Do what you did…

For some reason or other, I kept seeing friends’ photographs on Facebook showing their baked garlic cheese prawns, not one but at least two or more…so I decided that I would do what they did and try to come out with the same. My girl was coming home for the weekend last Friday so I thought that would be a good time to do it.

I still had some of the batch that I bought to cook my tuak-intoxicated prawns for our family dinner a while ago so I took those and added finely-chopped garlic, grated cheese, a bit of butter, curry leaves and salt and pepper according to taste…

Garlic cheese prawns 1

…and put that in the Β oven to bake.

All I could find in the fridge was half a block of Edam cheese that my girl bought and used to cook something a long time ago and even though it did seem to lack the fragrance and taste, I did not have much choice other than to use that. After around half an hour, it was done…

Garlic butter prawns 2

…but when I tasted it, it was very strong on the garlic and had no hint whatsoever that there was any cheese in it. The sauce, however, was really very very sweet with all the juices from the prawns. Ah well!!! It did taste pretty good so I guess that would be all that mattered.

My missus mentioned to me that my girl loved her sotong (squid) cooked with her own homemade kim chi but I had used up all that was left in the freezer. So that morning, we headed to the market to buy more of that and she cooked this…

Kim chi sotong

…for our dinner that night alongside the prawns that I had come out with.

In the meantime, I also bought some more prawns and used a few for the vegetable dish – leek fried with prawns and egg…

Fried leek with prawns and egg 1

I burnt it a bit…

Fried leek with prawns and egg

…but thankfully, it was still all right – my girl said it was nicer with the added fragrance. Phewwwww!!!!

Good grief!!! It’s Friday again today and my girl would be back for the weekend. How time flies!!! Now, what shall I cook for her today?…

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19 thoughts on “Do what you did…”

  1. Sotong with kimchi looks so good. I wonder how that tastes like. So you have wok hei vegetable eh? Haha.

    That’s what the kway teow man said to me when I said I wanted it extra fragrant, he said to just cook it till chow-ta (burnt)! Tsk! Tsk!

  2. your daughter is a fortunate girl indeed, to have a dad who loves her dearly and can cook so well! i like everything you made here — the big prawns and squid look so appetising πŸ˜€

    They say a child brought up with love grows to love too, or something like that. πŸ˜‰ Yes, all good that day. Hmmm…I wonder what will be on the menu today.

  3. I have never tried any of these dishes but (except the squid) they look very good! πŸ™‚

    LOL!!! The squid with the kim chi looked kind of messy eh? That’s Korean kim chi for you! Not my favourite but I don’t mind it when used to cook meat or seafood. Quite nice.

  4. I really didn’t think that shrimp can be baked|? and you made it a little toasted? aw, genius!

    Just pop it in the oven – fish, meat… For one thing, no oil added so that would make it a lot healthier. Baked crabs are very nice too…but I cannot afford to eat that these days. So expensive. 😦

  5. Leek fried with prawn & egg looks appetising to me. Leek itself has its very fragrant smell. Btw, did you peel off the prawn skin for your daughter? Guess you did.

    No, I cut the shell along the back to remove the black vein…so it was easy to get it out of the shell. Otherwise, the doting mum would do it. Hehehehehe!!!!

  6. When I read your first sentence, I think of Meow already.. I remember her cheesy garlic baked prawns.. Can’t go wrong with cheesy baked anything – fish, rice, chicken casserole.. Yummzzz..

    Oh? Never tried with the rest. Maybe I can do that one of these days. Love to bake stuff like this – so easy…and not messy, no splutter splutter!

  7. You are such a good cook… Must must learn from you…

    Aiyor!!! My simple, easy peasy anything goes style of cooking – anybody can do the same one, nothing to learn.

  8. Look at my facebook is it? MuhahahahaI used parmesan and mozzarella cheese .. baru la ada umph….Dry the prawns properly before put into the oven.

    You were one of them. Parmesan and mozzarella, very expensive lah. I cooked something like this in 2009 – used cheddar plus evaporated milk some more:
    and it was very nice! Maybe I will try other recipes next time, butter scotch…a la Ruby’s maybe, try baking and see if it will be nice or not.

  9. Followed your recipe of stir fry prawns with curry leaves. Huge hit! Yummy n easy n will cook again.

    Can’t go wrong with prawns – sure will turn out nice.

  10. Your prawns look pretty good! If the cheese taste and smell is not strong, then I will eat them because I can’t tolerate strong cheese. The prawn, egg and leek dish must be good. I love leeks and I also like the “burnt” taste πŸ˜€

    Yes, very good. I’ve cooked the same with Chinese sausage instead of the prawns – also very nice. Oh? You do not like a strong cheese smell – can join forces with my missus now, she is not really into it either – but my girl would enjoy it very much, anything with cheese, lots of it!

  11. u nvr hint hint enuf for your overseas fren to send u some good cheese! baked open in oven, not covered with the foil…

    KL, PJ, Shah Alam also got a lot, can buy easily in the supermarts, anytime. Hint hint hint X 2.6 billion times. πŸ˜€

    Did not cover leh, where got cover? Just used to lapis my old non-stick pan, handle pun sudah jatuh one, coating left half only – but very useful for baking and roasting stuff…and can serve straight to the table like that, nice!

  12. Gosh! I love this post! Prawns and squids. My favourites!!!

    Happy weekend.

    It was our no-meat Friday. It’s fish today. You too, have a great weekend, everybody!

  13. I suggest that you cook a Filipino dish. Adobo perhaps?

    Description sounds like black vinegar pork (leg). I love that but we do not usually cook it – may eat it once in a while outside like here, for instance:
    One place here has very good crispy pata too – they call it Philippine pork leg…and yes, I did try cooking a Filipino dish once:
    Ok, the ball is in your court now. How about you cooking a Malaysian dish?

  14. I’ve got some chicken and cheddar cheese.
    Will they go together instead of prawns?
    I’m so lazy to cook these days. I steam my chicken with some ginger and salt.
    Very simple yet so yummy πŸ™‚

    My missus used to cook baked chicken wings with cheese, very nice but I do not know the complete recipe. Vaguely remember there was cereal (Nestum) too or maybe that was another recipe, not sure. πŸ˜› Add white wine or brandy to your steamed ginger chicken – would bring it to a whole new level. We do that too but of course, with our traditional Foochoa red wine. Nice!

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