Mambo gelato…

After our breakfast that morning with my dad, we were already very full so we decided to skip lunch that afternoon…and went around here and there to while away the time.

Then I asked my girl if she wanted to go and roam around one of the mega malls in town and she did! She said that she would like to try the gelato there. ..

Crispy Shop, Star Mega Mall Sibu

…so off we went!

This place has been around for a long time now, over a year perhaps or maybe two or more…

Gelato Star Mega Mall Sibu 1

In fact, when my cousins were here early last month, they were impressed that we have a stall here when they do not have one in Kuching and one of them even took a photograph to share on Facebook…

Cousin's photo on Facebook
*Cousin’s photo on Facebook (Gee!!! These look so much nicer! Must be freshly made or new stock – and the ones in my photograph are already over a month old, the leftovers! Tsk! Tsk!)*

They did not give it a try though and all this time, neither had we…especially when they certainly do not come cheap…

Gelato @ Star Mega Mall Sibu 3

Ah well! My girl is working now, already officially confirmed in her post, and I do not have any commitments, no unpaid loans and stuff so we just went ahead. At least, we can say yes, we have tried!!! Now, nobody can say that we, small town people, are so backward (living in trees and all) and do not know what aΒ gelato is…and the difference between that and ice cream.

We placed our order for three scoops, three different flavours – one each…

Gelato @ Star Mega Mall Sibu 4

…and in the meantime, I went around the stall to see what else they have in store. There were these waffles…

Crispy Shop waffles

…and whatever these were…

Crispy Shop whatever

…among some other things as well and they also sell freshly-squeezed juices too…

Crispy Shop fresh juices

…concentrated, unadulterated…not diluted like what you may get at some places including those at some upscale cafes and restaurants but no, the ones here, if I’m not wrong, do not come cheap either. Honestly, I am very surprised that they do seem to be doing very well – everytime I am around there, there are always people around ordering this and that.

We sat down to enjoy our gelato

Gelato @ Star Mega Mall 5

…my girl and her mum had started off on theirs while I was going around taking photographs – the honey dew on top and the tiramisu on the left respectively. My Nestum is on the right. I did check the prices of those at one place in KL and it appears that theirs do not come cheap either, more or less the same prices…but of course, those are branded ones…like the celebrated ice cream brands that cost a bomb too…per scoop!

So were they any good? Yes, I would say they were very nice – not sweet, creamy but at those prices, I think I would much sooner grab a few tubs of our regular ice cream at a supermart and eat myself to kingdom come.

Author: suituapui

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24 thoughts on “Mambo gelato…”

  1. LoL at the picture comparison between your cousin and yours.

    Yes, gelato does not come cheap so it is a very rare treat for the boys if they ever get one πŸ™‚

    Not much more expensive than those branded ice cream, if I am not wrong. Those are real tempting too…

  2. Oooh gelato! Yum!

    You like? I thought it was nice but no, it did not sweep me off my feet. My girl has tried the ones at another place here, also own-made – she said that one’s not very nice, not quite like it. She misses the ones she used to enjoy in Wellington – I guess it’s not so pricey there, in their currency – just don’t convert.

  3. There is one in Kuching but not sure how good is it. Maybe I shall check it out some day and compare with yours. πŸ˜‰

    Tried this stall once. So many flavours to choose from, we were confused. Haha. I actually enjoy browsing around there looking at those stalls. My mum liked the steamed sweet potatoes from one of the stalls.

    There is? Where? Obviously my cousin does not know of it.

    Yes, it’s the same stall – they do sell steamed sweet potatoes too but we did not have that…nor their grilled chicken wings. Didn’t take snapshots of all that they have at this stall.

    1. There is one in ST3 shopping mall (opposite The Spring).

      Ok, maybe my cousin can go and check it out. I don’t even know there is such a place anywhere around Spring.

  4. Ahhh, gelato !! I’m always attracted to the fruit toppings on top of the gelato when I pass by the stall inside the shopping mall.. Not only fruit toppings, but cookies and jellybeans and all too.. I always buy the dragon fruit gelato, nice & refreshing !!

    Dragon fruit eh? Not sure if they have that here but anyway, I don’t think I will go for it again. One little cup, I can go for some other things that I would enjoy a lot more.

  5. Gelato, not too much of that, eat everything & anything in moderation. The waffles looks great.

    Not at that price! Well, at least, I’ve tried and that is it! I wonder about those waffles though they do look very nice – but with chicken floss. Usually, I would have waffles sweet.

  6. Gelato is basically just the Italian word for ice cream. Technically, they mean the same thing LOL! But Italian way of doing ice cream is that they would whip more air into the mixture so the ice cream is softer than the other ice creams that we usually have.

    Yes, it’s supposed to be Italian but no, it isn’t exactly softer, more or less the same…or maybe the one here isn’t all that authentic but it is creamier and not as sweet as the ones sold at the supermarkets.

  7. OOo waffles! Gelato!! Buns! not really a gelato fan though… BTw where is this place again?

    Star MegaMall. I would say it was ok, nice…more or less like ice cream, maybe creamier than those sold in the plastic tubs and not as sweet but it sure did not get me jumping up and down with delight…plus at those prices, I think once is quite enough for me.

  8. I also prefer ice cream to gelato.

    You do get very good ice cream there – had some lovely own-made ones at a few places in NZ. Here, it would be between this and those in the plastic tubs sold at the supermarkets. We do not have the branded ones like HD or BR here…and anyway, those are equally expensive, not for me…thank you very much.

  9. Ooooo! I love gelato! There is one outlet called Mamamia Gelato at Tesco. Once in a while my partner will give me a treat (or rather I hint hint to him hee..hee..) and we get the 4 scoops to share which cost RM22.95.

    That’s cheap!!! Works out to only over RM5 per scoop. I wonder if the 3-flavour cup means three scoops of different flavours or a bit of each flavour, one scoop. If it is just one scoop, no way am I going to pay almost RM20.00 for that. Absolutely ridiculous!!! Insane!

  10. Tried gelato before in Kuching and loved it. My sister tried the authentic one while touring in Italy. She said it was the best ice cream she had tasted.

    Good eh? At those prices, I think I’d pass. Can jolly well live without them.

  11. til kingdom comes eh. haha,.. it’s not THAT much more expensive right?

    It is!!! One tub…so many scoops, RM7.00. This small scoop over RM10.00. Ouch!!!! If rich like you-know-who, ok lah. Belanja when I go KL, can? Wink! Wink!

  12. I’ve only had gelato a few times. It was nice, but I’m not much of a sweet eater. Give me savory any day. I think I remember you saying you prefer savory too?

    Yes, indeed. Especially things that are very sweet, I’d surely give the thumbs down. This one’s not so sweet so for me, it would be ok, once in a while. I’d rather go for the savoury stuff.

  13. Ice cream…my favorite…but every time I want to buy some, then my mom would say “you’re too fat for that already…!” =.=!!

    You fat? Oh me oh my!!!

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