At least I’ve tried…

I heard that the satay at this place – the SaTay Ceko’ Cafe…

Satay Ceko

…in Kuching was pretty good so I tried googling to find out more about it but all I got was this one and even though that was last year, it appeared like they had done up the place nicely…

Satay Ceko decor

…so it certainly looked somewhat better…

Satay Ceko counter

…and a lot more presentable now.

Unfortunately, they were out of beef and all they had was chicken…


…and when it comes to satay, I am never fond of that. So I asked the young boy at the counter where I could find the best satay in the city and he replied, “Here!”  Ah well…I thought that since I was already there, I might as well give it a try, never mind that it had to be chicken.

When it was served (10 sticks for RM6.00)…

Satay Ceko satay

…I was kind of disappointed that the sticks of satay did not have the black charred bits and edges…

Satay Ceko satay & peanut sauce

…and was not expecting much from it. It turned out to be really very nice, whatever it was that they used to marinate the meat with. It did not quite taste like the usual kind of flavours that one would get from satay elsewhere. Never mind that it did not have the burnt parts – as they say, one barbecued chicken wing is equal to 8 sticks of cigarettes so I guess one would be better off without those. The peanut sauce that came with the satay and nasi impit was very good too.

I would not say the same about the nasi lemak ayam ngap sayot (RM5.00)…

Nasi lemak ngap sayot 1

…that I had though. Ngap sayot was the war cry of the Sarawak football team at one time way back in 1988 and I was intrigued by the name and was keen on finding out what that was. The boy said it was masak merah but no, it neither looked nor tasted like it but it would have been nice, just that it felt like it had been cooked too long, especially the meat…

Nasi lemak ngap sayot 2

Given a choice, I probably would go for something else like this same dish with the freshly barbecued ayam panggang (RM9.00)…

Nasi lemak ayam panggang

…instead. The rice was all right, pretty much the same as most that one would get elsewhere.

All in all, I would say it was all right and considering that the place is nicer than most, I sure would not mind dropping by again and hopefully, they have beef the next time around and yes, I would choose to try some of the other items that they have on their menu instead. Who knows I may stumble upon something that would keep me coming back for more…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

10 thoughts on “At least I’ve tried…”

  1. You left me smiling when you mentioned asking the counter boy where to get the best satay… Hahaaaa…surely he won’t recommend any other place than the one in the shop…yes, never judge by its look, I don’t like tbe charness, I prefer neat ones like these… 🙂

    Oh? But those are the nicest parts, extra fragrant…like in char siew or bak kua. Not healthy, of course. Hehehehehe!!!!

    1. Yes, the charred part is definitely more fragrant… But nowadays, I normally cut them away…

      Wahhhhh!!!! So health conscious. Dunno satay but BBQ chicken wings, they say 1 is equal to 8 cigarettes. Scary hor? 😀

  2. All looks pretty good. I love satay but I seldom take cos of the black charred bits & edges, it pissed me off. I prefer the above satay.

    You’d love this place then, can drop by and give it a try.

  3. I know this cafe but never try it out. Some more out of the way. Hehe.

    My kids love satays so I guess they can finish up the whole thing for you. Chicken is tender so they usually have chicken satay. For me I prefer lamb.

    Yes, I wish they had lamb but that’s not on their menu. They have beef but they had run out that day. All the beef in the city sold out perhaps – everyone was cooking for Ramadhan…and for Raya.

    Ya, I wouldn’t know what’s good in Batu Kawa either – so out of the way from here. Not too bad if one has transport and people to drive you around – like when in KL – even going somewhere in PJ or Shah Alam is out of the question, what more to say places further away like Kajang or Puchong or Bukit Jalil and all the rest. 😦

  4. I like my satay charred, even char siu. I can remember when I was a kid, satay was 10 cts a stick!

    Me too! I remember the Satay Club and feasting on all those sticks of satay. Dunno if it is still around – the last time I was in Singapore, it was…but very far from the sea now, not right by it…and not as popular as before, not anymore.

  5. I would like to order a chicken leg with some rice, please! 🙂

    Great choice. I would choose that too if ever I were to drop by here again – the charcoal-grilled chicken leg sure looked good!

  6. looks mouth watering! the nasi lemak ayam ngap sayot wasn’t that great? looks delicious though hehe. i like that kind of chicken flavoured.

    It was all right, the strong gravy gone too much into the meat, I would like to savour the actual taste of the meat so that was why I did not think it was all that great. Post on your hometown day after tomorrow, stick around. 😀

  7. How nice if we can have a blogger’s gathering feasting over foods…

    You will come? 😉

  8. Same same. When it comes to satay, it is beef and mutton for me. Chicken is so….ordinary 🙂

    Its much milder taste is the reason why I am not all that fond of it and I’m not crazy about its softer texture either, not for satay.

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