It was a good day…

A week had gone past and there was only one more week left before the end of the mid-year school holidays but even though we did not go some place for a holiday, I would say it had been great, spending quality time with my girl and making the most of it…like last Friday, for instance, when I took her to our favourite Italian restaurant in town.

We enjoyed the fisherman combo…

Bistecca & Bistro fisherman combo

…very much though there wasn’t as much in that platter as what we had had some place else like here, for instance. It seems that they have a choice between parrot fish or dory and I sure would not want the latter as often, it has a smell that I am not particularly fond of and at times, the texture is like jelly, not all that palatable – they say it depends on the variety and also where the frozen fillet comes from. I am not sure what a parrot fish is though – I imagine it to be one of those very nice and expensive ones that people keep as pets, the flowerhorn or something but still, I decided to give it a try and yes, it was very good, smooth and tasty and had none of that fishy smell that will put off a lot of people.

We also had the seafood pasta aglio olio

Bistecca & Bistro seafood aglio olio

…and there were slices of salmon in it so we picked them all out and let my girl enjoy all of them – she loves salmon…and yes, this was good too!

I ordered the fish fillet burger…

Bistecca & Bistro fish fillet burger 1

…as well and yes, it was parrot fish too and boy, it was huge…with two generous pieces of fish fillet…

Bistecca & Bistro fish fillet burger 2

…and whatever else in the bun plus the chips by the side.

I loved the chips and wedges here – they sure tasted like their own freshly-made ones, none of those that one can buy pre-fried in huge packs at the supermarkets and I loved the potatoes they used. When I buy them at the shops or market, I do find that at times, they are very very much to my liking while sometimes, they are not so good. They say that it depends on which country they come from and I have encountered some that were not so nice and starchy and some did not even cook so well, still hard after a long time and those would not make really great mashed potatoes, I feel.

We did not think their potato salad…

Bistecca & Bistro potato salad

…was as nice as the Japanese version of the same that we had here a few days earlier though.

We were all very full after everything that we had ordered but that did not stop us from going for their panna cotta

Panna cotta

…for dessert – just one for us all to share.

Then, when I went to the counter to pay, I was informed that my ex-student, who was there with his wife for lunch, had settled everything for us. Good grief!!! *face palm* And I ordered so much as I wanted my girl to enjoy as much as she could before going back to her school once the holiday had ended!!! Gee! That was so embarrassing but thank you so very much to my ex-student all the same. You shouldn’t have but it sure was really nice and sweet of you to do that.

After we had left the restaurant, we stopped by one of the malls in town to pick up a few things and my girl went to try her luck at one of those claw machines there. She enjoys that very much and would always stop by and spend a few ringgit everytime to see if she could win anything but so far, she had never had any luck until that day. Believe it or not, with just one ringgit, she got this plush toy…

Plush toy

…upon her very first try! Ain’t that great? Now what do you think that is? A horse? Or do you think it’s a donkey?

It certainly was a good day that day…a very very good day!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

16 thoughts on “It was a good day…”

  1. Happy day there!

    I believe that’s a horse. confusion started due to its colour, similar to the donkey in the cartoon πŸ˜€

    Most certainly was.

    Yup! I do think that’s a horse too – donkeys have long ears. πŸ˜€

  2. The seafood pasta aglio olio would be my order. Packed with seafood – yum!

    It was very good – wouldn’t mind having that again the next time we drop be this place.

  3. It’s a donkey !! I always have no luck with the claw machine.. Looks very easy and simple to play, but not as easy as it looks, haha.. I like your fish fillet burger, chips, everything…

    My girl’s colleague told her to pick one closest to the “hole” and she did. Got the horse or donkey or whatever upon her first try, just RM1.00!!! We always enjoy what they serve here – best to go lunchtime, not so crowded…and not as dim/dark.

  4. All looks great. Oh boy, 2 pieces of fish fillet in the burger, am voting for that. Indeed a good & lucky day for Melissa. That soft toy looks nice to cuddle with.

    Yes, she loved it so much and was absolutely delighted. The burger was very good and so was everything else that we had, one of our more-favoured eateries in town.

  5. The foods there looks great…

    Bet you have Italian restaurants a whole lot nicer over there!

  6. Can’t even see the pasta for that aglio olio… well-covered under the seafood

    It was one of those plates like a hat…with a hole in the middle so all the pasta was in there, and most of the seafood was just on top.

  7. The fisherman combo looks good! πŸ™‚

    It was very good just that at some other places around here, they would give a lot more…especially at that price.

  8. Very good and lucky day. Everything was delicious. I would like that fish fillet burger.

    We enjoyed everything very much…except the potato salad – just so-so, nothing exceptional, sure will not want to order that again.

  9. It’s a horse! Hehe. She’s very lucky. I never managed to catch one from that machine. hehe.

    Oh? Horse, eh? So it’s leading now – three horses, two donkeys. πŸ˜€

    Try again, pick one that is near the “hole”. Not much grip, sure to drop off once you pick the thing up so you can get it if it drops into the hole.

  10. i love so much that your ex-student made that kind and thoughtful gesture for you … it shows how much you’re appreciated for your hard work! πŸ™‚

    Yes, I don’t know about the hard work part but I am thankful that there are a few who do appreciate whatever effort I put in way back then…and remember! Some would choose to conveniently forget. 😦

  11. Long time never have Western food already!! Now that my confinement has ended, can go enjoy some already =)

    Oh? Not allowed during confinement? I know some do not care, just eat! πŸ˜€

  12. Some say, there is no free lunch in the world. I think that doesn’t apply to ex-teachers. How nice of your ex-student! πŸ˜€

    Yes, truly blessed that I had had a few really really nice ones.

  13. How interesting!

    I know what a parrot fish is coz I have friends who love rearing fish (the one who used to be your neighbor before he got married and moved out is one example – his dad loves fishes and I learned a lot about fishes from him, even attempted to rear them once when we were in high school). I didn’t know they could be eaten though, they’re kept mostly as pets.

    Haha! That’s good luck indeed, the claw machines are set to “win” e.g. grasp very firmly every x times someone puts in a coin, sometimes it’s a very low number, sometimes very high – I tried this theory once in Kuching with RM 150 and got only 1 good pull. It looks like a donkey to me.

    Yes, I googled and I saw all the images – they’re so very colourful and pretty. I don’t know which one of the many varieties of parrot fish this is though. I also saw a lot of recipes using parrot fish. Whatever fish that was, it sure tastes good – a lot nicer than dory and given a choice between the two, I would prefer it to salmon.

    My girl did go and watch a youtube video on the claw machines and indeed, it said exactly what you said – that once in so many times, someone will get it…for the very reason you mentioned.

    LOL!!! Three horses, three donkeys – it’s a draw again…

  14. The seafood selections sure look good especially the fisherman combo. I love battered deep fried seafood dipped with tartar sauce or chilli sauce. That soft toy is quite adorable. Nope can’t tell if it is a horse or donkey πŸ™‚

    Ok, so far it is a draw – three horses and three donkeys. πŸ˜€

    This is one of the better places in town when it comes to western cuisine, Italian basically – in my opinion, that is…and I do know of quite a few people who agree with me.. Lots and lots of such places coming up – I really wonder – are there so many people in Sibu to go to all of them? I wonder how they can survive, honestly.

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