Next stop…

After my brief tour around the shops at Jalan Gambir in Kuching, I went back to India Street where I saw this interesting stall selling all kinds of curios…

Inida Street stall

…but because it was rather congested with people walking to and fro on the five-foot way, I did not linger to really look at what they had in store.

I stopped by the mamak makan shop there, the Jubilee Restaurant, for a cold drink of water and I saw that they had pasembur or what we call Indian rojak here…

Jubilee rojak tamby

…so I ordered a plate to try. It was all right, not something I would go out of my way for but I guess we are more accustomed to our own version of the Indian rojak, aka rojak Kassim after the guy who started it all (originally at Kok Cheng, directly opposite the one-time Cathay Cinema – the daughter-in-law is there now) which is more like gado gado than pasembur. I hear he is running his stall in Kuching now, somewhere around Palm Road but I did not have the chance to go and check it out.

I noticed that they were selling some pineapple jam tarts exactly like those that my cousin gave me once at RM20 for a plastic jar of those. There was no label though and the jam did look a little dry. I remember the ones my cousin gave me were from that lane on the other side of the road so I made my way there and found the place – the One Jade Bakery…

One Jade Bakery

…at Kai Joo Lane. I grabbed all that they had (RM18.00 a jar)…

Pineapple jam tarts

…so I could give to family and friends back in Sibu and after that, I headed toΒ the Aloha delicatessen.bakery

Aloha Bakery 1

…at Jalan Song…

Aloha Bakery 2

…because once, a cousin of mine gave me the chicken quiche from here and my girl loved it to bits so my main intention in going there was to get those to cart home for her. Unfortunately, there were only two left (RM3.00 each)…

Aloha chicken quiche

…so in the end, I decided to buy the meat (beef) pies as well, three of them (Can’t remember the price but I vaguely remember seeing RM6.00 each on the price tag)…

Aloha meat pies

No, no, they were perfect but I had a hard time using the tongs provided to try and get the pies and put them on my plate and I ended scratching the “face” of one of them. In the end, I just had to use my hand! Tsk! Tsk!

Next was a pit stop at what I think is called RH Plaza, the shops in front of the hotel where I had stayed a few times before. Unfortunately, almost all the stalls were closed – maybe they all close on Tuesdays, I wouldn’t know – except for a few isolated ones so in the end, I decided to just have something from this stall (RM1.40 for 2 pieces)…

Apam balik stall

– the very nice and very crispy apam balik with a special request for extra butter and peanut (add an additional 30 sen)…

Apam balik glass case

…to tide me over…

Apam balik

…till around 2.00 p.m. when I would go for something that I had in mind.

You’ll have to come back tomorrow to see what that is in my next post. Stick around!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

21 thoughts on “Next stop…”

  1. The shops in RH Plaza mostly operate at night. Not many choices during the day especially in the morning.

    You are so adventurous. Can go all the way to Jln Song! Haha. Maybe you can call and book the pies a day in advance before you head over to Aloha. Some bakeries do that.

    Didn’t think of that. Thought they would have a whole lot, waiting to be bought…like the chicken pies at Aroma here, freshly-baked ones piping hot from the oven every hour or so. Ya…that was what the waitress said – night time, all open. 😦 It was all right as I wasn’t going to eat anything really – saving my tummy for…what was to come, next post!

    1. Next time, do buzz me when you are dropping by Kuching. I bring you makan-makan.

      Ok. Can’t wait to see what you have in next post.

      Just a brief stay. Hope to go again…stay longer, then can meet up with everybody.

  2. The pastries look good and prices are reasonable too…. Never mind the tong scratch..yeah, using the hands are definitely faster and safer… Lol…

    Yes, own hands, never mind…Chinese say, dirty eat, dirty fat! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  3. I LOVE apam balik! The ones you had look so nice and crispy and thin! Exactly how they should be!

    Yes, very nice, very well done just that I thought RM1.40 + 30 sen for two was a little expensive.

  4. Wow, you are so adventurous, jumping from one corner to another. I love the pies & quiches from Aloha & definitely I will use my hand too instead of the tong. Pineapple jam tart, any good?

    Very nice. In one of my Kuching cousins’ words, if too lazy to make our own best-in-the-world ones, these would be the ones to buy. Expensive though – all you get would be those neatly lined up by the side like that – inside, almost kosong…just a few loose ones.

    No choice mah…girl loves the chicken pies/quiches…so had to make my way there to get for her. She enjoyed them so much – one for breakfast…two mornings, all gone.

  5. I just had one apom balik this morning! Rm 0.90 each 😦 some places are selling at Rm 1.20 each here

    Oh? So these at this place are still cheaper. Now, that’s consoling! Hehehehehehe!!!! I wonder what the difference between kacang and peanut is though… LOL!!!

  6. Was tempted by the meat pies…

    Wanna go Kuching? I hop over, take you around mam-mam…

  7. The pies look so so good, my favourite.. Quiche, beef pies, I can eat 5 each! Those crispy crunchy apam looks good too, I love mine with extra corn..

    The quiche, I think I can manage 2 or maybe 3 but the huge beef pie, 1 is more than enough. Not a fan of apam balik with corn, love extra peanut and butter.

  8. Hey, your apam balik is different to the one I know. That was a soft cake eaten with coconut milk. Yours look like a Chinese cake with sugared and crushed peanuts in the centre.

    Is that the Indian appam, eaten with coconut milk? I can’t remember if I had that before. Not a fan of the thick Chinese ones, some greenish tint….pandan-flavour and maybe with santan added. I only like these thin, crispy ones.

    1. I think the Chinese ones, pandan flavoured. I vaguely remember my mother making them and always thought they were nonya specialties.

      No idea, perhaps the nyonya folks make those too – after all, they make ang koo koi, chai koi…and all those Chinese delights. Peranakan is Chinese-Malay mix, right? There would be some kind of integration or overlapping. Come back tomorrow – ummm…you’ll see what I have in store. Hehehehehe!!!!

  9. nice apam balik. add coconut lagi sedap. too bad not many stalls add coconut anymore.

    Add coconut? Never seen that, corn, yes…but I don’t like. A friend of mine would take home, sprinkle Milo and eat!

  10. Oh! I miss apam balik! I am not very fond of the crispy one (there is a van selling near my office) but prefer the thick spongy one that I used to eat when I was a child.

    Oh? Looks like I’m the odd one out. Ok, will eat if there’s any in the house on the table…but you’d never catch me buying those thick ones if I see any.

  11. ooo very cute-looking pineapple tarts … i actually haven’t seen them in that flowery petite version before … they look tasty, and i always prefer open-face jam tarts compared the ‘rolled’ ones with the jam stuffed inside the pastry πŸ™‚

    Yes, I’ve seen those really big ones sold in Malacca, big but they’re not necessarily nice or at least, not the ones that I bought. These are very nice! I don’t mind the ones in pastry though – if the pastry is nice. I am not all that fond of those all jam, hardly any pastry ones…like mooncakes. I want the pastry – otherwise I might as well just get the lotus paste filling and eat that with a spoon, why bother with making the skin.

  12. HEYY check out ah yeo ais kacang at jubilee park hawker centre. It’s very very very nice! πŸ™‚ it’s on my to-do list everytime I visit kuching !

    That round circular building, Jubilee Ground. Been there some years ago, did not think it was all that great. My friend had his kantong. The smell from the belacan bihun stall was killing!

  13. I miss Kuching so much, last time living in Batu 3

    Oooooo….Batu 3, lots and lots of shops, places to eat! I did not manage to go to that area this trip – Kuching is so big, can’t possibly cover all in a two-night stay.

    Your first time here, I see. Welcome and thanks for dropping by and commenting. Do come again!

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