On a clear day…

It was a clear day that day…

On a clear day

…when we dropped by this coffee shop…

Tamenlou Cafe

…located along this road…

Jalan Kai Peng Sibu

…in the town centre.

In the past, the weather would be hot and dry around this time of the year but lately, we do get some rain on some days, thankfully. It was sunny and very hot that afternoon but we heard that there is a bak kut teh stall here and the dry version is very good so we wanted to drop by and give it a try. Unfortunately, it was closed – according to the people there, it is not open for business every Tuesday.

Well, since we were already there, we reckoned that we might as well check out what they had at the other stalls and see if they were any good. After all, we do not go around that part of town very often as it is usually very congested and finding a space to park the car can be quite a pain.

My girl wanted the meat porridge (RM3.50)…

Tamenlou Cafe

…that she did not get to enjoy the day before and the day before that. There was an egg inside, drowned in the porridge, and she said that it was nice and to her liking.

My missus had the kolo mee (RM3.70)…

Tamenlou Cafe kolo mee

…while I had the kampua noodles special (RM4.00)…

Tamenlou Cafe kampua special

…and yes, both were pretty good though I would prefer it a lot more if they could cut down a little bit on the msg – should I happen to drop by here again and have this, I certainly would just ask them to do that. I don’t think that will be a problem. However, if that happens, we probably would want to try the bak kut teh…or something else.

Anyway, if anyone is interested and is not exactly sure of the location, it is to the left of the HSBC Building here, to the extreme left of that block of shophouses facing the side of the bank, right below Phoenix Hotel.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

15 thoughts on “On a clear day…”

  1. Too bad the bak kut teh stall was closed but all was not lost. Everyone ate some other nice food. Your kampua noodle has so many slices of liver that it is worth the RM4. I also cannot take MSG, will be very very thirsty if I took it without knowing.

    Me too. I saw one old lady at her kampua stall adding one spoonful, scooped. I never went back again. I did not see how much msg the guy here added but the lingering taste lasted for a long time…or maybe I’m too sensitive to it since I do not add any in my own cooking except for what’s hidden in the stock and sauces, more than enough there – no need to add anymore.

  2. Long time did not ear bkt. It is very warm lately. Phew! Feel roasted in own home if did not on the air-con.

    Glad you guys enjoyed your food. It is not easy to find parking there.

    Yes, that is why I seldom venture into the town centre – hard to find parking and always so congested. So hot in Kuching? Here, it is not so bad though the hot days do get very very hot as well. 😦

  3. Congested area??…finding parking space is a pain????…I would certainly avoid those places but luckily what you have is good. Worst is motorbike taken up parking lots meant for cars.

    We wanted to try the bak kut teh plus we had things to do in that area or we would not have bothered either. Here, not really, maybe once in a long while, I will get to see one – motorcycles in parking spaces for cars (the ones in the photo with the road sign – those are spaces meant for motorcycles) – though some cars may occupy two spaces, or some are too big and they park too near the line so when I park next to it, I cannot get out – and I am, by no means, small…and one thing I cannot stand would be young men and ladies parking their flashy cars in the lots designated for the disabled. Shameless!

  4. I cook minced pork porridge all the time at home. Sometimes a simple meal like this is the best. I like that the porridge was topped with some fried shallots…added yum (I do that at home too…sometimes with fried garlic)! πŸ˜€

    Hahhhh!!! Not my girl! From small, she would not touch fried shallots – so she’d push them aside and painstakingly pick out the bits one by one. Forgot to tell them not to add that…and she does not like cilantro either. I would have to note all these when cooking at home.

  5. Your daughter’s yen for porridge reminds me it is now time for porridge breakfasts. Heavenly on a cold morning! The liver also looks very delicious.

    I wouldn’t want porridge on cold days – will go to the toilet all the time, all water. I love porridge but would prefer to have it on hot days…or at times, after a feast of meat like after Chinese New Year. Yes, the liver was good but I’d prefer it cut in bigger slices, not strips like this.

  6. i see the special has pork liver … yay! though chicken liver would be even better, heheh πŸ˜€

    Not a fan of chicken liver, it’s softer. I love beef liver though, cooked as a rendang dish. Can get it sometimes at the Malay food stalls here.

  7. I really dislike food with too much msg. I would be so thirsty and drink until I feel bloated. Ooo I see liver in your kampua noodles. I love liver πŸ™‚

    I guess if it is Chinese, you can expect that – if it is good, the next time around, I will always put in a request to have less or none at all…especially if I have had a bad experience before. If still the same, I will not bother going again. My regular places – no msg…or they know not to use much when it comes to my orders.

  8. U making me hungry by looking at the pictures, hehe…

    Nahhhh!!! You have lots of good stuff there, way nicer than these…

  9. So many kampua pictures. 😦 I should get my instant kampua replenish soon!!

    With the congestion and the hassle of finding a parking space…and paying when one can find one, I would much sooner go elsewhere.

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