You make me feel like dancing…

Gee!!! They sure have a way with names at this stall…

Addy Adabi Senduk Menari

…at the Ramadhan Bazaar at Bandong here. Addy Adabi Senduk Menari – hey, that rhymes!!! And Senduk Menari means the Dancing Ladle! Hmmm…that sure is a nice way of putting it – how the ladle moves when one is cooking.

According to this sign…


…they sell the local kampung (village)-style delights here…

Abby Adabi

…and I was rather amused by what they have on their menu here…

Menu 1

…and also here…

Menu 2

…with names of songs such as The Power of Love…and hits by local singers such as Fauziah Latif and Zaiton Sameon.

It would be interesting to see what they would call each dish…


…if they were to label each and every one individually, Labu dan labi for the pumpkin (RM5.00) perhaps…


…and kenek kenek udang for the prawns (RM10.00)…


– the two that I bought home for dinner that day.

If you’ve noticed from the first photograph, they have managed to complete the construction of the hawker stalls

Bandong Walk

…in time for Ramadhan. I think there is a ruling in the peninsula that states that they must not start selling before 3.00 p.m. but I guess they are not so strict here so there were a few things available…


…even though I was there at around 2.00 p.m…

Grilled fish

…to send my car to the car wash on the other side of the road but many stalls were still closed at the time.

I also bought this rojak (RM3.00)…


…generally known as Rojak Kassim after the celebrated one here a long time ago (now based in Kuching), our version of the so-called Indian rojak though to me it is more like the Indonesian gado-gado. This was really very good but it sure did not come cheap! All that was in it were some cucur (fritters), tofu puff and cucumber. They did give quite a lot of the very nice gravy though so if ever I were to buy this again, I certainly would want to add my own boiled potatoes and egg.

I guess there is no point going too early as there would not be very much one could choose from and buy though I certainly would prefer to go before 4 and definitely not after office hours by which time the place would be so jammed packed and one would probably have to park very very far away and walk all the way to the bazaar and the weather these days has not been all that kind – it’s so very very hot here…every day!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

24 thoughts on “You make me feel like dancing…”

  1. zaiton sameon… my grandpa’s idol…

    Yes, I am old enough to be your grandpa. Her kabut song is an all time favourite of mine – I have the karaoke vcd…and of course, Menaruh Harapan too! Btw, kabut in Melanau means backside! 😀

  2. Definitely a lot of nice food there, and I bet they are all cheap. Yum

    Ok, reasonable…not entirely cheap. Nothing is really cheap these days.

  3. The names they give. Very fanciful. Lol. My hubby’s favourite. Sup power!!

    I just gone to my 2nd bazaar yesterday. Went there around 3pm. Most stalls are open. Some just set up. I do not like to go around 5pm as those crowds started to come in after office hour. Will blog about it soon.

    His favourite? Wahhhhh!!!! Makes him strong like a lion, eh? 😉 😉 Heard they’re bull’s testicles… Never tried. 😛

    Me too, not too late as the after-office hours crowd would be there, so many people. 😦

  4. Makan Pun Berselera … the sense of humour on these signboards made me smile 😀 p.s. it’s very very very hot in kl too … up to the point that my air-conditioner has literally broken down, and i’m now relying only on a ceiling fan at home, hehehe 🙂

    Oh dear!!! Did not take good care of it or what?

    Ya, a friend took a photograph and shared on Facebook – I was early so the guy had not labelled the dishes yet. He had “Masak hitam Tiger Woods” which was not as black as the usual – maybe that explains the choice of name. 😀

  5. Hahaha!!!…I wonder how each of them taste like by their fanciful names. The prawns & Indian rojak looks good.

    They’re ok, quite good. I prefer my regular stall, fat guy wearing a cowboy hat…but not his vegetables, mostly.

  6. Not after office hour, but before it everybody still working, hehe!

    Yes, to avoid the crowd and the commotion. Can’t escape the heat though – so so very hot here these days! 😦

  7. I prefer to go in the afternoon than in the night where there’s mountain people mountain sea…

    Here, no more by sunset…all gone home to pray and buka puasa (break fast).

  8. You did not manage to experience the power of love? LOL

    No, I did not get to kiss my darling goodbye either. 😀 Hey!!! Now that you’ve put it this way, I can jolly well guess what the power of love is now – Sup Power!!! Rose’s hubby’s favourite!!! Makes you strong like a lion!!! Muahahahaha!!!!

  9. You know, I read the title of your post with the tune of the song in my mind! 😉 Automatically!
    The owner of the stall certainly has a sense of humour. The name of the stall will attract attention and at least people will approach the stall and check out the food. Menaruh Harapan by Zaiton Sameon. Geez, haven’t heard that name and song for quite a while. (Yes, I know the song, I’m from that ‘era’) 😉
    By the way, it’s blazing hot here too. Haven’t rained for the past week or so..

    That song was a hit in the 80’s, won the Song of the Year Award, I think…in that Anugerah Muzik Muzik show.

    I would think he’s doing pretty well. Every morning, driving past, I would see him at his stall already…all the bags and ingredients on his stall – he has yet to start cooking, around 10 something or 11. That would be an indication that everything is freshly cooked every day – a good sign!

    Gosh!!! The heat!!! I do hope we’d get kinder weather soon.

  10. ooo, i havent had time to drop by the nearest ramadan bazaar yet this time around.. will find time. They have the widest assortment of food at these bazaars.

    You wouldn’t want to go for these, I’m sure – not with all the free Ramadhan buffet events you get invited to.

  11. hah..hah,,,the names are so fancy and over the top 😀 As long as it tastes good, why not? There’s plenty of variety and you are spoilt for choice. There is no Ramadan bazaar near my area, so I have not had the pleasure of eating all the nice food 😦

    Sibu is a small town so we get to pick and choose but I like this one, near my house and more familiar with what’s good and what’s not.

  12. LOL gotta love those names. Here there’s a Malay rice stall called Restoran Ayak Menjerit (ayak = water, Northern slang) LOL!

    That’s a good one – they’re very creative with names – all kinds of interesting ones for their cakes, especially our Sarawak kek lapis.

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