saw on Facebook, it seemed that many were in favour of the classic and there were a few in that box of minis with the new honeycomb crunch…

Classic & honeycomb crunch

I tried the latter…

Honeycomb crunch 1

…and thought it was all right though I can’t say I was all that fond of the hard bits of “honeycomb” in the chocolate coating…

Honeycomb crunch 2

I was o.k. with the classic too and as for the Gold…

Magnum gold

I loved the ice cream and the seasalt caramel sauce inside – it reminded me of their Romero that I used to buy for my girl when she was little and we sure loved that very much. Unfortunately, for some reason or other, they saw it fitting to discontinue that line of their ice cream products. I was not as fond of this one though because the golden chocolate outside was way too sweet for my liking. Incidentally, I wonder if anyone can explain the question and exclamation marks after the word “gold” on the box? And just look at the ice cream melting even though I only took a little while to snap the photograph – that would give you an idea as to how hot it was at the time.

I still think their chocolate strawberry that I bought earlier in the year was really good, my favourite but somehow or other, I do not seem to see it in the supermarkets anymore either lately. Don’t tell me they have decided not to come out with that as well. Tsk! Tsk!

And talking about what’s available at the supermarkets, I got these…

Chef Ricky instant pastes

…from my cousin in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah via courier service, thank you so very much to him for going through all that trouble. I understand the chef in question, Chef Ricky, is a celebrity in his own right with a string of recipe books to his name but at this point in time, one can’t buy his instant pastes off the shelves at the supermarkets in East Malaysia yet.

My missus wasted no time and grabbed the middle pack to cook chicken curry…

Chef Ricky chicken curry 1

…and yes, it was very very nice, just like the curry we used to cook when we did it from scratch but she said it was so hot, very very spicy so she added more water. That was why it looked rather watery, not the usual thick, rich and creamy gravy that we would have in our curry these days when using one of the other instant pastes. I guess she also added some chopped onion, serai (lemon grass) and curry leaves as usual – she would do that all the time whenever cooking using these pastes and she also added some potatoes and brinjal as well. She cooked one kuali full and we had that for lunch before we sent our girl and her housemate/colleague back to their school and we had some more for dinner…and at the end of the day, this was all that was left…

Chef Ricky's chicken curry 2

Just about shows how good it was, eh?

As for the other two, you will have to wait till we’ve used them to cook something. Stick around!!!

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Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

23 thoughts on “So hot…”

  1. It has been a while since I last had Magnum ice-cream. I don’t like to purchase these ice-creams coz by the time we reach home all melted (as we don’t usually go straight home after shopping, we’ll go for dinner first and all). So the only time we can indulge in all these is to walk-in and dine such as Haagen-Daz, BR or Magnum cafe but too lazy to do that now. That is why u see me making popsicles at home 😦

    HD and BR are too expensive – I would not consider them value for money, would rather go and eat something else. I guess anything at that Magnum place doesn’t come cheap either. You do not have these at the neighbourhood shops on the way home – can pick them up easily along the way. We have, though it may not be the brand we want…or they do not have our favourites. 😦

  2. Magnum! i still remember when i was young, this ice-cream was like premium icecream. i never have the buying power to buy them. i always go for the cheaper ones like solero or conneto. those below RM3. But now i love sneakers icecream πŸ™‚

    I think they’re all different varieties from Walls. I never liked Cornetto. Is Solero the green popsicle type with a little bit of vanilla ice cream in the middle? Our favourite was Romero and my girl enjoyed Paddle-pop too, the rainbow one. Never heard of Sneakers, none here, I guess.

  3. I have not yet tasted the Gold Magnum.

    Your curry chicken looked so yummy. I love the look of it. 1 bowl for me please?! ^^

    Very sweet, the gold outside. Yes, I enjoyed the curry but can’t get that brand here. Will try Dollee one of these days.

    1. Not my kind. I do not fancy caramel in my ice cream but I do not mind caramel in chocolate like those in Snickers. Hehe.

      Eyewwww!!! Not into those bars, so sweet!

  4. Am loving it, I mean the curry lah. Looks so good. Any better than A1 Mountain Globe paste? There are so many brands on the shelves but am not so adventurous to try them. Old habits die hard.

    Different, I think. I like this one but my missus is like you – she thinks A1 is nicer, old habits die hard indeed. Yet to try the Dollee one – the Ikan and Mak Nyonya ones are at best, just all right…not as nice, in my opinion.

  5. I had Magnum too few days go, RM4.50.. The one I had – new flavour – caramel something.. White in colour, nice.. So-called “limited edition”, so more expensive.. The classic ones, RM4.00.. Hmmmm 😦

    Caramel? Not sure if I had that, white colour = white chocolate?

  6. I love the chicken curry, looks better than those selling outside…

    Of course!!! That goes without saying… πŸ˜‰

  7. Magnum’s are too sweet to my liking, especially the gold color ones

    Yes, I’ve heard complaints about that gold one being way too sweet and I certainly would agree.

  8. wah memang very hot wor….as you snapping photo, the ice cream melting already. . The yummy curry will goes well with rice and roti

    Yes, one advantage if it is not so dry – can banjir the rice…and eat with bread. Love that too!!!

    Weather was all right for a while…but now it’s getting hot again and the haze seems to be coming our way! 😦

  9. haha, there are a couple of boxes of these mini Magnums in my freezer right now. I am under instruction not to eat them as they are for the grandkids.

    Muahahahahahaha!!! Poor us, so very deprived ever since our younger days.

  10. i dont really fancy ice cream. but once in a while i would love to have some. I prefer the one in the cup usually. Ais krim gula apong they called. or anything. in a cup. lol. and the curry looks tempting~

    Curry was good, sure would buy this brand, the instant paste, if it is available in the shops. Ais krim gula apong – heard so much about it – long queues for that in Kuching. I went to the one at Open Air but it was not open – opens at 4.30 in the evening. I did not know of the one at Kapit Hotel in Padungan then – I guess it will have to wait till my next trip.

    Hi! Your first time here, I see. A warm welcome to you and thanks for dropping by and commenting. Do come again!

    1. open air ice cream quite long exist already, if Im not mistaken since i was in primary school. the one in Padungan near Kapit Hotel is quite new. I myself haven’t even try there. Last time I went there and have to wait almost 2 hours then i cancel my order. Where you from again? sorry haha as u know i’m new here hence the question. Thanks for the warm welcome. Drop by mine too =)

      Open air? So long already? I know Sunny Hill goes all the way back to the 70’s. This gula apong one quite recent – saw people sharing photos of the long queue on Facebook…and only recently, I saw the one at Padungan. Dunno how nice it is – seeing people so crazy over it, I really wonder.

      I’m in Sibu – I guess you’re in Miri, right? Yup, I hopped over…saw your giant crab, some people have all the luck in the world! πŸ˜€

  11. Oooo….haven’t had Magnum for a while now! I always love curries with addition of vegetable. Makes it more wholesome and the vegetable become very tasty too.

    We will add potatoes, never miss that but that day, we had some brinjal in the fridge…bought in Selangau on the way to my girl’s school, RM2 for around 10, not too big ones!

  12. I would love to have one now! Ice cream is always in my food list… as desserts! The other day I bought the New Zealand brand.. but too milky for my liking.. I still prefer the BR, HD or Magnum! Yummsssss

    Kapiti, you mean? I had that in Auckland, very very nice. Maybe you did not try the right flavour. I would say, HD is way too milky…and it melts so very fast. Bought the little cups, over RM10 each…and it melted so fast, in the end, I was like drinking a cup of milk. Have not had BR for a long time now – cannot afford, poor old pensioner. 😦

  13. I would love brinjal and potato in my curry chicken, the curry chicken looks so appetizing

    It was. I wonder if this paste is available in Singapore or not. Truly worth a try.

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