Fly away with me…

I took off the other day to fly over to Kuching for a few days – on a 3-day 2-night trip, to be exact.

So there I was at the Sibu airport waiting for my flight. Hmmm…maybe this would be the standard sign…

Sibu airport sign

…that they would use at all airports throughout the country but ours is a domestic airport so all flights in and out would be dalam negeri (within the country) and confined to destinations in Sarawak, Sabah and Peninsular Malaysia only so I would think balai perlepasan/departure lounge would suffice. Never mind – it’s just a sign, anyway and as long as it serves its purpose, that is all that matters.

I checked the website and was delighted to see that the aircraft was about to depart from Kuching and was already “taxiing on the runway“, well ahead of the scheduled departure time. After a while, I saw an aircraft landing but I guessed that must have flown in from some place else. It couldn’t possibly be the one I would be taking as it had just left Kuching not that long ago. I certainly was pleasantly surprised when the announcement was made and we were asked to get ready for boarding. It was my flight, after all!

As always, everything was done very systematically and in a very orderly manner and in no time at all, we were on the skybridge…

On the skybridge

…getting into the plane. I certainly was delighted that we did not have to go out into the sun and walk all the way to board…

Air Asia

…as it was so very hot, the midday sun!

I was seated at No. 15D – I’ve always known for a fact that one would have to pay more for the red-coloured hot seats

Air Asia cabin

…but it appeared to me when I made my booking online that now, the ones in between would cost a little bit more than those from Row 15 onwards. Well, I was in no hurry so I was quite happy to choose something a little bit cheaper and it was not all that far from the front, anyway.

Gosh!!! The flight was almost full and that surprised me somewhat as it was a weekday and not during any school or public holidays. We landed in Kuching in no time at all, way ahead of schedule, of course.

After dropping by my uncle and my auntie’s houses along the way to drop off some stuff that I had bought for them from Sibu, I went and had my rather late lunch…

My lunch

If you’re wondering what that was that I had and where, drop by tomorrow and I will tell you all about it!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

26 thoughts on “Fly away with me…”

  1. ooo a packed plane! i guess that’s a sign of robust demand for this route 😀

    Everyone would opt to fly considering the long journey, 6-8 hours perhaps, on our not-very-nice pan-Sarawak trunk road…plus if one books early, the airfare may be a lot less that a bus ticket (around RM40, if I am not mistaken). I only paid RM30 plus, all-inclusive, less than the taxi fare from Sibu airport to the town centre even. As they say, everyone can fly!

  2. I love seeing airports and airplanes in other parts of the world! I love the colours on that plane! 🙂

    This is the world’s No. 1 budget airline. Did not like it when they first started but after all these years, they certainly are a lot better now…even better than our so-called five-star national airline.

  3. Long time did not have this. A friend just posted on whatsapp that she had this few days ago and I have been thinking about it since. Got to nag my hubby to bring me this weekend. 😉

    The power of food!!!

    Which one did your friend go to? Old Rex isn’t as nice – I went and tried that once. This one…come back tomorrow to see where I went and they have Swee Kang right in front – the ang tao peng was absolutely heavenly!!! Read all about it in the post after the next one. 😀 😀 😀

    1. Gor Kopitiam. I am not sure where it is.

      Haha. I was thinking of Old Rex because I can have its tomato noodle. The best. Not so much on the fritters. Lol.

      Goh. That’s the new name, I think. Did not notice that before – we know it by its old name. A friend took me to Old Rex sometime ago and I did not like it – not one that I would want to go back again for. Tomato noodles? Hey!!! I did not get to eat that!!! Like that, have to go to Kuching again lor. Tsk! Tsk! 😀

  4. Looks like Peterson’s lok lok. Yum!!!!

    I’m not sure but it looks as if they do not use that name anymore. Watch out for my post tomorrow.

  5. Oh, you went off for a few days? Never realized that, coz you still blog as usual, hehe.. Looks like yong taufu / chee cheong fun (before the sweet sauce)..

    Nope. It is more like your lor bak, over at your side, minus the lor bak.

  6. Maybe most of them went for work, fly from places to places, hehe! My friend always like this, she also fly during weekdays for work

    Probably. If I am not wrong, there is another flight very early in the morning and another late evening or night. Those flights would be just nice for people making day trips to settle some business in Kuching.

  7. It looks like this flight went smoothly. I’m all ready to see what you ate!

    Yes, it was very good. Hang around – you will get a whole lot of that in the posts ahead.

  8. Nice skybridge with transparent walls; I can’t remember ever being on one like that.

    Oh? Never took note of that. Probably new as our airport is pretty recent.

  9. Don’t ever pay for those hot seats! I made the biggest mistake ever on a recent Air Asia X flight to Australia. I’d snagged a VERY cheap deal home so thought I’d splurge and pay extra for the seat right up the front that apparently has extra leg room. Turns out the arms rests don’t lift in that front seat and so I felt squished into a box. Also the wall in front meant I didn’t have as much space as advertised. I would have been better behind a seat where I could at least put my legs under the seat in front. Total scam. And… while I’m ranting about Air Asia – you know what they’ve done in the KLIA 2 low cost terminal – banned the sale of bottled water! You can only get water in a plastic cup, which essentially means you must buy it all on board. I think that is just sneaky and low. Water! Should be a basic right.

    LOL!!! That is how they make money…especially when they are charging such low prices of their air fares. I’ve seen people bringing their own from home and blatantly drinking during the flight. The crew did not bother to do anything about it. Yes, the water was in a bottle, smaller than the regular ones and now it comes in a cup…with a straw to poke through the top. This is just a 30-40 minute flight so of course, I did not buy any drink or food to eat on board.

    No, I will never ever buy those hot seats and now that the rows in front are more expensive, I would be happy with any seat from Row 15 up…towards the back of the plane. In fact, if one is boarding using the stairs, not the skybridge, the back door will be open so one can use that to get to one’s seat very easily.

  10. Whatever that is, it looks delicious! I see a few items that would be in Penang’s loh bak… ahh I miss loh bak!

    No worries, you can make and cook your own. You are getting so good at it.

  11. Right here waiting for post on what you eat… keke…

    Read the post and the comments – you may find some tips and information useful when you want to book your ticket online or when you are flying on this airline SIN-KCH or JB to Sibu.

  12. What you had looks like what my dad love to have in melaka but I totally forgotten the name right now >_<

    I think you call this lor bak or lok lok there. These here do not have any lor bak or ngor hiang as we call it but we have others. Come and see tomorrow.

  13. Lok Lok?

    Dunno, think that is one of the names of these. I’ve always assumed lok lok to be that steamboat thing, with the boiling water in the hole in the middle of the table…and everything served in skewers and you dip the sticks into the water to cook and eat with the satay sauce provided.

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