Little more than before…

After the Sunday church service in the morning, we stopped by here for brunch. This is where I get to eat my favourite beef noodles in town and it had been quite  awhile since we last had that simply because unless we go a little early, it is usually hard to find a space to park the car, plus the shop is always very crowded so one may not be able to get a seat and once, the car wash people next door start work and you are seated right beside the shop, you may need to put up with the noise of the vacuuming and all.

They used to specialise on beef noodles only or mostly, if I am not wrong, but it appeared that they now have a little more than before and have added some new items to their menu…

New on the menu

…and my missus opted to give their claypot mee (RM4.00) a try.

Despite the crowd, everything that we ordered came very fast and my missus’ noodles came steaming hot…


…and looking at all the ingredients, it certainly was worth it…

Ah Sian claypot mee 1

Basically, it was just our Foochow-style char-chu mee (fry and cook noodles in soup)…

Ah Sian claypot mee 2

…not the fried version that I usually go for. I could detect the fragrance as my missus was enjoying it and yes, she said that they did it really well. Hmmmm…I think I will have to go back there again one of these days and give it a try myself.

That morning, I stuck loyally to their very nice kampua noodles…

Ah Sian kampua

…with a bowl of their very delightful beef soup…

Ah Sian beef soup

…all for RM6.00. I ordered the special, with tripe and tendon, but I guess they did not hear me or they got our orders confused.

My girl wanted their regular beef noodles (RM6.00)…

Ah Sian beef noodles

…and she did not want those extras so I told the guy that she only wanted beef, nothing else so perhaps he just assumed I wanted mine that way too.

So, there you have it – our brunch for a total of RM16.00 for the three of us but of course, beef isn’t all that cheap here or it could have been a lot less.


Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

21 thoughts on “Little more than before…”

  1. every midnight looking to your nice foodsssss really make me hungry….lol….
    you really pandai cari makan leh … 🙂

    You come lah!!! I will take you here and there and everywhere to enjoy all the things we have in town – not the same as what you can find over there, I assure you. Everything is quite different here – even the feel of the town. So when are you coming?

    1. Lol….wait i collect enough bullet 1st…… 🙂

      …and keep checking the airline website. Some days, really really cheap promos available, cheaper than taking a bus. Once here, no problem already, will take good care of you. 😀

  2. The Foochow noodles in the claypot look really thick when compared to the thinness of the kampua noodles. i find that it happens often that when one orders two bowls of the same food but requested for different ingredients, the request does not get done. One will usually get the same ingredients.

    The ones in the claypot and also in my girl’s bowl are our version of your yellow noodles – no additive to make it firm so no smell but have to eat fast or they will swell…and may become soft and not as nice. The kampua noodles are a different type of noodles – I read somewhere that if it is machine-made, it will be smaller and curly – the hand-made ones are straighter and thicker/bigger.

    Not in the old days, even if it was a little kid – I remember eating at one place and there were 6 of us and a little kid took our orders, each person a different preference, wanted this, did not want that…and we were sure the kid would get it it all wrong but no, we got exactly what we wanted! These days, some of them – even if they wrote everything down, they would get it all wrong…and generally, no calculator = cannot count anymore.

  3. ya, the price of beef dishes is escalating painfully here too … including steaks! boo hoo! 🙂

    I bought one kilo NZ imported beef and it was over RM30. I remember long ago when fresh beef at the market was around RM10 or less…and it went up and up – nobody selling now, the old man probably died and the young ones would only appear as and when they feel like it – I hear the beef noodle shops would book theirs way in advance so probably they just sell to them only and then, call it a day. 😦

  4. Claypot brings back warm memories of my first overseas post in Singapore. We ate something in a claypot at least once a week.

    It sure makes one’s stew very much nicer. Bak kut teh always comes in a claypot, doesn’t it? The ones here do.

  5. I see mee goreng basah! Would have ordered that.. I love mee goreng basah, very nice, very fragrant, thick black gravy, yummzzz…

    That’s the soup version, served in a claypot, not the regular mee goreng basah, Foochow-style, that I would usually go for.

  6. A noodle lover I am…so all the noodle dishes look absolutely great to my eyes. Claypot noodles, my 1st choice. I like the one at open air market or Green Hill. Hearsay that they are related.

    Open air, eh? Noted… Hope to go for it when I hop over. Green Hill, is that the coffee shop at the corner, Harbour View Hotel area, the one with the Ah Mui-like beef noodles?

  7. Yea, never cheap for a bowl of beef noodles, its Rm 8/ bowl here

    Oh dear! Ah well, as long as it is nice with lots of ingredients, that would be fine. Great for a change once in a while.

  8. So so so cheap! Currently i am salivating looking at those noodles! Time for breakfast! 😀

    I would think the RM4 claypot mee is cheap…but the beef noodles, not really so but what to do? When the craving sets in… 😦

  9. It could be my eyes playing tricks on me….but your girl’s bowl of beef noodles somehow looks better (a little bit more pinkish?) than your bowl of just beef slices! Heehee! 😀

    You love it medium rare, eh?

  10. The beef noodle is good. Yummy.

    You tried, when you were in Sibu? Anytime better than the overrated Ah Mui in Kuching.

    1. Yup. Been there few times for the beef noodle.

      Ahhhh!!!! Maybe more than me – I think I’ve been there like half a dozen times only – hard to find parking and always crowded plus I don’t venture to the town centre often.

  11. The food looks amazing and it’s interesting that you mentioned clay pots in this post. It’s on my must purchase list. I’m still researching, but I most likely will purchase one before the end of June.

    I have one – people say things taste better if cooked in a claypot…and the heat retained will go on simmering what’s in it, makes it even nicer.

  12. oh.. I thought you are having claypot beef noodles initially…hahaha…..
    I miss these type of beef noodles , only in Malaysia they have these type. In SG, its very different, more like the taiwanese style!

    Last time at Cuppage Centre, Orchard Road area…the hawker stalls above the market! Really really good!!! Same style as this. Dunno where it moved to after they “upgraded” the place. Nothing nice there anymore. 😦

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