Throw it away…

Well, we certainly would have no choice if we forget to put it in the fridge after a couple of days as it would turn moldy and there would not be much else we could do with it.

We do not buy bread all that often but my missus would do so once in a while and especially when there are only two of us at home, we can hardly finish it that quickly. That day, there was around half a loaf left…

Leftover bread

…so I decided to do something with it. Most of the time, we would just toast it and eat with whatever we have in the house but this time around, I decided to make some French toasts for breakfast.

I am sure most everybody knows how to go about it but to tell the truth, the very first time I tried, it was disastrous. Maybe the oil was not hot enough or there was too much of it…or maybe I soaked the bread in too much egg or perhaps, I did not control the fire while frying. Thankfully, I do think I am getting a little better at it these days.

First, I cut away the edges (you can keep them if you like) and I cut the bread diagonally so I have the slices in triangles…

Cut the bread

Then, I broke an egg and added some chicken stock for a little bit of savoury taste…

Egg and chicken stock

…and beat it well before putting in the triangular slices of bread one by one…

Bread in egg

…and dropping them into the pan of very hot oil…

Bread in pan

Keep the fire at medium and flip the bread to brown both sides nicely.

Upon removing them from the pan, let them stand on some kitchen towel for a while to drain away the excess oil…

On kitchen towel

If I remember correctly, one egg is enough for eight of the triangular pieces or four slices of bread so you will need more if you are frying more than that.

I decided to make some sweet ones so for the last few pieces, I had an egg and I added some brown sugar…

Egg and brown sugar

…and went through the same process.

I liked the savoury ones but when my girl had them for her breakfast that morning, she thought the sweet ones…

Sweet French toast

…were nicer. I guess like everything else, it is simply a case of to each his own.

Incidentally, I went back to the bakery that I blogged about not too long ago to get the Portuguese egg tarts that I thought were really really great. I did say then that I would buy some for my girl as she loves them very much. Well, she took one biteΒ and that was it! They were really awful, to say the least – just look at it…

Bread Sense Portuguese egg tart

It had none of the very nice and thin crispy layers of the puff pastry in the ones that I bought previously…and can you see the oil glistening in the photograph? Yes, it was THAT oily…and such a disappointment! I certainly would not want to go back there again as obviously, there is no proper quality control and for that kind of money (RM2.20), I would be a lot happier going for a nice plate of kampua noodles instead taking the chance on something that may be good one day and horrible the next. You may go and buy at your own risk – I most certainly would not. Tsk! Tsk!

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16 thoughts on “Throw it away…”

  1. Oh dear, oh dear, why is there no quality control? Such a disappointment for Melissa. I guess she must be looking forward to eating it after hearing you sing praises of it. So did you eat the rest or bin it?

    The french toasts that I have eaten are all sweet ones. Savoury ones should be tasty too I imagine. I normally put all the bread into the fridge the moment I bought them. Don’t want to risk them turning moldy in this hot and humid weather. Having said that, I have eaten some moldy bread before and did not suffer any ill effect then but could not say for the long term.

    Yes, I think the ones my mum used to make were sweet and some people just add egg. I like the savoury ones, but maybe that’s because I’m old, not so into sweet things anymore. 😦

    I ate the rest – good thing I did not buy many. Didn’t want to waste. I thought the filling was fine…just the pastry.

  2. i also ate the same thing, but you use bread, my mum using that “miku”(in hokkien), not sure you know or not, the one people use for praying one, something like pao but just plain pao… πŸ™‚
    very yummy and used to eat since kids…… πŸ™‚

    That’s something like mantao? They just fry in oil till golden brown, no egg, and then eat with gravy like chili crab gravy…or whatever else. Very nice.

  3. I do know how to make it but I must admit I am not a fan of French toast. πŸ™‚ I prefer to make a breakfast of this: I toast an English muffin, and I saute an egg, add a slice of cheese (real cheese, not the processed one), such as Gouda, cheddar or Provolone, and slice a tomato, then make it into a sandwich. It is quite delicious. πŸ™‚

    A cheese sandwich? Hmmm…I’d add egg, hardboiled and mashed…or better still, ham or bacon.

  4. What did you do with the cut off edges?

    I got rid of them, no livestock or they’d love those. Usually I would just fry with the edges, just this time so the toasts would look more presentable. Otherwise, one can use them to make bread crumbs or croutons too.

  5. I tried wt stale donuts… Sedap… Next time, makan wt some kaya…

    Donuts? Can’t remember the last time I had any… 😦

  6. I always make this too with the edges intact. Actually, my family’s favourite especially my son.

    Yes, normally I’d do that too, just that it would not look so nice.

  7. We eat quite a bit of bread here and the price of bread keeps on rising if you want the better ones. I make my own, using a bread machine so that I can add a lot of grain and seeds to my bread.

    Most everyone in the family has one – it was a trend at one time and everybody went out to grab one. Like at one time, it was the HCP pan…and then the juicer…and then the air fryer. Don’t hear much of them using the bread maker now though. It sure is very convenient and nothing beats waking up in the morning to the smell of freshly baked bread. Those were too big though but I hear they have small ones now, just nice for my small family. Been wanting to go out and look for that…and a slow cooker too.

  8. So sad 😦
    Poor quality control

    Very sad. I certainly would not bother to buy again. Wouldn’t want to take the chance – at RM2.20 each, they certainly do not come cheap. 😦

  9. Portuguese egg tarts are terribly expensive these days, I still remember there was once KFC having RM1 egg tarts promo a few years back. I wonder what they did to their machines now. Probably sold it to bakery shop, they could have make it a permanent food on the menu

    I vaguely remember having theirs – ok, I think, not bad…but most would be the same, give or take a little but it may not be so with these Portuguese ones.

  10. I’m surprised a baked good (of all things) didn’t taste the same. As I know, a bakery usually has the most quality control because with breads, cakes and pastries, everyone will tell you that they’re made with specific measured quantities of ingredients….no agak agak…not like stir frying or cooking dishes. For my French toasts, I don’t think one egg is enough for 4 slices of bread….more like 2 eggs!

    Yes, my girl would like her French toasts more eggy.

    I don’t know about our bakeries here – ours is a very small town so there is a tendency for people to be kind of laxed about certain things. This one has so many outlets…and branches in other towns and if the owner(s) cannot keep an eye on all and does/do not engage efficient managers, one can expect the quality of their things to vary…a bit, at least from one outlet to another unless they are all made at one place and distributed to all. Never mind – damage done and they have lost one customer, that’s final.

  11. good idea to use off the bread before it expires.. i’m guilty of throwing away so many expired food items around the house ><

    Waste not, want not. I do that too though…but mostly things that my missus bought and (conveniently) forgot about them. As they say, the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.

  12. I love the bread from this bakery and mostly bought mine there. πŸ˜‰

    Nicely done. And I too like it savoury.

    Michael’s Cottage? Yes, we would always buy that one of all the different ones available all over town. As for bakeries, personally, I prefer WeCare, now renamed WeLove…but Bread Sense and Daily Bread are near my house, so more convenient to just drop by and pick up a few things once in a while.

  13. i like the colour of your french toast … sunshine-golden! πŸ™‚ p.s. i once ate mouldy bread and only realised it was mouldy after i finished one slice. surprisingly, i didn’t suffer any ill effects … fortunately! πŸ™‚

    What? Isn’t there a smell? I would detect that right away and look for little black spots, would just throw away once I could see a couple.

  14. Usually, i buy half loaf, just in case can’t finish, won’t be wasted…

    One place here sells half a loaf – RM2.00…but the whole loaf is RM2.80 – makes more sense to buy a whole loaf, keep in fridge when we cannot finish and toast dry lightly on a non-stick pan to eat. I don’t like doing it in a toaster, too crusty.

  15. The way I make my French toast is add a little milk to the egg and beat with a fork. You can add a little vanilla extract or cinnamon powder to the beaten egg if you want or just leave it plain. Heat the frying pan over medium high heat and add some butter. Dip the bread slices in the egg mixture well and fry the egg coated bread slices in the melted butter till golden brown. Serve warm immediately with warm maple syrup and more butter if desired.


    Yes, I’ve had it with milk added as well before…and my girl prefers it with a lot more egg instead of just a coating like how I’ve done it. Butter is expensive here but it sure would be very much nicer frying these in that, so much more fragrant and tasty. I would help myself to the maple syrup or honey when having these at some hotel buffet breakfast but at home, we do not bother. Good enough to have them on their own plus we do not eat those stuff very regularly so there would be those bottles sitting in the fridge for a long lone time and I sure cannot stand that!

    Your first time here, I see. Thanks for commenting and also for sharing. Much appreciated.

  16. Ahh… I didn’t realize that butter is very expensive there and I understand now why you fried it in oil. I’m spoilt living in the U.S. where food prices are generally quite reasonable. Whenever there’s a sale on butter in the supermarket I would buy a couple more lbs and freeze them. Our butter here comes in a one pound package and usually there are 4 sticks of 4 ozs per stick in the package. My husband don’t like butter so I usually fried his French toast in margarine.

    That’s what I hear people doing overseas – everything is very very expensive especially after conversion to our currency (but I guess people there earn a lot more than us) but when there is a sale, everything is so cheap so they would all go out and buy a whole lot and stock up the pantry and there are sales all the time, every weekend…unlike here – we would have to wait till some festival comes around. Other times, there may be some promos on certain items, things going for a little cheaper…but butter, no way!

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