Settle for less…

That night when we went to the Borneo Cultural Festival at the town square, I had to park my car behind this building…


…and walk all the way there. Yes, that’s the supermarket but the lights seemed to have gone out partially so you only get to see one word but not the next one.

A long time ago, a friend of mine did tell me about the burger stall..

Kpg Datu burger stall

…here, praising it and their own homemade patties to the skies and if I remember correctly, I did drop by once or twice but failed to grab hold of any to try for the simple reason that it was not open. Perhaps I was too early – I do not bother to venture out at night much and when I do, it would be to go for dinner by the end of which I would be too full to stop by here for the burgers.

This is the missus…


– I think the hubby, Zainal…


…said that her name is Baby or something like that. I could not really remember him but he could recognise me when he saw me. He used to run a stall here and here…and yes, I did enjoy what was served at those places very much. However, he told me that they no longer run those stalls there as in the case of the first one, the place had been taken over by somebody else whereas the latter had closed down already.

The beef burger is RM5.00 each, RM6.00 with an egg and RM9.00 for their double beef and RM10.00 for the double plus an egg. I would not settle for less and went for the double beef special (RM12.00) to see what that was like. These were their homemade patties…

Homemade beef patties

…and to start off, in between the toasted bun, they had lettuce, tomato slices, fried onions and ketchup…

Burger step 1

Yes! Yes! I could not refrain from pointing out that they should not be using those polystyrene containers and the guy said that he also had plastic that he could use instead though to me, that would be something like getting caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. I hinted that they could just use paper instead – that would come in handy, wrapped around the burger while eating it so one would not get one’s hands dirty and it would be good to use the oiled or waxed or whatever brown ones that some use to tapao their nasi kerabu or nasi minyak or whatever nasi at their stalls. That type would be able to withstand the wet sauces from the burger or whatever else much better than ordinary paper.

Anyway, back to the making of the burger, they added a slice of cheddar cheese, a bit of black pepper sauce and what looked like mayonnaise…

Burger step 2

…except that it wasn’t. The guy told me that it was “Cheesey”.

Then came the egg and brown sauce/gravy…

Burger step 3

– lots of it, followed by the two beef patties and even a sausage. It certainly was a tight squeeze trying to close that thing as there was so much piled up in the burger.

They were out of lamb that night or I would have loved to buy one as well to try. I did not want the chicken but they told me that they do not use patties for that – instead they will use the meat, obviously well-marinated…


…and cook it in the ring on the hot plate to come out with a circular piece to go in between the bun.

I did not eat mine on the spot and only had it when I got home that night, sharing with everybody else in the house. The girls loved it – I guess they are more into such things than old fogies like me but yes, I did think the patties were very nice indeed though I did not like the bun they used – either the ones from that particular bakery were not all that great, sort of mushy or it got that way from all the squeezing in the process of getting everything into the box. Other than that, I thought there was too much sauce, four altogether, if I counted correctly and I can’t say it was a winning combination. I would prefer just one or to the most, two but maybe there are people who like it that way, I wouldn’t know.

For your information, you can pre-order their foot-wide giant burger (RM25.00) a day ahead (as they need to pre-order the bun for their use) should you be thus inclined. As for me, I probably would stop by again should I be passing by or in the vicinity again for the lamb…and seeing that they do it quite differently, maybe I should try the chicken as well.

Author: suituapui

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11 thoughts on “Settle for less…”

  1. That burger sure is stacked with some tasty items. Wish they wouldn’t use styrofoam though. That stuff takes 100s of years to decompose and I haven’t seen anywhere in Malaysia that recycles it.

    Its use is banned by the municipal council here actually and I am glad to say that I have not seen it being used anywhere else in the town for a long time now – that is why I could not refrain from pointing it out to the guy. I do hope he will switch to something more biodegradable. I hear they have imposed a similar ban in Malacca now – hope all the other towns and cities will follow suit.

  2. Very good of your council to ban styrofoam. And the burger looks very good. Probably would have been better eaten on the spot, as otherwise sauces would make buns soggy.

    Very good move indeed, a pat on the back! Too bad that apart from here and Malacca, I have not heard of other town or city councils doing the same. We also have no plastic bag day on Mondays and some on Mondays and Saturdays. Would be good to ban that altogether – in the 90’s when I was in the UK, you would have to buy if you wanted one, 10 p…and in Auckland, no plastic bags but you can buy one of those recycled bags if you do not bring your own. I am sure after some time, people will pick up the habit of bringing along their own shopping bags…like my mum and her basket when she went marketing those days when I was small and people wrapped everything in old newspapers.

    Yes, it probably would be good to eat it there. Don’t think there were seats around the stall though so one would just have to stand around to do that – very messy with all the sauces…and all the more reason to use paper instead of those styrofoam containers..

  3. My favourite place for burgers here in Montreal is Harvey’s, because they charcoal broil them and they are delicious, plump and juicy! 🙂 Their motto is “Harvey’s makes a hamburger a beautiful thing!” They sure do!

    Yet to see any place that does that here, using charcoal – sure would be a hit, I’m sure. I know they use those black charcoal buns at a number of places though – can’t say I am all that keen especially when they may charge more just for that. Do they still use those styrofoam conatiners there? McD used to a long long time ago, I remember having their Big Mac in one of those in the 90’s, but they have stopped doing that for a long time now.

  4. Not really into burger but once in awhile I will eat.So far, over here haven’t seen any burger stall using styrofaom for packing, mostly using waxed paper. Like you say, come in handy & eat without getting one’s hand dirty.

    My point exactly! Like my favourite – the fish sandwich at Sugar Bun. They use the long hot dog bun and they put it in a long paper bag – so convenient when eating, just push it out a bit at a time and at the end of it all, the hands are still absolutely clean, none of the creamy coleslaw inside on the fingers, no mess whatsoever. That sure is one big consideration in favour of wrapping the burgers in paper instead of using those not-environment-friendly styrofoam containers.

  5. I don’t quite like my burgers drenched with too many types of sauces. Tends to overshadow the natural meaty-flavor of the patty.

    I don’t eat anything with sauces – only when they are bland and do not taste really great. Can’t understand some people drowning everything with soy or chili sauce.

  6. The burger must be very “full house”… double beef patties, cheese, egg… wow! But to be shared around will make it more tasty….

    We were all very full after dinner – just wanted to try and see if it was good. The patty was great but I did not like the bun and will know next time, must ask them to cut down on the sauces, just one will do and not so much.

  7. Gosh, the burger looks good! I haven’t had a burger for so long. Maybe I should make my own one of these days.

    A bit too much of everything. Sometimes it is better not to overdo it, settle for less.

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