I’ll remember your name…

The name of this coffee shop…

Bosco Cafe Sibu

…sure stands a head above the rest.

The only Bosco that I can remember would be Bosco De Cruz, the announcer on The Voice of Malaysia during my teenage years and his programme, “Old Favourites” every Thursday afternoon. I used to write letters to him via snail mail – no poslaju, no sms-es, no email, no Twitter or whatever at the time, to request for songs and dedicate them to my similarly-inclined friends and you can imagine all of us tuning in faithfully week after week for the cheap thrill of hearing our names on air…on short-wave radio some more – I am pretty sure many of you do not know what that is, nor for that matter, medium wave. The other one at that station at the time was George Abraham and his show, “It’s all yours”, on Tuesday afternoons.

With a glamorous name like that, one would expect some upscale fine dining western cafe or restaurant that would burn a hole in your pocket but no, this one’s a coffee shop right next to one with an equally unique name…

Minah Cafe Sibu

No, this is not a Malay coffee shop but a Chinese one with a kampua noodle stall that sure seemed to be enjoying bustling business that morning when I was there. Both of them are located in the block of shophouses facing the left side of Tanah Mas Hotel, in case you’re wondering where exactly they are. You can see the circular building (beside New Capitol Restaurant) that houses all the Malay food stalls in the background in the above photograph.

I heard about this one, Bosco, but when I dropped by that day, I could not remember what it was that people had there and were sharing photographs of them on Facebook or on Instagram. There were no stalls in front, only a chu-char (cook & fry) place at the back so I just ordered a plate of Foochow fried noodles, wet (with sauce/gravy) and my usual glass of kopi-o-peng – iced black coffee (RM1.70) which was all right, nothing to shout about.

The spoon and chopsticks came in the usual mug of boiling water and I must say that I liked this one…

Nice mug

…that they used for mine, so mushily romantic. LOL!!!

While I was waiting for my noodles, some people came and sat at the vacant table right next to mine and the waitress was telling them about the things available. From what I overheard, it seems that you can order noodles with fish or those giant freshwater prawns like what we had here at comparatively more affordable prices ranging from RM15 to RM20 to RM30.

Of course I had no intention of eating that but I would say I was kind of disappointed when mine came (RM4.00)…

Bosco Foochow fried noodles 1

…because the sauce/gravy was clear. I would prefer it dark like what I would get at some places in town.

Nonetheless, it was very nice and had that much coveted wok hei fragrance and when tossed altogether…

Bosco Foochow fried noodles 2

…it did not matter very much really whether it was black or white…ummm…I mean, clear. Besides, there were quite a lot of ingredients though I would prefer more green vegetables instead of those carrot slices. We never had carrot in our fried noodles all those years when I was a lot younger…and no black fungus either.

All in all, I would say it was good enough for anyone to stop by for a bite (especially those from elsewhere staying at hotels all over the vicinity) though I do not foresee me doing that very soon as that area is one of the most congested in the town centre and as far as parking goes, it would be much easier trying to find a needle in the haystack.

Thank you so much to 1sun3 for the lovely goodies…

Goodies from Sheta

…that I received from her via poslaju yesterday afternoon, including the very nice Cherating fridge magnet…

Cherating fridge magnet

that I won in her blog sometime ago. I love the guitar key chain especially and the bars of soap smell awesomely wonderful. Thank you, thank you…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

22 thoughts on “I’ll remember your name…”

  1. I’ve heard of Bosco the Clown too. I love having carrot in fried rice but not noodles. But I don’t mind carrots in noodles for the boys though.

    You too? Is this some new cartoon character that I don’t know about? Hmmmmm….do not do unto others what you would not want others do unto you. 😀

  2. The only Bosco I know is a Hong Kong actor. Lol.

    Such a nice name for a coffee shop.

    The noodle looks good. A lot.

    It was nice and yes, the serving was all right – the usual that you’d get around here, quite a lot. Ya, I like the name too. Dunno the actor though I may have seen some news about him somewhere.

    1. Same here, I was almost wanted to comment the same thing, the only Bosco I know is the TVB actor.

      He sure seems very famous, eh?

  3. I know Bosco the TVB actor, used to be very handsome and dark and tall and muscular one, hehehehehe.. Am attracted to the homemade soap, looks like Taiwan/Macau pineapple cakes at first 🙂

    I may have seen some news about him on Yahoo, some scandal perhaps…but I don’t know who he is. Thank goodness she didn’t send me any Taiwan pineapple cakes, over-rated and not nice – saw at the supermart that day – lelong!!! Nobody wants! I think they wanted to cash in on the popularity so they ordered a lot…and in the end, they got stuck with all the about-to-expire stock.

  4. Whether black or white or clear, it still looks good to me. Nice lovely goodies, love the fridge magnet.

    Yes, it was all right, good and much better than some I have had elsewhere.

  5. Doesn’t matter if its dark or clear, if its good, its good. Btw, a typo, below the 3rd photo, 2nd line, the table right next to “mine” i believe?

    Ok, thanks for pointing that out. Let me go and edit now… Ok, done!

  6. The portion of the noodles so little. 3 scoops finished makan liao.

    Not really. Maybe it looked so in the photograph. Generally, Sibu Foochow servings, where got small one? Not like the KL Hokkien mee I had at Lot 10 Hutong – one mouthful habis…and not cheap some more.

  7. There’s also a new cafe near my place that is called Bosco cafe, but they’re selling HK styled cuisine, so I guess they are not related with this one. That one I think it is really named after the Bosco that the younger generation nowadays know, the HKTVB Bosco 😀

    I’m not sure if this one is named after the owner…or after that actor too but for sure, the two are not related in any way – one north one south, one east one west.

  8. I remember Bosco De Cruz. He used to read the news too. I can’t help feeling amused by the two contrasting names – Bosco and Minah 😀

    Yes, yes…that’s the one! He used to read the English news on TV – RTM. Don’t remember any Mak Minah…but I can recall Mak Inon on tv or in those old Malay films, funny character.

  9. I can remember when the Club Med at Cherating was being proposed and then built. I’ve never been there myself and also haven’t heard of it for such a long time till your blog today.

    Yes, when they started (in the 80’s, I think), I was hoping that I would go one day – they even started a Feri Malaysia service linking Sarawak to Cherating but eventually, it went bankrupt. The resort is still going strong though – I’ve seen blogger friends going there and blogging about it. Old now, not that anxious to go anymore – I would rather head to the hills, nice and cool…rest and relaxation.

  10. Bosco…used to be one of my favourite HK actors… Other than that, I dont know any Bosco… Nice souvenirs… So you won a prize!

    Yes, I think we just had to comment in her blog and then she would pick the winner – I was the lucky one. 😉

  11. Looks like the cafes at your place are all named after someone’s name eh?
    Hope to see suituapui Cafe next time haha

    That will be the day – though there is already an Ah Bui or Ah Pui Cafe here – nothing to do with me though…unfortunately.

  12. Bosco De Cruz … i must admit, that name doesn’t ring a bell for me … or maybe i’ve forgotten! i’ve tried googling him to find some voice clips, but i can’t seem to find any 🙂

    You’re way too young, I guess. His name was mentioned in this article (https://uppercaise.wordpress.com/2013/03/26/rtms-alan-zachariah-dies-at-71/) on the passing of Alan Zachariah – you probably would know Alan and the likes of Constance Haslam, Yasmin Yusuf, and the infamous Patrick Teoh. Great voices from those days on short-wave and medium-wave radio.

  13. I bet that would make a great article (or book even) – how restaurants got their names.

    They certainly have interesting names in KL – re. Sean’s blog. Over here, not really – the Chinese shops usually would have names that have got to do with good luck, good fortune and prosperity, I guess.

  14. Wow that cup is super sappy and adorable. I love it!

    Those noodles look amazing. Last weekend, I made some for my daughter and the BF. We were visiting him on Saturday and it seemed as if they were in competition to see who could eat the most! I thought there would be leftovers; however, there wasn’t enough to amount too much. Along with the noodles, I made a chicken dish and a dry chana dish too.

    Would be ideal for you and your BF to share, that mug! Wink! Wink!

    Noodles are always the favourite of all at parties & dinners, especially the young ones – they will always ask for seconds and thirds…but when it comes to rice, that’s a different story altogether, especially plain white rice. 😀

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