Little boy…

I was at their wedding in September, 2013 and they had a son, Kingsley, a year later. Of course, I was delighted when Jimmy and Juliet invited me to the little boy’s 1st birthday party…

Kingsley's birthday cake


No, they did not enlist the help of an event planner and did most everything themselves…

Birthday decor

…right down to the labels on the bottles of water…

Bottle label

…and everything. Gosh!

I cannot remember having many birthday parties when I was a kid. I know I had one once as I remember seeing a photograph somewhere of me cutting the birthday cake and my great-grandma standing beside me. Then, there was another one much later when I was in upper primary school but I don’t recall much of it either other than the fact that some of my classmates from school were there. One that I remember only too well was in 1972 when I was 20 – there was a cake, food and after that, we had dancing! But no, we did not bother very much about the decor and all that. I’ve seen in some blogs or elsewhere those birthday parties where they recruited some people to organise the whole thing and they even set up a playground in the garden for the children to play! Kids really have it so good these days, not like during my time.

There was the singing of the birthday song, of course…

Happy birthday

…and the blowing out of the candle and the cutting of the cake, followed by dinner…

Buffet 1

I didn’t take photographs of everything in the buffet spread, of course…

Buffet 2

– just these two.

It sure was nice to be invited to share the joy of this very happy occasion with them and their family and friends that night and upon leaving, I was given one of these door gifts…

Door gifts

…that they had prepared. Inside…

Door gift

…were one lovely cupcake, some sweets and an egg, coloured red in line with the age-old Chinese tradition.

Well, if anyone is curious as to what I gave little Kingsley, I got him this Korean-made patchwork quilt

Birthday present
*Juliet’s photo on Facebook*

I thought of getting him the Bob the Builder one but he might not be into that cartoon character so much (plus I did not think it was all that nice) and there was one very pretty one but I thought that would be more appropriate for girls so that was why in the end, I got him this one that my girl liked and I would agree that it was quite a good choice too. What do you all think?

Thank you once again, Jimmy and Juliet, for the invitation – now, I’m looking forward to the next one! Wink! Wink! Hehehehehehe!!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

20 thoughts on “Little boy…”

  1. They are very creative, making the things themselves. This post made me smile. Yes… I would have done the same thing. Part of the fun organizing, is creating… well at least for me that’s all part of the fun. It’s a great time to laugh, joke while being creative.

    That quilt was the perfect choice and since it was not a cartoon character, I’m sure he’ll be able to enjoy it for quite some time. An acquaintance is due this December. I’m going to make her an embroidered quilt. I still have not decided on the theme. I’m waiting to see what they are having.

    There are people making them quilts here too, very very nice ones but I hear one big one, adult size, will be selling for over a thousand ringgit, at least. Painstaking process – they do take a long time to make one.

    Yes, I am sure part of the fun is in the organising of such parties. For me, it’s the cooking of the food for the buffet spread…and seeing people enjoy what I dish out. πŸ˜‰

  2. Nowadays parents really give their children big big birthday party too. So thoughtful of the parents to invite you and you gave a good useful gift to the baby.

    Indeed. Yes, I am usually very practical when buying gifts – something useful and can be used for a long time. Who knows this may become the little boy’s bantal busuk – will get stuck to it till way past puberty. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  3. Pocoyo!!! Cute boy. Some people said Jay behaves like Pocoyo. Lol. Maybe influenced by the cartoon when he was younger.

    A very well organised birthday party. I am impressed. Your friends are really resourceful.

    I also did not attend many birthday parties when I were kids. Actually only been to one but as a teenager. Birthday parties not so common those days. More of private and family affair. Now kids are so lucky. Want do parties like this and do here. Lol.

    LOL!!! Pocoyo must be very cute then. Gee!!! I don’t know there is such a cartoon even – so ketinggalan!

    I think we had one big one for my girl when she was small but mostly family members, I think. Other times, we just had cake and presents…or go out some place to eat. Now, she would not hear of having a party even though every year, I would ask her if she would want to hold one. Times have changed! These days, you do not organise a birthday party and invite your friends – you just sit and wait for them to hold one and invite you to it. 😦

  4. Wow, what a creative bunch to do it all themselves. Happy birthday Kingsley!

    Thank you. Yes, they did it very well despite going at it on their own. I would just focus on the food… Hehehehehe!!!!

  5. Ooooo, Pocoyo theme! Nice.. My boys also like Pocoyo.. Wow, look at the birthday party, never had anything like that in my life before.. I only had a butter cake with butter cream and maybe some KFC only.. Kids are so lucky nowadays πŸ™‚

    According to the father, that’s the boy’s favourite. Me so goondu, dunno what cartoon character that is! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Maybe you had but you do not remember.

  6. Kids of today are so lucky compare to our time. As far as I can remember, I only have 2 red hard boiled eggs for my birthday when I was a kid. Nice door gifts & patchwork quilt.

    We were all born in the wrong time. I would definitely have mee sua in traditional Foochow red wine chicken soup though…without fail, together with the eggs.

  7. How much their parents love their baby simply by looking at all of the decors. I always like birthday party, mostly because of the spread! HAHA

    The food was so-so, can’t say it was all that nice – not really fond of what they serve at this place…but the venue was great for such parties – private, upstairs.

  8. good choice on the korean quilt. From the party theme looks like he is not an fan of Bob the Builder yet. His favourite must be Pocoyo.

    Yes, that was what his father said and I did not know what on earth Pocoyo was. 😦

  9. Nicely decorated, love that balloon sculpture

    RM300. Can take home after the party but they cannot take to KL where they are based. Would probably have to buy an extra air ticket for it. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  10. Gosh kids these days really have it good, eh? I remember my birthday parties were at KFC or McDonald’s and that was considered very fancy! LOL! I guess now if we have a birthday party in a fast food restaurant, it might be frowned upon by some parents (not me)!

    You’re lucky. At least you had KFC or McD! I remember a nephew of mine had at McD when he was little and he got so scared when McBurglar appeared…or was it my girl – she went to the party. That sure spoilt everything. πŸ˜€

  11. Nowadays i give angbao, as find headache as what to buy…

    I think I was the only one who gave a present, everyone else gave ang pao. Ok for older people, I guess but kids love presents! They would enjoy opening them one by one. The mum said that as soon as he took out the quilt, he lay down on it. I guess he liked it!

  12. The door gift was a very nice touch indeed. I have one handmade patchwork quilt given to me by a relative which I treasure (and use) to this day. You know those really old-fashioned types where they’re cut into hexagon shapes and hemmed together with a sewing machine.

    Those are a painstaking task. They have to make the little hexagons one by one first, using cardboard for the shape and subsequently remove it from inside…and then sew all the hexagons together. My late aunt’s helper used to make those – really mice, authentically traditional. My mum used to make the simpler version – just leftover cloth cut into squares and arranged in a pattern and sewn altogether.

  13. That was quite a birthday party! I like the quilt you gave the little boy. It’s very nice and it’s something that he can use.

    I tend to be rather practical when buying gifts…though some may feel I am somewhat unromantic. πŸ˜‰

  14. that looks like a pretty amazing party! it’ll be nice for kingsley to look back at photos of this event when he’s older πŸ™‚

    Hopefully, they will be available. With the frequent updates and upgrading, we may find that we cannot open our old files. I still like the old way of printing our snapshots and keeping them in albums.

  15. Great party! how lucky are today’s kids. in my time a few red eggs were enough to place me on cloud nine.

    …and a cake! Those days, it was a real treat – we did not get to eat cake very often. 😦

  16. wow…. that cake and balloon looks really nice… yeah, same here only have red eggs when i was young for my bday πŸ˜›

    You’re so young leh? Not like me…and at least, I would always have mee sua too. Hehehehehe!!!!

  17. Kids nowadays are very fortunate, have one month celebration then 100 days celebration then 1 year of course and etc…countless…

    Indeed. We were so deprived when we were little.

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