Come back again…

This place

The Cafe Ind Sibu

…was closed when we dropped by the 2nd day of the Gawai Dayak holidays so we went to this Taiwan-franchise place instead.

Well, we made our way back there again last week and for the uninititated, this is where one can get authentic Indian and Indonesian cuisines here, both under one roof – they have two separate kitchens and three menus – one Indian, one Indonesian and one for drinks. As for the location, it is along Lai Chee Lane, right behind the sole BSN branch in Sibu.

I did not notice these before…


…and I thought that was a nice idea, using those kitchen utensils to hold up the creepers and potted plants.

My missus had this fried kway teowΒ or flat rice noodles (RM13.00)…

Cafe Ind fried kway teow

…from the Indonesian menu with a special request for it to be extra spicy and she even asked for sliced cili padi to go with it so of course, she enjoyed that to the max.

I had the tandoori chicken with rice (RM16.50)…

Cafe Ind tandoori chicken with rice

– not my first time having this and yes, and it was as nice as always. My missus went and sat at a table inside, the air-conditioned section, and my girl followed her – I am not all that fond of the choice as it is a little dim so that would make it hard to take nice photographs knowing the limitations of my small digicam. The one I have in this earlier post of the same sure looks a lot nicer – we were sitting outside that day.

My girl had the tandoori chicken paratha (RM11.00)…

Cafe Ind tandoori chicken paratha

…for a change instead of her usual lamb curry bryani rice and she liked it. She also loved the Indian curried potato salad…

Cafe Ind Indian curried potato salad

…that came with it and also the raita that was in my set – I have yet to acquire a taste for it so I passed that to her.

They have increased the prices of everything in their menus but rightfully so, I would say, considering that of late, the prices of everything have been shooting up like nobody’s business. It is perfectly all right by me as long as they are able to maintain the quality of everything served here to ensure value for money and that is one thing that I can say each time we drop by – we always feel that what we have here is consistently good and we sure would not mind coming again and again.

The bill that day came up to RM48.50 and the boss was kind enough to round it up to RM45.00. That sure deserves another double thumbs up…and we sure enjoyed what we had a lot more than our orders at the Taiwan chicken place that day for over RM48.00 but of course, others may choose to differ – like I always say, to each his own!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

17 thoughts on “Come back again…”

  1. The food looks great, Arthur…the tandoori chicken and the paratha attracted me most…yummmss!

    Missing our Asian food already eh? Same thing whenever I was overseas – could have just about that much, after a while…would start to miss home and our own already.

  2. You are kind to promote his food. Of course the boss gave you a discount!!
    Lovely food but such pity I did not go there. Always want to but no kaki makan or something put me off. Haha.

    There is a new paratha stall that I tried last week. Not bad. Coming up in my blog.

    You should have called me – when it comes to eating, I’d be there right away!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    Ya, he did not have to but he was nice enough to give me a discount – that’s one way to do business – these little gestures will keep the customers coming back…unlike places where they would wait for you to dig out 10 sen to pay the balance in the bill or they would rather give you 90 sen change if you give them RM1, no way they would write off that 10 sen. If not for the good food, I would not bother going back again – this kind of places.

    Lots of nice Indian places in Kuching, I know…not like here.

  3. I like the creative idea using those kitchen utensils for their plants. Am not too fond of Indian cuisine but the fried kway teow really looks great.

    You’re like my missus then. My girl and I would always order Indian…and she would always ask for something from the Indonesian menu. extra spicy!

  4. I like Mel’s chicken paratha.. I prefer cheese naan though.. But I bet her paratha is just as nice.. Look at the potatoes, looks so so delicious.. Anything potatoes, bet she likes πŸ™‚

    Indeed, she does!

  5. Lai chee lane… Nearby noodle house right?

    Yup…just walk a bit, just a few metres, can see that wait-for-10-sen place a stone’s throw away…from the five-foot-way.

  6. I love Naan! Works well with mint yogurt!

    That would be a lot healthier than the usual dhal or curry dip, I guess? My girl would love it, I’m sure – she loves yogurt and ate all my raita – I didn’t touch it.

  7. Attracted by the tandoori chicken…

    Very nice – they do it really well here – very moist and succulent. At some mamak shops that I’ve been to, they were so dry, didn’t enjoy it at all.

  8. Luckily I just had lunch – Indian food, rice, mutton curry and vegetables or else I’ll be twitching looking at Melissa’s and your selections! The Indian curried potato salad looks delicious. I can never resist curried potatoes!

    Yes, I do love Indian very much. We only have one authentic one, chef from North India – plus two West Malaysian mamaks here. Thank goodness this one is really good.

  9. That’s absolutely very creative idea to use the kitchen utensils to hold the plants, reminds me of the floria, where they use the “tabung uji” to keep the plant also.

    Test tubes! I had to google to find out what that is, tabung uji. πŸ˜€

    1. Coz during my time we call it tabung uji (when still use malay to teach science), hahaha…

      Now it’s back to Malay again, was in English for just a while.

  10. First time heard a shop sold Indonesian and Indian food. Anyway, love your tandoori chicken with naan. RM48 or Rm45 is cheap la for so much food !!

    Two kitchens, three menus – now you’ve heard it. Most importantly, the chefs are authentic ones – from North India and Jakarta, not like many places here there and everywhere. Like when I went to this Thai place in Kuching – never mind that the owner was from KL, that’s fine…but the chef was from Johore. Tsk! Tsk!

    Cheap for such classier, nicer places – would be cheaper at coffee shops and hawker centres, like what we had in tomorrow’s post.

  11. The roti paratha which I used to call it roti naan always my kid’s favorite. They like to dip with condensed milk.

    They’re all more or less the same…to me, at least – for someone who is not all that familiar with Indian bread. If I’m not mistaken, what we call canai, they call paratha in Singapore and the southern part of the peninsula. There is a difference between naan and paratha though:

  12. Love the food here, good that they are still doing good!

    Surviving, I guess. Not so many customers but I hear that they do get quite a lot sometimes. Only place with authentic Indian and Indonesian here, hope they will stay in business – will certainly go again.

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