Some place else…

We wanted to go some place else for lunch that day but it was closed for the Gawai Dayak holidays so we decided to try this one…

Chickilicious Sibu

…located close by around that same vicinity.

It has been around for quite sometime now but if you have never noticed it and do not know where it is exactly, it is across the road from the Central Police Station…

Central Police Station, Sibu

…a little up that same road.

Obviously, a lot of people have been there. Their selfies and wefies…

Selfies and wefies

…are all on the wall and even when we were there, there were some people around…


…as well despite it being a public holiday and there were not that many up and about at the time and most shops in town were closed.

You have to place your orders and opt to sit outside or in the air-conditioned section…

Wifi and aircon

…and yes, there is free wifi too! I guess that will attract the younger lot these days, you reckon?

The drinks range between RM4.90 to RM6.90…

Chickilicious drinks

…depending on what you order and they’re all from Taiwan…

Made in Taiwan

…or so it seemed.

We had the crispy chicken (RM8.90)…

Crispy chicken

…that came with some bits of cabbage, raw and we all thought this was quite nice but generally, we felt that between the two, the pizza (RM11.00)…


…was nicer. This wasn’t exactly a pizza actually as there wasn’t any crust – just chicken with a whole lot of cheese…

Lots of cheese

…and whatever.

The sweet plum (sweet) potatoes (RM4.90)…

Sweet plum potatoes

…was very nice initially but we did not quite fancy the taste after a few slices. In comparison, we thought the more savoury mushroom (RM4.90)…


…was more palatable.

Service was great and fast and the staff was very friendly…and for one thing, I sure loved the songs they were playing while we were there including this favourite of mine and I so so so love the songs by this guy!!! As for the food, perhaps you should not take my word for it as I am not into franchises, much less these Taiwanese ones, be it their bubble tea and all that stuff, plus I can’t say I am all that fond of so much deep fried stuff at one go but generally, we thought everything was all right though it would be good if they could cut down a little bit on the msg or whatever seasoning in what they serve.

The total came up to RM48.30, despite the fact that there was no GST charged, and that sure was quite a lot as to me, this came across more like a great place to stop by for a snack and a drink and to hang out with friends even though what we had was enough for our lunch – very filling or maybe that was because of the big paper tumblers of drinks.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

11 thoughts on “Some place else…”

  1. that’s a pretty catchy shop name… looks really good especially the pizza! I love cheese!!!

    I’m just ok with these things, wouldn’t say it swept me off my feet – maybe it’s because I’m old. 😦

  2. Look & sound interesting, pizza without crust. Frankly speaking, I like deep fried food when I was young but as I aged I control & refrain myself eating too much of it.

    My girl enjoys all the deep fried stuff, especially hot from the wok…and then ends up with a sore throat. 😦

  3. Saw this place every morning when sending my Jamie to nanny’s last time in Sibu.

    I would prefer Shilin although never try this Chikilicious before. Hehe.

    Is there one in Sibu? I googled and saw they had an outlet at Giant Megamall but I guess it has closed down already, nothing much there these days, not doing very well – SCR also closed down. 😦 I know there’s one such place at Star Megamall, my girl said not so nice…and maybe one or two others elsewhere – never paid much attention. An ex-student of mine, culinary chef graduated in Taiwan, opened one takeaway but it did not last very long – if I am not wrong, they moved to the pasar malam soon after…but I don’t think it lasted very long there either.

    1. Look like Taiwainese street food not so popular in Sibu. Over here, it has its fan base I think. Mostly still operating. Few Shilin outlets in shopping malls here. I actually never try any of Shilin outlets here but been to few when I studied or went to KL. Lol.

      The bubble tea places seem to be doing very well here, not too sure about the rest. Not into any of those so I never paid much attention to any that we may have around here. I don’t think there’s anything Taiwan that would take my breath away…other than Taiwanese sweet potato porridge – nobody selling that anywhere here. And beef noodles, their style – don’t mind that sometimes for a change.

  4. Looks like the Taiwanese-influenced fried chicken… instead of raw cabbage, they should add in pickled cabbage… or something like sauerkraut

    The Malays often have raw cabbage by the side, somehow I don’t mind…but the one here, I did not touch. Would prefer lettuce instead.

  5. Pizza without a crust, just the meat and cheese? Wow I like, haha.. The sweet potato fries is interesting, would like to try it..

    Check out the Taiwan street food outlets there, sure they have.

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