I gotta try…

I saw on their Facebook page that they now had macarons on their menu so last Saturday, we dropped by for lunch in the hope of trying some for dessert but the place was full. I was quite put off by the fact that some had already finished but they just sat there, all engrossed in their smartphones and ipads…but I guess that is to be expected when there is free wifi at a place and of course, it is a whole lot nicer sitting in the air-conditioned comfort there than some place else in the unbearably hot weather that we have been experiencing lately. We did not have much choice other than to go some place else.

My girl was excited when I suggested that we tried the newly-opened Korean place here ourselves despite the fact that her colleague had gone there and said that she did not like what she had. When we got to the place, there was no place to park the car and as we drove past, we looked inside and saw that it was really packed, probably full as well, so in the end, we just decided to stop by this coffee shop…

Fish noodle shop

…instead – it is in that same vicinity, along Lorong Sena 8, directly opposite Deshon Secondary School here.

It was here before they opened this present place of their own and it was already so very popular when they were at the original location. I do recall going there once to try though I don’t remember being all that impressed and I never went back for more…especially when it was so very popular and the mere idea of having to wait too long did not appeal to me. The brother went and started his own stall at the old place and I did go and try once. He probably is still there, I wouldn’t know – I have not dropped by since to check.

I just took a seat at one vacant table and let my missus and my girl go to check out the menu at the stall…


My missus seemed to be at a loss as to how to go about things here so I just told her quite loudly to place the orders and come and sit down and wait. The lady at the stall heard me and she gave me one kind of knowing look but don’t get me wrong! She was all right, quite nice actually…but yes, it is all self-service here. When each order was ready, she would call out and we would have to go and get it and bring it to our table ourselves. We also had to get the chopsticks and spoons and the chili from the stall ourselves as well.

No, we did not have the one with the giant prawns (bottom left), going for RM35.00 a bowl. I had the fish noodles in clear soup…

Fish noodle soup

…and yes, it was very very nice!!! The soup was bursting with flavours and I really liked it a lot. I would say this one was very much nicer than what I had at the brother’s stall…and also, the same thing that I had from them when they were at the original location. I certainly would not mind coming back here again for this.

My girl had the tom yam

Tom yam

…and she liked it as well. I did try a bit – it seemed that they had santan (coconut milk) in it and it was very strong with the fragrance of the serai (Lemon grass). Yes, I would say it was good too.

My missus had the one with the chao chai (preserved vegetables)…

With preserved vegetables

…and she declared that it was the best chao chai hung ngang she had ever had!

I went to pay the lady after we had finished and she calculated and told me the total, inclusive of drinks – RM23.50 and I thought she was all right, nice. However, while we were there eating, a group of young Indians, English-speaking and quite obviously non-locals, came – two guys and two ladies and three ordered. The one who didn’t want anything said he was puasa (fasting) so I guess he must be an Indian Muslim. No, they did not have to serve themselves – the Indonesian maid brought them their orders and even their chopsticks and spoons and chilli! Hmmmmm!!!! Never mind! If what they serve here is so good and the people are pleasant enough, I sure would not mind that self-service bit for one delightful meal, no big deal!

Very early the next morning, I went and got the macarons…

Macarons 1

…that we were hoping we could try the previous day so that my girl would get to sample some as well before we sent her back to her school around mid-afternoon. There are altogether 6 flavours, going at 3 for RM10.00, excluding GST. So far, I only had these things twice – homemade ones here…and also here.

That morning, I picked the blue one – if I am not mistaken, that would be the Earl Grey lavender and all I can say would be that it was nice, not bad at all…but very sweet – like eating chocolates. I also had the brown one – the salted caramel and I sure liked this one a lot. The filling was like toffee and I love toffee!!! Probably because it was “salted”, this one was not so sweet, not like the first one I had.

My girl had the yellow (lemon) and the purple (cheese) ones…

Macarons 2

…and she too thought that they were nice but a tad too sweet for her liking. My missus had the one with the green filling, matcha and she said it was very strong on the green tea flavour – those into that would probably love it and no, it was not all that sweet like most of the rest. She also had the one in the middle in the first pic – that’s chocolate, if I am not wrong.

All right, so we’ve tried all of them – mission accomplished! Anybody keen on having some too?

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

25 thoughts on “I gotta try…”

  1. Those soup reminds me sinigang here in the Philippines because they almost look the same! 🙂 hehe

    Similar, I would say – the sourish one that my missus had but different recipe. Sinigang is more like white tom yam, with vinegar and lemon or lime juice added.Does it have salted vegetables in it? This one uses preserved vegetables – same “family” but quite different.

  2. CHEESE macarons?!? i want! i don’t think we actually have cheese-flavoured macarons here in kl 😀

    I didn’t try that one…and I don’t know these things so I may be wrong. It came across to me that the shells are all the same, only different in the colours – and it is the fillings that differ from one to the other, depending on the flavour…and looking at the texture of the fillings, I imagine the cheese one to be something like what one would get in those Julie’s sandwich crackers – sweet, no taste of cheese at all – I love the peanut though, those crackers.

    1. Among all, noodles in clear soup is my preference. Not a huge fan of macarons.

      Me neither – just wanted to give it a try. No prize for guessing whether or not I would be buying anymore. These things – more the snob appeal – young people going for the gaya (style), the class and all that…following the ways of the west. That nice meh? I know I’m old, very old school but I’d rather go for our local kuehs, anytime…and they’re a lot cheaper too!

  3. Now this is what I like. Fish noodle in clear soup.

    No thank you. Not so fancy about macarons.

    Not missing out on much, I would say…but they say Hilton’s are nice. RM3.00 each only – my cousin says better than what she had in Singapore or in Perth. I’d rather go for the fish noodles in clear soup instead too.

  4. I see from above that yourself and quite few don’t care too much for macaroons. I don’t either, can’t really see what the fuss is all about.

    Maybe we’re old… LOL!!! 😀

  5. All was not lost then, since the 3 bowls of noodles met with approval all round. I have never tasted macarons and the few times I had a close encounter with them, I was discouraged by the price. So expensive for those tiny little things. I was told that they are very sweet, so I guess that would not suit me.

    I wonder how much they cost over there. Here, it would work out to less than RM3.50 including GST. I hear they’re selling them at Hilton, Kuching as RM3.00 each, dunno any GST or not.

    Yes, all very sweet except the salted caramel and the matcha. Whatever it is, sweet or not, I do not see what all that hoo-haa over these little things is all about…especially at those prices! Nothing that one can’t live without, honestly!

  6. Have never tried macarons before. Not sure if they are available in Miri.

    I know they have them at Hilton in Kuching, dunno Miri. No worries, I would not say you’re missing out on anything really great.

  7. Yes, a bowl of fish noodles for me please! Correct me if i am wrong, a layer of oil seems to be floating on top of the soup?

    I wouldn’t call that a layer. No pork is used, not even pork bones…so no fat. They probably would use a bit of oil to fry the chunks of ginger to bring out the taste and enhance the fragrance for cooking the soup and they would not use all that much, depending on the amount of ginger, unless they’re one helluva lousy cook. Now everything is so very expensive, don’t expect them to use too much oil…or ginger, for that matter.

  8. oh my, too much sinful pleasures..

    i’m now on a strict no carb diet.. doing a review for this fat loss program (Vanquish), and the doc have put me on this diet for the next 3 months or so. Lol! I can’t cut down all, just minimize the carbs and fat intake 😛

    You? Fat loss? So thin already? Better ask me to go on the programme lah! 😀 I can tell you lah! I stopped noodles (carbs) for a month…and my waistline went down 4 inches…and then it started growing back to normal again – WITHOUT the noodles!

  9. That bowl of Tom Yam make me salivating at this hour. Arthur, we are going to Kuching this November for my daughters’ ping pong tournament. I may have chance to try Sarawak goodies like Kampua Mee, and Kompia. Looking forwards to it.

    I wonder when the exact dates will be – may be going around the 24th, not too sure yet at the moment.

  10. Where do you buy the macaroons in Sibu?

    I’ve provided the links to the place – you can click those…or this one here to see where you can buy them.

    P.S. Is this you, Maria?

  11. Ummm, most of the girls like macarons, but I don’t like…

    Sweet. Don’t see what is there to like – just ok. Maybe they think it is trendy, classy…Ooooo…..I had macarons!!! So bergaya!

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