I will wait…

My cousins were horrified when I told them where I would be going for breakfast the following morning and tried to dissuade me, saying that I might have to wait for as long as two hours and I would be able to get something just as nice or even better elsewhere. However, my mind was made up so there I was at this place, Noodle Descendents

Kuching Descendents shop sign

…along Jalan Padungan, somewhere in the middle…

Jalan Padungan Kuching

…in Kuching. It did not matter much to me as I was in no hurry to go anywhere or do anything so I just told myself, “Yes, I will wait!”

I cannot remember exactly the last time I had it but it sure was a very very long time ago, back in those days when I was involved in doing some work for the then-called Curriculum Section in the state Education Department and the office was a stone’s throw away in the old Pavilion Building, opposite the Kuching General Office. That would probably be sometime in the early 90’s when I went with my friends/colleagues to this little coffee shop at the corner of Bishop Gate Street beside its junction with Carpenter Street. I can still recall how packed it was but we did manage to get a table and a little boy took our orders – we were amazed by how he could remember everything even though each of us wanted this or did not want that and when we were served, we got everything the way we wanted it!

Well, they have moved from there to the present location for quite a while now and have changed its name as well. This current place is very nice and very clean, not quite the regular coffee shop kind of place and the noodle stall was right in front…

Noodle Descendents kolo mee stall

…at the entrance. That guy sure does not look old so my guess would be that he’s one of the “descendents” who have taken over the family business.

There are not all that many tables in that spacious shop so we had to share with one very friendly guy and it was a good thing that we did as he told us what we were supposed to do or not do. He said that we would just have to find a seat and sit down and wait. Somebody will come…eventually…to take our orders and yes, somebody did! It was way past 8.00 a.m. already and the guy making the drinks had not showed up for work yet so we could not order our drinks till he finally appeared. In the meantime, we sat and chatted…and waited for our noodles. The guy’s family who opted to eat at a coffee shop a short distance away came over as they had finished so he had to cancel his order and left with them but I did see him tapao-ing some of the noodles to take away with him.

This would be their regular kolo mee with meat (RM4.77)…

Noodle Descendents kolo mee, regular

…but I had their kosong (RM2.12)…

Noodle Descendents kolo mee, kosong

…no meat, and the mixed soup, small (RM6.36)…

Noodle Descendents, mixed soup

I don’t quite remember their noodles, how good they were that last time I had it so very long ago, but the fact that I truly loved their soup has always remained clear in my mind – that, to me then, was the main attraction…and yes, I must say that I enjoyed it very much that morning and the noodles as well.

I was kind of surprised though that they gave this with the orders…

Noodle Descendents chili dip

…as I am more accustomed with the usual sliced chili, red or green, dipped in vinegar at the kolo mee stalls that I have been to in Kuching but they do it a little differently here.

As for whether it was worth the wait – around one hour or so…

Worth its wait in gold

…I would agree with my cousins that one could have something just as nice elsewhereΒ or settle for something that is second best without having to spend so much time sitting there before one would get served. In other words, if one is in a hurry and does not have all that time to spare, it would be best to head elsewhere but if one does not mind sticking around, chit-chatting…or reading the morning’s papers…or these days, many would be able to kill time easily browsing online on their smartphones, then this is a good place in the city to check out for kolo mee and the very nice soup.

This is their menu in front of the stall…

Noodle Descendents menu

…and if you look at the aforementioned prices, you do need to fork out a little bit more for the GST payable. Here, you pay for all your orders, food and drinks inclusive, at the counter a little to the back, beside the drink stall, after you have finished eating.

Incidentally, I did not know about this before but it seemed that parking would be for just half an hour per ticket. If you wish to park longer, you would need to come back every half an hour and put a new ticket each time – otherwise, the parking fee payable would be progressively more for the next half an hour and the next and the next. It is not like here in Sibu where it is 42 sen per half an hour, and if one would be gone for say, 2 hours, one can just leave 4 half-an-hour tickets or 2 one-hour tickets on the dashboard. You can’t do this in Kuching, it seems – the attendant will come round and issue tickets for over-parking and you would have to go to a booth some place to pay the surcharge.

Well, I came and I had what I had wanted – something that had been a lingering memory in my mind all this time…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

29 thoughts on “I will wait…”

  1. You just have to use the 20cents, 50cents and 80cents parking coupons for parking more than 30 mins.

    Now you know how much to eat here. Really beh tahan. Waited more than 2 hours and you finish up your noodle in less than 15 mins!! Lol. I would not go there again. Tried once is enough.

    I prefer the sliced chillies in soy sauce. Usually serve with seafood noodle or seafood cheng soup. Those chillies in vinegar is for kolo char siew mee.

    Oh dear!!! Have to buy so many booklets of parking coupons? For a two-night stay? I guess 3 was not enough – 20 sen first half an hour, 2X20 sen not enough for the second half hour – that was why kena ticket! πŸ˜€

    The sliced chili dip with dark soy sauce would be what I would expect for our Foochow fried noodles. Never seen before in Kuching, always the chili in vinegar. I would not mind going again if convenient – can go early, very early…but will have to bring own drink if the guy making will only show up past 8 a.m. 😦

  2. I have tested my patience once and am sure will not be going back there anymore. Heard that there is a stall in Stutuong Market, also named Noodles Descendant, related to them and it taste as good, no need to wait for so long. Yet to try out.

    Heard from my cousins that word has it that that one is not related to this one in any way. Go, go and try. If it is good, no need to come to this one and wait half dead. After all, kolo mee is kolo mee…good or not good, that is all that matters. Not many places have that soup though – Kim Joo has it but I think this one is a bit nicer.

  3. If I know that place is gonna be crowded / gotta wait very long for the food, I’ll makesure I’m there early. Very early. No choice, “wana eat, must wait”, hehe..

    Yes, go very early. A cousin of mine said she waited 5 minutes only….but no drinks, it seems – the guy showed up past 8 o’ clock. 😦

  4. wow one hour wait… could not afford to dine in there on a regular basis!

    Definitely not! Not even for an old retiree like me, with all the time in the world. Can’t understand why there are so many people willing to put up with all that. Ok for a one-off thing like when dropping by Kuching for a few days – the been there, done that kind of thing.

  5. Once in a blue moon, ok, if you ask me every time wait that long, no thank you…

    If you’re in Kuching for a visit, you should check this place out – come early, 7 perhaps. It is like an icon – one of THE kolo mee one should not miss when in Kuching. Of course there are other places that are just as nice or even better but this one is like some kind of a heritage, been around for so very long.

  6. I’m not as patient as you and will always avoid crowded places, no matter how good their reputation is. But then again, going back to revisit an old favourite is such a strong attraction.

    That was why I went – otherwise, I would not have bothered. Plenty of other places in Kuching and some may be even better. It’s that sentimental attachment – a walk down memory lane, so to speak.

    1. Looks like you’re (suituapui) 4 years younger than me, then!

      Yipeeeeee!!!! I’m not the oldest on the blogs then. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  7. Two hours of waiting?? I would surely listen to your cousins…you are a determined man… So no regrets, huh….

    Luckily it was just around an hour and it did not seem that long a wait. At least, I did not have to stand in a queue outside all that time.

  8. you know what, I’m sort of addicted to kolo mee also recently at my local kopitiam, simple, yet very flavourful. Always wonder what special ingredient they throw inside. Hopefully it’s not MSG .. hehe

    You bet!!! If it is Chinese cooking, it can’t be much else as there is not much in the ingredients that can contribute to the taste. The question is how much…and if it does not leave any discomfort in my mouth (and at times, I could even imagine the crystals exploding…though my missus insists that is totally imaginary!) – like this kolo mee here, no lingering sensation, then it is perfectly all right. That is why at some places I would need to tell them – no msg, cut down on your msg…

    In fact, if you google, there are many websites that tell you it is not harmful…but if it causes some side effects in you, then you’re the problem. Hmmmm….what I feel in the event of an overdose is not in the list of side effects though? I wonder why!

  9. It was worth the wait since you got to satisfy yourself that the soup here was just as good as you remembered.

    Yes, craving appeased, absolutely satisfied. No need to go anymore…for a long time to come. πŸ˜€

  10. It reminds last time when I visit Kuching, those officer really very hardworking, come to give the ticket in the middle of night! But we did wrong at first, because we parked at the motorbikes area, truth is we can’t find a car parking spot, that’s why we did so! Can’t believe when we saw the time states on the ticket is midnight, gosh!

    Oh!!! Those would be the police, not the city council’s parking attendants. You were summoned for breaking the law! Can’t say that I feel sorry for you though… Hehehehehehe!!! If I can’t find a place to park, I would just go elsewhere….or I would plan to go to places where finding a parking space is a breeze! That is why I hardly ever venture into the town centre here.

  11. Great to know that it’s worth the wait! I agree, these days, time can pass very quickly by just browsing on your phone (provided there’s no interruption from toddlers/babies LOL!)

    Muahahahaha!!!! Been there, done that! Had my share of having a kid around. The world revolves around them. I saw some people bringing kids to this place and I was thinking, “How on earth would they be able to keep them quiet and happy for so long?” Shudderssss!!!! I would not want to have any in tow, thank you very much!

  12. No I’m not going to wait coz while I can browse my phone, I don’t want to do that with the presence of my kids. I’ll go somewhere else fast instead.

    The parking system is weird. What if we are in a meeting? Do we need to get down every half an hour?

    Can sit and chat with them lor…but kids will get bored very fast, might as well just go elsewhere.

    It seems from Rose’s comment that you can buy the coupons in different denominations. Anyway, they will write a ticket for you if you over-park. Only thing is you need to go to a booth and pay – not really a problem as they have booths everywhere.

  13. You’re one of the loyals one. Lol. My longest wait here was 2 hours max. Even then I stood in line, all pregnant and happy. Haha. Now it’s kind of a challenge for me to wait because this isn’t exactly a place to bring kids to.

    What??? Two hours? And you did not have a place to sit??? Luckily, I spotted this guy on his own at a table and he was willing to share so I had a place to sit and wait. I guess you just HAD to eat it to appease your craving? They say that if expectant mums do not get to eat what they want, the babies will salivate plus-plus, all dirty and smelly all the time. Not very kissable. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  14. i love the name noodle descendants … it’s a name that evokes feelings of heritage, nostalgia, and good old honest food, ya πŸ˜€

    Yes, I love the name too – sure has a lot of meaning to it.

  15. whoa…wait time of 1hr+ wait? Since it’s worth it then I guess no loss for you lah.

    Yes, what is 1 hour after not eating it for some two decades or more? Happy!

  16. Have to wait so long ah..hm…but sometimes if go so far already then might as well try the food lor. That is if not rushing for time la.

    Adui…parking cost how much already while waiting?

    Yup, I was on a slow and easy trip to Kuching, no plan to go anywhere so I had all the time in the world. Imagine eating and loving it so much in the 90’s and not getting to eat it again till now. What is 1 hour compared to all that time?

    Parking in Kuching is cheap (20 sen, 50 sen…and so on – Sibu, 40 sen every half hour)…but the surcharge for over-parking RM1.40 (Sibu RM1.00), ok lah…not so bad! Long long ago when they first started this parking fee thing and I did not know…and I stopped at one place for lunch – was slapped with a RM150 fine, my girl still small that time. That was bad!!!

  17. That parking system just doesn’t seem to make sense. I guess they’re not encouraging people to park for very long. I’d be turned away if there was even a hint of a two hour wait! You are a brave man to give it a go.

    It sure does make sense – pretty obvious that they are not encouraging people to park too long. I wish they will do the same in Sibu where I live. People park the whole day – quite impossible to find a parking space in the city centre. Would have taken a bus if there were any public transport (certain isolated areas only – used to be all over, not much business, I guess as everyone has a car or more). A lot of those business people or the ones working in offices in the town centre would buy season parking – that would make things worse, they would never budge from their space.

    Well, I’ve waited for over two decades…so what’s another hour? At least, I did not have to stand outside and stand in a long queue like some places I’ve seen in blogs and on Facebook in KL or Penang or Malacca or elsewhere…at times, even in the open under the sun. That would be a lot worse! 😦

  18. There’s nothing quite like curling up to a bowl of soup. It’s my favorite “comfort food.”

    Me too. I love clear soups and stuff that looks simple and plain but are bursting with flavours. Many are completely dependent on their thick gravy to give them any kind of taste.

  19. errr… I don’t think I have the patience to wait even the food is so great! At hawker centres, I will go for the one with the shortest queue or without queue. hahaha….

    That would be the Japanese one, I ‘m pretty sure. You do not go to the most famous places in Ipoh when you go back – the chicken rice place, for instance. No queue there? Must be losing its appeal then…

  20. Whoa, the shop is always jam-packed whenever I pass by it. But yeah I would rather go to other place to satiate my craving for KOLO MEE. After all, 1-hour-wait is………. speechlesssss

    Yes, no sentimental attachment, no reason to wait – can get as nice or even better at many other places in town.

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