In the meantime…

We did not cook lunch that morning when we all went to the fund-raising food fair as we would be going out for dinner that night. In the meantime, we dropped by that Y2K Restaurant here that we had been to many times before for my girl’s favourite – their sweet and sour fish fillet…

Y2K sweet & sour fish fillet

She was not keen on the sweet potato leaves this time around so we had their cangkuk manis fried with egg…

Y2K cangkuk manis with egg

…instead. They seemed to do it a little bit differently here – notice how it looked like the egg had coated the leaves? Everyone thought it was very well done, no complaints whatsoever.

However, I can’t say the same about their bitter gourd fried with salted egg…

Y2K bitter gourd with salted egg

It was very nice, don’t get me wrong about that…but it came across like the vegetable fried with eggs – I could hardly detect the taste of the salted egg in it. The saving grace was the very strong wok hei fragrance so we did enjoy it very much.

No, this wasn’t my girl’s favourite…and no, they do not cook it the way I like it – how my missus or her mum or my mum would cook it but I just felt like having some pork leg…

Y2K stewed pork leg

…and they do it quite well here so I decided to order it. Theirs is a lot more diluted, not so heavy on the soy sauce and five spice powder…but with a strong hint of the spices used, star anise and cinnamon sticks. I asked for more lean meat and I told them that I did not want the trotters and they were only too glad to oblige and I loved the sauce in my rice.

All in all, it was a delightful lunch. The food came up to some RM48.00 something, I think – over RM50.00 with the rice. I had forgotten to tell them to cook for 2 persons only which probably would have reduced the total in the bill a bit, Β so the servings were quite big – would be good for 6 persons, I think and more than enough for the 4 of us.

Next stop, dinner!!!

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26 thoughts on “In the meantime…”

  1. I don’t think we can get the price for similar food here in KL. I can totally eat dish 1 and 2 but find the bitter gourd fried with salted egg a bit too wet for my liking and I usually will eat just the lean meat on the braised pork leg. I see some collagen goodness in the pork leg photo – did you or the girls eat the skin?

    Of course I did!!! And all the time I was wishing I had sambal belacan to dip it in – that would be heaven! Dunno about the ladies, did not pay any attention to them, too busy eating.

    I do get to see people blogging about eating in Kl and everything seems so very cheap, cheaper than here – dunno where they are though, can’t really remember. The bitter gourd wet? It was like some veg fried dry with egg – normally those that we get elsewhere would have a little bit of sauce, not the one here. A little bit of water might have been added to sizzle and cook the veg – I do that too as and when necessary but not for the purpose of having a sauce in the dish.

  2. I would also ask for lean meats. Still not acquire the habit of having real pork trotter in my plate. Hahaha. I love bitter gourd and cangkuk manis, stir fried with eggs.

    My father loves the trotters. Usually we would just throw it away – all skin and tendon, lots of collagen…but same as chicken claws, I would not touch those either.

    1. The first time I really tasted pork trotter was in Sibu. Hong Fu Seafood!!! Could not resist them. And collagen? Yes. But I do not think I would touch it again unless deep fried. Lol.

      That’s the Philippine pork leg they call it, the crispy pata. I do like how they do theirs – not so nice, those I tried elsewhere…like Sheraton’s or Ming Mei Shi’s, for instance.

  3. I like both the green dishes… They really look good to me…. Last time my kids didn’t like bitter gourd at all but now they are adults now, I am so surprised that they take anything that is cooked with bitter gourd…

    My girl too until she had the one with salted egg at Ruby – now she eats it, will even buy to take back to her school to cook there. I never liked it either but now I do! They say it’s good for health.

  4. My favourite gotta be that sweet & sour fish fillet and pork leg, yummzzz! My MIL cooked braised pork too last week (minus the collagen from the leg), just fatty pork, like “siew yok”, braised with hard-boiled eggs.. I ate 3 eggs, gawd!

    Yes, my missus cooks that very often too…and I enjoy the eggs as well, more than the meat – two, at least, in one sitting! πŸ˜€

  5. I recognize the plates and plating style as Y2K as soon as I saw the first photo. πŸ™‚

    My dad’s favorite restaurant, the son is the cook now and the wife (know her from her Kim Tak days) manages the front of restaurant with the parents in law.

    Their food is good, no frills but as long as it tastes good. I was surprised that 4 dishes with 2 meats came up to only RM 50. It’s usually around RM 60+ for 3+1 dishes (2 meats, 1 veggie, 1 century egg) and 2 drinks for 2 pax for us, but maybe the dinner prices and the lunch prices are different.

    Not sure – the price stated excluded the rice and drinks. With the two, it was definitely over RM50 but that’s ok, as long as the food is nice.

    I saw the son – wow, he’s getting to be really huge now. I saw the father too and of course, the mum would take all the orders and collect the money – very sweet and friendly lady, really pleasant. The wife did the serving, still very slim. πŸ˜€

    1. Yeah, the wife still looks the same as with her Kim Tak days (except her hair is not dyed blond nowadays). πŸ™‚

      She’s even younger than I am, think the son is around my age, different size though. Hmm…could be all the good food he’s cooking. The mom is always the one taking the orders, she always knows I’ll ask for a century egg with my order that I don’t even need to tell her anymore. HAHAHA

      Yes, she remembers people well. They serve century egg there? Just like that? I would like to give that a try the next time we drop by.

  6. Nice lunch indeed. First 3 are my kind of dishes. For pig trotter, I only take lean meat. Still prefer chicken claws to pig trotter.

    No, thanks…to both. My missus would insist lean meat is not nice so she would buy and cook the fatty ones – and when eating, she would painstakingly peel every bit of fat off – not much meat left to eat after that. 😦

  7. Very wallet-friendly i must say

    Not too bad – there are cheaper places. This one’s not as crowded and noisy as it is more expensive than most and the food is good, nicer than some, and you can sit as long as you like, pleasant, comfortable no-frill place.

  8. Why don’t we have cangkuk manis here in KL? why?

    You have…in your pan mien, just that nobody there cooks it this way or not that I know of. Very nice, very sweet.

  9. I wonder since the portion so big, did you finish them all?

    Yes, it’s a sin to waste. Next time, must remember to tell them to cook servings for 2 or 3 only, more than enough.

  10. Ah….the cangkuk’s been a while I never had it. Time to go to yong peng!!

    I would love to hop over to JB…and go to Yong Peng, see our Foochow counterparts there and compare notes.

  11. Nice close-up photos, especially the sweet and sour.

    I would say this place does it really well, among the best in town, my girl’s favourite.

  12. Yeah, from the looks of the dish, the bitter gourd does not look like it was fried with salted egg as the yolk is hard and you can probably see bits of it on the dish. This one looks more like fried with eggs (from the colour) and a bit of dried prawns, I think.

    No fried prawns, just egg…or maybe it is salted egg that had not matured yet. I bought some that day from the market, salted here…but they all turned out almost like fresh duck eggs, none of the coveted salted egg taste, unfortunately. RM1.00 each some more, was 70 sen only not very long ago. 😦 And don’t expect dried prawns – they are not very affordable anymore, the good ones. The cheaper ones – those small, all curled up ones, sometimes with shell even, have an unpleasant smell – will put me off any dish that uses those.

  13. Love the idea of bitter gourd fried with salted eggs.

    If only I could see and taste them… 😦 They do it very well at another restaurant here, just round the corner – that was where my girl first liked bitter gourd and would not mind eating it since.

  14. Everything looks so good especially the stewed pork leg (my favorite)! I love to have stewed pork leg with lots of rice and sambal belacan. Gosh, I want to eat some soon! πŸ˜€

    Yes, nice already as it is but with sambal belacan, it sure will be a whole lot nicer. Yum yummmm!!!!!!

  15. Oink oink..i love. If got a bit of cili kering lagi syok.

    Different recipe, that one. Ruby does a good job with it – claypot pork with cili kering…and salted fish!

  16. If i eat pork leg, will request for lean meat…

    That was what I did, so most of what we got was lean. I guess the ladies went for those while I enjoyed the ones with the skin. None with a lot of fat, they were nice enough to make sure of that.

  17. I always love the food at Y2K and it is always so crowded too.

    No leh, not so crammed and noisy…and can sit and chat as long as we like. Only once, Sunday morning after church – many people there, maybe after Sunday service, there for breakfast. Normally, Mom’s next door is the crowded one.

  18. Happy Birthday to your MIL. Food looks great!

    Thank you. Yes, good…just that the price was a bit on the big side. But then again, prices of everything are shooting up like nobody’s business. Sign of the times. 😦

    Oh? Wrong post, I think. You scrolled down too fast! Hehehehe!!! Namind, it’s the thought that counts.

  19. Pork leg, huh…someone has “sinned”! 😜.
    Four dishes for around RM50 ok lah. I must try to cook bitter gourd with salted egg. Perhaps then, my kids will eat some bitter gourd!

    Bitter gourd these days is not all that bitter. Undercook it a bit, nice and crunchy. Love it!

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