My mother-in-law celebrated her 82nd birthday…

Birthday cake

…last Wednesday, the 15th of July, but we had a small celebration earlier that Saturday evening before the actual date so that the grandson from KL and her grand-daughter from Singapore could fly back to join in the dinner. Yes, it was the birthday cake that we would order everytime as  my niece, the grand-daughter in Singapore, loves it so much and would insist on it and it alone.

We all got together at this restaurant, together with my two brothers-in-law and their wives and in keeping with the tradition, the evening started off with the longevity mee sua, fried…

Sheraton mee sua

…that came with a “golden egg”.

That was followed by the “hot plate”…

Sheraton hot plate

…our version of the Four Seasons except that we have a lot more than just four here.

Here, you can see the filial grandson…


…dishing out some of the goodies from that platter for his grandma. I don’t know if he and his Thai girlfriend beside him would look familiar to any of you. Perhaps some of you may have seen them in person or on Facebook or in the newspapers or on TV – they are the people behind that Sangkaya coconut ice cream venture found at many places in KL and I hear it’s available at AEON in Seremban as well now and will be available in Malacca very soon.

There was this 2-in-1 chicken…

Sheraton 2-in-1 chicken

…roast chicken on one side and Thai-style chicken on the other or in fact, it was 3-in-1 as there was also the Thai-style jelly fish in the dish. We had this same thing not too long ago here.

Then, of course, we had their signature dish – the curry fish…

Sheraton fish curry

…with rice except that this time we had fish, not the head but I would prefer the latter as I did not quite like the texture and taste of the fish they used that night – everything else was great, of course and as always, the gravy went absolutely well with rice.

We had these spare ribs…

Sheraton qui-fei ribs

a number of times before too except that this time, they were served in a yam basket though it did not look like the ones I would be more accustomed with – those in which they would serve the mixed vegetables.

Talking about vegetables, we had broccoli…

Sheraton broccoli

…and everything inside the ring and a soup dish plus a fruit platter at the end.

My very nice niece and nephew (the grand-daughter and the grandson) picked up the tab and shared everything between the two of them. This was RM500.00 (excluding GST) which I thought was rather expensive for a 7+1 dish set dinner. We did not even have prawns other than what they served in the “hot plate”…

Sheraton prawns

…and I was told that there was a standard RM20.00 charge for the rice served with the curry, never mind whether somebody wanted just a spoonful or a big scoop or two, RM2.00 per head for 10 persons…and of course, the plate of stewed peanuts on the table at the start of the dinner did not come for free and neither did the wet towels at the end. Other than those, there were the charges for the drinks that we had and the 6% GST and I overheard them talking about a RM5.00 service charge  or something or was that for the corkage for some special beer or wine that they brought along?  All in all , the total came up to over RM580.00, almost RM600.00. Well, I would say the service was very good and the dishes were served promptly, piping hot from the kitchen and other than the aforementioned not-so-nice fish used, everything tasted fine but all things considered, I would much sooner go for the very much nicer RM400.00 set that we had at the other place here where I could request for the use of the VIP room, away from the crowds at the other tables and all the noise and everything…and I could sing karaoke too! Hehehehehe!!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

24 thoughts on “Eighty-two…”

  1. Congratulations to your mother-in-law! I pray that she has many more years filled with love, laughter and good health.

    I see the food has a theme, lots of yellow! I like that. 🙂 It also looks delicious.

    Thank you so much. Yellow is your favourite colour?

    1. I love the color, but I could not wear that at all. It looks terrible on me. A lot of the cards that I do make do have a yellow background or hints of yellow mixed somewhere in the card. I also love knitting or sewing household items that do have the buttery soft yellow splashes. The color, in my opinion, just gently brightens up most things.

      Yes, it’s bright, stunning. I used to love dazzling colours, bright red…or whatever. Attention-seeker, me! LOL!!! Now, I am more into lighter, more soothing colours – sign of old age. 😛

  2. Everything looks soooo good! Happy birthday to your dear mother-in-law! 🙂

    Thanks. Around $200 in your currency, bet you can’t get anything like this there.

  3. That was indeed a very unique hot plate. Only in Sibu!! 😉

    I missed out on the curry fish. Next time I drop by Sibu, you bring me here makan, ok?? 😉

    Anytime! When are you coming? Maybe we can go to the other place, nicer…and a bit cheaper too.

  4. Happy birthday to your mother in law.. Oh yes, I remember the butter cake and that golden egg noodles..The hot plate looks so so good.. I see abalone, ham, ‘yue piu’, all good stuff!

    Thank you. We have two – this hot plate is the hot steaming version, something like poon choy, I would say. There is also the cold version. Both are nice but I gathered at another restaurant that between the two, this hot version is cheaper.

  5. Every dish looks so good. A lot of goodies in the hot plate. Yumzzz!!!

    Among the best in town though I feel the standard has dropped a little bit but the prices keep going up. 😦

  6. Wow…82!! Happy belated birthday to your mother in law.

    Sangkaya coconut ice cream, yet to try, but i heard it is real good. There is a branch at Bangsar.

    Food looks very good!! Yum!!

    Thanks. Well, you know Sheraton, you’been here a few times before – still pretty good.

    Yup…your sister-in-law shared a photograph of the coconut ice cream she had at the Bangsar outlet on Facebook and she loved it! Go, go and try – let me see if you like it or not. 😉

  7. The food looked really good; and congratulations and best wishes to your mother-in-law.

    Thank you. Yes, food here is good, used to be much better though and more affordable. 😦

  8. Congratulations! I bet she has many stories to tell.

    Thanks. Ok, not so chatty anymore – used to talk a lot! But she’s doing fine, and that is a blessing. Something to be very thankful for.

  9. that’s a unique dish, with that rather large ‘golden egg’. Happy birthday to your mum!

    Longevity and prosperity. You would not have that like this over there – had longevity noodles in KK, Sabah – so near, theirs also not the same. My mum-in-law, by the way! 😉

  10. That was a very grand celebration! It’s good that the grandson and granddaughter could join in and it’s lovely that they picked up the tab.

    Yes, great to have such filial offsprings, so very blessed.

  11. i thot Ming Mei Shi has better presentation… Happy Birthday Grand Ma…

    Thank you. Yup, that one’s a spin-off from the other best restaurant in town, Blue Splendour – closed down already. We had the cold dish then…and I think our table was a lot cheaper…and maybe, nicer too. That was so so so long ago, of course. Dulu lain, sekarang lain… 😉

  12. mmmm, quite a delicious-looking feast … definitely fit for an 82nd birthday! here’s wishing her many more healthy and happy birthdays, many more family gatherings … and I hope I someday manage to reach 82 and am healthy and happy too 🙂

    Thanks. Yes, I can’t imagine growing old and falling sick and infirm and senile…

  13. Your MIL is so blessed with good children and a great feast! The food looks fantastic, Arthur… got me salivating over them… Yes, I also would love to eat and sing at the same time… karaoke is best! hahahaa..

    Right here waiting…let’s go croak…I mean, karaoke-ing! LOL!!!

  14. Wow! 82! Blessed belated birthday to your MIL. Food looks great. And the mee sua that came with the golden egg is interesting.

    Thanks. Yes, everyone who has tried the fried mee sua in Sibu loves it! Nicer than bihun, finer and smoother.

  15. Hello, please can I ask for the name of the bakery (and address if you have it) where the cake was made? Thank you.

    It is a home-based business – the guy’s name is Marcus, house at Delta Estate Lane 3, somewhere in the middle on the right (2.30538,111.826356) as you go in from the main road with lots of Ixora flowers all along the fence. Sorry, don’t know the house number but you can try these two landline telephone numbers – 084-333571 or 084-311333. Not sure what cake you require and whether he will do it but I do know people commission him to do wedding cakes too. He did the one for this wedding, for instance:

    P.S. They’ve blurred the house number on google streetview but it is somewhere opposite No. 5B (on the left)

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