Fading memories…

I can vaguely recall the last time I came here…

Old Satok market

…where there used to be a market right at this very spot in Kuching – the (old) Satok Market, it was called. That must have been that time five years ago and before that, some 10 years or so ago on my working trips before I retired and I was staying at that hotel (Regal Court) straight ahead – you can see the back of the building in the photograph.

Somehow or other, I was feeling that there was a crucial part of that place that had gone missing despite the fact that the market was never really the reason why I would venture there each time though I might have picked up the celebrated ikan terubok masin (salted fish) or the telur (the roe/eggs) from one of the stalls once or twice. The reason why I would go there on all those occasions was that I would not want to miss out on the opportunity to drop by here…

Peterson Corner, Kuching

…for this…

Peterson Corner hay peah 1

…which to me, was and still is, the best in town – the hay peah (prawn cake/fritter)…

Peterson Corner hay peah 2

…and all the rest…

Peterson Corner hay peah 3

I picked a few things that I fancied and this nice and friendly young boy re-fried them a bit…

Peterson Corner hay peah 4

…to heat them up and a girl at the stall chopped everything up and served. Do not expect any kind of presentation here, nice or otherwise – they would just dump everything on a plate and serve even when the old guy and his wife were running the stall themselves. That, of course, did not matter at all, not in the least – it is the taste of everything with their very very special chilli dip…

Chili dip

– a little sourish and sweet enhanced by all that crushed peanut added, that is absolutely second to none.

I asked the boy where the boss was and he told me that he had gone to buy some things. It did not cross my mind then but since the old guy was away, I could have bought some of the hay peah to bring back home to Sibu. I did buy some from the old guy once but he was most unwilling to sell any to me – it seemed that he was very concerned about quality control and insisted that it would not be nice anymore even if we were to deep-fry them ourselves at home. I did manage to grab a few from him even though he was not too happy about it…and yes, we did enjoy them just as much when we had them at home.

This coffee shop used to be called Peterson Corner and I would say that was a really nice name indeed but it looked as if they have renamed it…

Goh Cafe

Perhaps now, they have a new owner running the coffee shop, I wouldn’t know, but I sure am glad the hay peah stall is still there and what they dish out is still as good as ever.. Whatever it is, to me, this place will always be Peterson Corner even though all that is left now is the fading name…

Peterson Corner

…on the old canopy in front of the premises and all the memories…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

15 thoughts on “Fading memories…”

  1. visiting you always makes me miss Malaysia kopitiam so much. hay peah looks good!

    Coming back this way anytime soon? Hey! I stopped by your hometown on the way home that day – post on it coming up real soon!

  2. Yes, my guess is correct, Peterson. Owh, change of name, can’t remember when was the last time I had it. Their special chili dip makes everything nice.

    Yes, I would agree with you on that. Loved it!!! But the batter of the hay peah was good too – the taste and the texture, slightly crispy, kind of crusty – quite unlike any hay peah elsewhere.

  3. Long time did not come here to eat. To be precise, it has been a long time I venture into this part of the town for food.

    For one thing, traffic is not so heavy now, parking is easy…though I do not know whether it is always like that or only during this puasa month. The Satok Bridge Ramadhan bazaar is here now, very nice…very orderly, neatly arranged and clean, I noticed but I did not really walk round. So so so so hot, cannot tahan the heat.

  4. Nice to revisit old places; no such pleasure for me in Singapore. My old haunts are either gone or changed beyond recognition.

    Kind of sad, isn’t it? That is why I am not all that keen to go to Singapore anymore – very expensive owing to the currency difference plus it just isn’t the same anymore, not the old Singapore that I used to know and loved so well.

  5. Maybe he didn’t want his name tarnished… That might the reason why he doesn’t encourage packeting back… 🙂

    Yes, so very serious about keeping up his good name, money is not a concern.

  6. Everything changes and this a sort of bad news for us who love a place fondly. Old haunts will be gone. Favorite restaurants replaced by a new one. People change even those who you know so well for many years. This is a sad fact.

    That’s life, I guess. We just move on, leave the burning bridges behind and make the best of what there is the best we can.

  7. hay peah , one of my favourite foods…

    Must try if you go to Kuching – none better anywhere, those that I’ve tried, that is.

  8. Seems like not much hae on top of that hae peah wor

    I can see 3 or 4. How many hay in your Penang hay peah? Normally, I would see 1…or none – they would insist it’s all blended in the batter. Of course, those would be very much cheaper, I’m sure…but the batter is not as nice as this place – it’s not just about the number of hay on top, the batter’s so nice…and the chili dip rounds it all up so well. I sure would want to go again and again and again…unlike those lor bak places I’ve been to in Penang. Certainly will not go out of my way for any that I’ve had.

  9. I would enjoy the hay peah and the assortment of other crispy things very much! I noticed they even have sausages 🙂

    Yes. I did not order those, of course. Maybe some people love those, I wouldn’t know. Kind of stick out like a sore thumb.

  10. I also like the old name, the new is like very common, won’t caught customer attention with the first seen!

    Yes, just like any other coffee shop – does not stand out at all.

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