Never seen before…

I had never seen it before until I spotted it in Huai Bin’s post in his blog. Otak-otak sausages? Now, what on earth would those be? Sausages made from fish with otak-otak flavour? Gee!!! That’s new! I sure would love to give it a try, I thought to myself.

Well, it so happened that the other day, I spotted it…

Otak-otak sausages

…at the supermarket near my house.ย I can’t remember how much I paid for it but whatever it was, I just could not wait to try so I grabbed a pack of those, 10 inside, and took it home.

I did not even notice that they were, in fact, chicken sausages until the next morning when I took the above photograph prior to cooking them and I must say that I was a tad disappointed. Frankfurter ayam (chicken frankfurters)? Is it going to be any good, I wondered. Ah well, since I had bought it already, I might as well just cook and eat…which I did…


…with omelette and tomatoes on toast for my breakfast.

Yes, it was very nice indeed…despite the fact that it was chicken, not fish…

Otak-otak sausages, pan-fried

It had that same taste that one would get when eating otak-otak and I loved it though I did wish it could be just a little bit stronger for a much greater impact.

Yes, I’ve tried it and it was nice and I sure would not mind buying it again…but of course, the next time around, I would need to check the price. I guess it would be more or less the same as the regular Malaysian-made sausages (since they were placed in the freezer along with all the rest of them) and would be a lot more affordable thatย those very nice “branded” bangers that I bought once.

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18 thoughts on “Never seen before…”

  1. I’ve honestly not seen this brand of sausages before though….May consider it if we see it next time.

    I liked it, a little spicy. My girl’s not too fond of it – I guess she’s a purist, would rather have sausages that taste like sausages.

  2. Never heard and seen this otak-otak sausage. Or maybe I did not look properly in the frozen section. Will keep in mind when on grocery shopping next round.

    Glad the sausage turned out good. I like those original one. Nothing added. Once I mistakenly bought a pack of sausage with cheese in it. The kids did not want to eat! And me too. Lol. But waste not, we got to finish up the pack. And once bought home a pack of nuggets with sausage bites in them and we have hard time finishing them off. Lesson learnt. Check and read properly.

    My girl did not like this one but she loves the ones with cheese, ayamas – her favourite would be those with mushrooms, around RM6 a pack.

  3. Eh, misleading leh.. I saw the word Otak-Otak on top, then frankfurter ayam..Hmmpphh.. Oh yes, I remember about otak sausages in HB’s blog.. I’ve only eaten normal sausages, black pepper and cheese ones.. None other than that.. If I see otak sausages, I would be the first to try it..

    If you like otak otak like I do, you’ll love this. If you are not a fan, or a purist – more into the original, like my girl, then you will not like it.

  4. Don’t think i seen this before, next round go supermarket, must go take a look see if here have sell…

    Dunno Singapore. Maybe you can get it in JB.

  5. Amazing, so they’ve even figured out how to make artificial otak-otak flavoring!

    What artificial? You just use those same ingredients for otak otak for the sausage, you will get one with that taste. Cook prawns with the ingredients, you get otak otak prawns. Nothing to stop them from using the same for meat and creating sausages of a totally new flavour – I like it so I would say it’s a great idea…and a wonderful change from the usual. Like how I use Bovril for the kampua noodles that I cook at home – I hear a restaurant in town is doing that too, just a bit of it, and the taste has gone down really well with a lot of people here.

  6. I have never seen them, either, but I have seen chicken hot dogs/frankfurters…by Halal, and they are very good! Sometimes I get confused, because in my part of the world, Montreal, Canada, we call the things in your photo “Hot dogs” “wieners” or “frankfurters” and we call the others sausages. Usually the hot dogs are cooked, they just need to be heated, but the sausages are not cooked. ๐Ÿ™‚

    It’s a Malaysian product, a local – so I don’t think you’ll ever get to see it there. Halal means it is all right for Muslims to eat, no pork and all that – it is not a brand.

    Hardly anybody uses weiners here, frankfurters quite a bit but mostly it is sausages or hot dogs…though to me, hot dogs would be sausages in a bun with tomato ketchup a la Archie cartoons, that American culture.

  7. I’ve seen sausages with nasi lemak flavor, which I think is weird. Anyway, I’m not too crazy about otak-otak, so I’ll give this one a miss ๐Ÿ™‚

    Ok, I hope there are enough people like me who love otak otak and will love these sausages to keep it going. The usual ones – the ordinary supermart ones are so boring, something I can live without.

  8. first time see this leh. But wont be buying la coz not really crazy about otak otak

    I love this exotic kind of taste, love otak otak, Thai food…lots of kunyit, serai, chili and all those – so this is definitely to my liking.

  9. i like otak-otak and i like sausages … so when you blend both together, i should like the combination, ya ๐Ÿ˜€ the ones you had look just like regular sausages … it’ll be an interesting surprise to bite into them and realise that ooo, they’re not! ๐Ÿ˜€

    You’re like me…and yes, I love these – great change from the usual luncheon meat/spam tasting kind of sausages.

  10. 1st time seeing this. Otak otak give me the impression that it is made of fish too but never mind I am not a fan of otak otak. I prefer Ramly beef/chicken frankfurter.

    I love otak otak so that is why I love these sausages – it has the taste and even the spiciness. Very nice change from the usual. I know Rambly’s got good burger patties but sausages, my girl likes ayamas.

  11. They added otak-otak flavour into it. Cheat way lah… hehe.

    Innovation, creativity. If it goes down well with consumers, why not? No rule that says they can’t do that…like we can have curry pizza, tom yam spaghetti…so why not otak otak sausages?

  12. now i have to go find these.. yum , i love otaks otaks.. never mind if these are chicken instead of fish ๐Ÿ˜€

    Ahhhh!!! Great minds think alike! Looks like we share the same taste!

  13. I had something similar before, not too bad but not something that i would want to eat regularly

    Nice for a change – everything will not be all that great, if too frequent or regular – the law of diminishing returns.

  14. I like your breakfast, that’s typical western style that I always like, sausage and egg…of course milk as well…

    Coffee for me, please…black.

  15. Oh ya, this is the one! ๐Ÿ™‚

    It tasted pretty good eh? Made of chicken, yeah, makes sense, it’ll taste different if it’s made of fish. Where did you get it? You mentioned supermarket near your (our) house so Kim Tak or Delta?

    Delta. Kim Tak is quite miserable these days when it comes to these frozen stuff, better to look elsewhere if one wants anything.

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