I know…

My girl loves Japanese cuisine and I know that she would love to go for that. However, she would not say it out as she feels it is a little expensive so she would choose to go without. Well, there is only one place here that we do likeΒ and I would not say it is all that expensive unless of course, if you compare it to eating at the coffee shops, that is!

The 1st of June was a public holiday and I expected parking to be a breeze in that area – on normal days, it would be such a pain trying to find a space be it around lunchtime or in the evening for dinner but there was something going on at the temple a stone’s throw away so there were a lot of cars around…and I had to leave mine by the side in the parking area and though it was not a designated parking space, I made sure that I was not blocking anyone’s way and would not inconvenience any of the other road users.

Needless to say, my girl was delighted when I told her what we would be having for lunch. They do not have a very elaborate menu but there are still many items that we have not tried, one reason being the fact that we had not gone there all that often so everytime when we did so, we tried to order things that we had not had before.

The pickled ginger comes free – they always have a tub of that on the table (alongside the wasabi which all of us have not acquired the taste for) and anyone can just help himself or herself to as much he or she wants…

pickled ginger

…and that was what my missus did. She’s the only one who likes it.

We had their potato salad (RM7.90)…

Zen potato salad

…before and we loved it so we had that again this time around…to go with the kimchi beef rice (RM18.90)…

Zen kimchi beef rice

…that came with this complimentary bowl of miso soup…

Zen miso soup

…and yes, we enjoyed all three.

My girl chose the tempura shisamo maki (RM10.00)…

Zen tempura shisamo maki

…and the summer sushi roll (RM13.90)…

Zen summer sushi roll

…both of which we had not tried before. I thought the latter was very nice and there was even a prawn inside but with the overpowering taste of the pineapple (with a little bit of avocado underneath), and the sauces added, I could not detect that special taste of the rice synonymous with sushis and all the rest Β so between the two, I think I preferred the maki.

The chicken karaage (RM8.90)…

Zen chciken karaage

…was good and went great with the special sauce that came with it but I guess there is just this much that one can sing in praise of fried chicken.

The total came up to RM76.80, inclusive of drinks and the 6% GST…and I would think it was worth it since we all had our fill and enjoyed all that we had ordered that afternoon.

Incidentally, I heard on the grapevine that this place would be closing soon so when I saw one of the bosses, I took the opportunity to confirm this bit of news with him and indeed, he said that somebody else would be taking over the place, the staff and all but he was not sure what plans the new guy would have for it and whether he would retain the existing Japanese menu or go for something else. Oh dear! We only have three or four in town and this is the only one that we like…so I guess we would have to drop by more often to enjoy what they serve to our hearts’ content before they finally call it a day…


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21 thoughts on “I know…”

  1. Since it is school holidays now and Mellssa is at home, it is a good idea to go and eat at this place with Melissa until the place is handed over to the new owners.

    I can have just so much of Japanese, not that frequent for me, unlike the time when a very nice Thai place here was about to close – I think we went three times in a week! We may go again next month…if it is still open.

  2. This is my favourite cuisine and sometimes I dont care whether its expensive, its like a drug for me, so addictive πŸ™‚

    One of my girl’s favourites – I’m ok with it. Would prefer something ASEAN, Malaysian, Thai, Indonesian…

  3. Ahh, the potato salad is my favourite !! Looks simple, but I’m too lazy to make my own.. The summer sushi rolls look delicious.. Pineapple topping, something different..

    I dunno what they have in theirs but it’s nicer than the potato salad that I make myself, a bit.

  4. What a sad news…maybe you can try to visit them again one last time before it closed down…to keep a memorable moment.

    Hopefully, there will be others coming up…just as good or even better.

  5. Not really a fan of Japanese or Korean food, but once awhile I may go for it. All the food looks good especially the chicken karaage, very cripsy looking.

    Same here – once in a while for a change is fine by me. The chicken was nice, very crispy.

  6. If they’re closing down….either food and/or business is not good…or prices are too high! Actually, I do think it is slightly on the expensive side (for your town) seeing the dishes and portions you had. I don’t think I’ve seen Japanese eateries serving potato salad and kimchi though. Wow, only 3 or 4?…obviously Japanese food has not caught on there but, for me, it’s my top 2 favourite cuisine. πŸ˜‰

    Nope, none of your conclusions are anywhere near the truth, I would say. It is a matter of biting off too much that one can chew. They opened a fusion cafe which was a huge success – two guys running it (and a sleeping partner as well, I believe)…so they opened this Japanese place plus a breakfast place…and a branch of the fusion cafe in another part of town. They closed down the breakfast place as it was not doing too well (who would go and eat kampua at double or triple the price when one can get it all over town, nicer too even) so they changed it to a pork place which is doing pretty well. Then they opened a branch of their fusion cafe in Kuching and it did so very well that they opened another one in another part of the city. Now, one guy is running the two in Kuching and the other guy is left here to run the four places…and if you insist on quality, you have to be there all the time…so that makes it too much for one guy to handle and I guess they have decided to let go this one – minus the tedious hassle of getting air-flown fresh Norwegian salmon and all the other stuff needed for it.

    The Japanese do have their own version of the potato salad:
    …and their kimchi too, just that they call it kimuchi:

    Yup, 3 or 4 only. Sibu is a very very small town, one Italian…and one not so Italian and presently one not so Korean, more fusion (not counting the Korean fried chicken franchise place)…plus quite a few western and some fusion, one authentic North Indian sharing with Indonesian and none that is fully Thai…and I love Thai!!! 😦 So many!!! It’s a wonder than many do pretty well.

    1. I clicked on the links. It seems the only 2 differences in a Japanese potato salad (from the American version) is the use of Japanese mayo and lots of vegetables (like carrots, cucumbers, onions) in the mashed potatoes.
      Interesting read on kimuchi….looks like hard core Koreans still think kimchi is inherently and uniquely Korean and wouldn’t touch kimuchi! πŸ˜€

      Like the conflict recently over popiah and lumpia…and the times when there was the question of who-started-what between Singapore and Malaysia or Australia and New Zealand and their pavlova.

  7. I hope the new place will have new menu. If new owner but stick to old menu, the dishes might taste different from what the customers remember, then the customers might be disappointed. Better to start anew…

    I hear the new owner will retain the chef. Well, if the present standard is not maintained, unless they can do better, this would be one place less for me to drop by. I can jolly well do without Japanese, not all that into it.

  8. sad to hear there’s the uncertainty of an ownership change coming, but glad your family still had a pleasant meal here! i like sushi rolls very much … especially when they’re well-stuffed with flavourful ingredients πŸ™‚

    Yes, too flavourful till I could not detect the special taste of the sushi rice – I like that. Sometimes, things are best kept simpler to enjoy the basic subtle tastes.

  9. Lucky i have taken my lunch liao, if not, will be hungry looking at the foods…

    What did you have for lunch?

  10. Lucky i have taken my lunch, if not, will feel hungry looking at the foods…

    Ok, heard you the first time. Hehehehehe!!!!

  11. I love Japanese food. Once in a while I will dine in Sushi King, practically gorging on salmon sushi.

    Here, at SK, the sushis on the carousel aren’t great – something like the cheap ones at the little stalls in any mall. The a la carte orders are better and more value for money but that time I went, I had to wait 2-3 hours. Service was so horrible plus it was not cheap at all. Never again.

  12. heyhey! add me on wechat:aaronng88 or email me. i wanna discuss something fun with u ^^

    Sorry, not on wechat. I’m on Facebook though, I just requested to be added – you can PM me there. Anyway, just emailed you…

  13. Your daughter is so sweet. My daughter does the same, she does not ask for anything extravagant and content with what she has. I do dote on her, and perhaps one reason I do so much is because she is such a kind and giving individual.

    Same here. Aren’t we blessed to have such lovely girls? I do let her spend her own money too sometimes when she insists – she liked the feeling of being independent and the joy of giving now that she has started working.

  14. wow…oiishi!! Love all the food you had! And they are so nice to give you guys free flow ginger slices.There’s one famous Jap restaurant in JB only give one small plate as a compliment and they said they will charge for the rest of the ginger slices.

    Of course you love it! It’s Japanese! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Hahhh!!! You can eat all the pickled ginger that you want here – my missus loves it!

  15. We all loved Japanese food, too! The bill seems reasonable. Hopefully the new owner will be able to maintain the food quality standard and even better.

    Yes, it’s not very expensive for a cafe/restaurant of that standard and most importantly, the food is great. Hopefully, the new owner will keep up the good work.

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