I heard…

…that they have the best nasi kerabu in town here every Ramadhan so the previous Sunday, after sending my girl back to her school, we stopped by…

Kem Rascom 1

…on the way back.

This is one of the army camps around the Sibu area…

Kem Rascom 2

…and this one’s at the 10th Mile along the Old Oya Road past the road to the Sibu Golf Club, just a short distance away, both on your left if you are going in that direction.

They have a small Ramadhan Bazaar by the roadside outside the camp every year…

Ramadhan Bazaar

…and my guess is that the stalls are run by the wives and families of the army personnel at this camp.

I spent a bit of time taking snapshots of this and that and by the time I got to the stalls, my missus had bought the nasi kerabu from one of the stalls there, pre-packed. However, when I walked around the place, I saw this one…

Nasi kerabu stall 1

…that certainly seemed to be a lot more popular – everybody was buying from there…

Nasi kerabu stall 2

…and they let you pick what you want and once done, they would wrap everything up in paper, which is a commendable thing. The use of styrofoam containers is banned in Sibu and I certainly would not buy anything from any place that still uses that. The flimsy cardboard ones or those using some environment-friendly plastic (that I can wash and reuse again and again) are all right. Why, this one even had a banner at the back with their handphone contact…and one look at the girl would tell you this one would be very good – as they say, “Never trust a skinny cook!”

Other than the nasi kerabu, there weren’t a lot of other things around…

Ramadhan bazaar stall

…other than the usual stuff that one can get most anywhere else.

These young boys were very friendly and asked me to take their photograph…

Ramadhan drinks stall

…after which they asked me to buy their drinks but I said I should not take too much sweet stuff so they did not insist.

We had the nasi kerabu

Nasi kerabu 1

… that my missus bought for dinner that night and yes, it was very very nice…

Nasi kerabu 2

– very much nicer than the very good one that we would always go for here in the town proper and this was only RM4.50 a pack plus they also gave a bit of some kind of curry gravy separately that was very nice indeed and went very well with everything else including the rice. It is RM5.00 for fish and RM5.50 for chicken at our regular place and they do not give that stuffed chili. Besides, they also marinate the fish quite differently here, not the simple deep-fried ones that we would usually get – and this one’s a whole lot nicer as well, I must say. However, be forewarned that this one is super-duper spicy hot, so very hot that I actually felt I was blowing out fire as I was eating it.

My missus also bought this traditional Malay masak lemak perut sapi dengan rebung (tripe and bamboo shoots cooked in rich and creamy coconut milk gravy) dish…


…from dunno-which-stall to try and yes, it was very very good too.

Well, we’re halfway through Ramadhan now and we only have around two weeks to go so if you would like to try the really very nice nasi kerabu and whatever they may have to offer here, you’d better make it fast…or wait till this time next year.


Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

24 thoughts on “I heard…”

  1. These are really tasty traditional Malay food that I seldom get to see – especially the tripe with bamboo shoots. I can imagine that it is very tasty and rich because of the creamy coconut milk.

    I am more into this kind of cuisine – bursting with flavours, so very nice…and if it has that extra kick – extra spicy, my missus would love it to bits too!

  2. this is the original one… use herbs for the green tinge instead of bunga telang… http://babysmooches.blogspot.com/2011/08/khao-jam-nasi-kerabu.html

    Name sounds Thai but then of course, they’re just across the border.

    Bunga telang is just colour – if it is herbs, many here may not like it. Even this version that we have here, many do not like it for two main reasons – very spicy…and they get put off by the smell of some stuff in the thinly sliced vegetables (and I got scolded because they went to eat after reading about it in my blog).

    Foochows here, not quite into anything very spicy though some of us are now and their taste is as simple as their cooking – nice in its own ways…like their kampua & kompia. I’m Foochow/Melanau – and I am still learning too.

  3. The Nasi Kerabu comes with a stuffed chili, how authentic!

    They’re the army wives – guess they’re from the peninsula, probably the east coast so they would know what they’re doing. The one we always go for – she’s from Sarawak, hubby from Penang but he does not cook, only her…but it was good too – not as good but very good and good enough for us to keep wanting to go for it again and again.

  4. Such a pity the Satok bazaar no longer in operation this year in Kuching. Permanently close as alot complaints on the cleanliness and jam. So far I only been to one. On the 1st day.

    The kerabu looks yummy. If it was very spicy for you, I dont think I can take too much. Haha.

    Probably not. My girl would love it, I’m sure – so very nice but we did not buy for her, we didn’t think she could handle it. They’ve scaled down the one at the town square here too – not so many stalls now…and they have some in front of Wisma Sanyan, split up. I really do not know why as that is a busy street – best avoided afternoon time, would be so jammed, I’m sure.

  5. Has been ages since my last visit to Ramadhan Bazaar. All the above looks great especially the bamboo shoots in coconut milk. Am not into anything too spicy so a pass for kerabu.

    You can go for the tripe with bamboo shoots – not spicy, very nice.

  6. Nasi kerabu with stuffed chilli? Never seen that.. I thought just salted egg, fried chicken and stuffs like that.. Must be nice.. The drinks look very sweet and colourful to me, dare not drink it, especially the green one, hehe..

    That, you can get with the more authentic ones. I’ve seen it in recipes for nasi kerabu and photos but the one we always go for here does not have that – first time seeing the actual thing and eating it.

    Used to love air bandung when young especially on school sports days – it was pink!!! Grenadine with evaporated milk served icy cold – so very nice! The red one is probably roselle, dunno the green or the yellow one. Well, isn’t Fanta banana green too? Never mind what colour now – as long as it is sweet, I’d pass.

  7. I do love nasi kerabu and I’ve found a good one at my neighbourhood ramadhan bazaar (hmmm…maybe I’ll do a post on that). They let you choose what you want before packing it. Looks like even if styrofoam is banned in Sibu, some traders just don’t care (like the nasi kerabu your missus bought). In KL, we’re not so fortunate, styrofoam is used everywhere. If you don’t want that, you have to bring your own containers (which I do sometimes but it’s not always convenient to do so).

    Yes, it does look like styrofoam in the photos, the packs of nasi kerabu my missus bought but I did not really notice at the time. Otherwise, I would have made a big fuss and grumble to no end about her buying those had I seen them in styrofoam containers.

    If they were styrofoam, she probably had some old stock saved from previous years or she got them from elsewhere, maybe even from the peninsula since these people at this bazaar are all from there. Generally, nobody uses them now here, probably cannot buy them anymore as most likely, the wholesalers do not stock up on those since nobody is buying. Maybe I will drop by again one of these days to confirm…and if indeed, she is using styrofoam, I will have to tell her off. Tsk! Tsk!

    Many use a translucent plastic type now – the cardboard ones will not hold very well especially when there’s gravy but I am not too sure about that one – it’s plastic, even though they say it is environment-friendly plastic. One good thing is – they are washable and can be reused again and again, unlike styrofoam. It’s only here in Sibu though – I hear they still use styrofoam in Kuching and elsewhere around the state.

    Ya, this fat girl lets the customers choose…and she wraps everything up in paper – good practice!

  8. I haven’t seen nasi kerabu since my childhood. Don’t even know if it’s available in Singapore nowadays. I remember not liking it much because of the herbs, and wonder if my adult self would enjoy it.

    Yes, some of my friends who went to try our favourite one here said the same thing – they did not like the herbs. I can’t remember when or where I had my first nasi kerabu – no, did not see it anywhere when I was in Singapore, 1973. Those days, my favourite would be nasi padang. Yummmm, miss that so much – none here. 😦

  9. This year I will give this a miss… I like the last dish.. Bamboo shoots, right? I like to eat that those days, reminds me of meetings where I look forward to taking lunch.. Hahaaaa..

    Bamboo shoots, cold – not good for aches and pains but missus loves it! Never mind, she will say, take pain killer. 😦

  10. Oh, nasi kerabu! That looks so good. So did you go back to get the nasi kerabu at the other stall? Food stalls here still use styrofoam boxes. I have now made it a habit to bring my own stainless steel containers.

    Not yet. It’s 10 miles away – may do so…or may just wait till next year. I am not sure if they like the idea of using our containers – some are very particular about these things these days.

  11. I love going to army camp Ramadhan Bazaar. In kuching, we would go to 7th Mile army camp.

    They have a camp at 7th Mile. I only know there is one at Penrissen. 7th Mile one good? The best in Kuching? May go and check it out.

  12. I like the Ramadhan Bazaar in Malaysia, so many yummy yummy foods…

    Singapore? My mum loved going to Geylang Serai around these times – she used to go to Singapore with my dad, those days when she could walk.

  13. One fine day I must try this nasi kerabu but not from those raya hawkers… I find it’s not very hygienic.

    Dunno about the stalls there but they are very strict here – they even set up a special stall for people to complain…and they’ve made the big one at the town square smaller and started some stalls elsewhere – maybe that would make it easier to control. Rose said they’ve closed down the big one in Kuching, too crowded and too dirty – they should do that there, be more vigilant about these things…even the regular everyday roadside stalls, not just at such Ramadhan Bazaars – like the ones opposite my girl’s institute in Sungai Petani – food not covered, multitude of flies lining up along the side of the food trays!

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