That’s a good idea…

Somebody suggested that I could just go out and buy those frozen ones at the supermarket and bake them…which I did! In her exact words, she said, “…if you don’t like it fried, you can always buy the frozen ones and bake them at home.

I got hold of this brand…

Frozen curry puffs 1

…at RM6.50 for 10, 65 sen each…

Frozen curry puffs 2

…and I liked that “spicy/pedas” bit in particular. I saw three varieties – beef and potatoes, chicken and potatoes and sardine and of course, I chose the beef.

I looked at the instructions at the back but no, they did not say anything about baking, just defrost for 5 minutes and then deep-fry. Never mind! I just thawed them a bit and brushed the top with egg and placed them in a baking tray…

Ready to bake

After heating up the oven, I put them in for around 30 minutes and left them in the oven for another 15 to bake a little longer in the residual heat.

They came out, looking pretty all right…


…but it wasn’t puff pastry so there weren’t those layers that one may find in some curry puffs.

Unfortunately, some of them leaked…


…so a bit of the filling came out. Other than that, everything turned out fine.

The fragrance filled the whole house while they were baking in the oven and I was pretty sure then that it would taste really great…and yes, they did! I loved the taste of the filling…


…which was, as indicated, spicy…but the pastry was very thin and reminded me of those fortune cookies but of course, it was not that hard plus the taste was different.

I would not say they were cheap though as they were very small and though I liked the filling more, I prefer the pastry…

Farley curry puff
*Archive photo*

…of the ones here that I do enjoy very much. These would be about the size of two of the frozen ones so at even at the current price of RM1.20, I would say they would be a better buy and I would not need to go through the trouble of baking them myself.

Ah well, at least I have tried and I did enjoy them somewhat. Here, wanna have some?…

Curry puffs

Author: suituapui

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8 thoughts on “That’s a good idea…”

  1. I have never tried these. 🙂

    Not sure if you can get these in Canada but no problem getting them in Australia or New Zealand, I’m sure. These big manufacturers do export their products overseas.

  2. Never try before but from your photo (after baked) they look good though.

    I love the filling, very nice and spicy, but I like a thicker pastry – maybe some people like it this way.

  3. Never try before but from your photo (after baked), they look good though. May consider to give it a try.

    Oh? Near duplicate comment? Is there a problem…and that is why comments are pretty slow today? Or everyone’s busy now that the school holidays have started? My guess is it would be nicer deep-fried but of course, that would not be so healthy, all that oil.

  4. I tried baking frozen curry puffs and they didn’t turn out nice.. Some leaked, just like yours.. But baking is of course a healthier version..I might try baking them again, give another chance..

    Just a bit leaked out of a few, not much so it was not too bad. They did not look as nice and golden as when I baked pies with my own-made shortcrust pastry (maybe because I used butter) but they were ok, tasted fine and that would be the most important, I guess.

  5. That’s very convenient i guess, you can have it anytime at home, need not to drive all the way out to buy

    Indeed, and not expensive.

  6. I prefer baked to fry…

    My girl loves anything deep-fried but I guess she is ok with anything baked too.

  7. I’ve never bought frozen curry puffs before, but I think there are two different types out there, one like what you bought and one specifically for baking, with puff pastry. The latter would probably turn out like what you expect when baked. But most of them would probably be very small I suspect, just like those frozen paos and mantous are smaller than usual too.

    Maybe you can cook your own filling, then just buy puff pastries and wrap them according to your preferred size! 😀

    Yes, they do sell puff pastry here but I prefer shortcrust plus I am not fond of the frozen ones – they lack the buttery fragrance. I may have seen the curry puffs with puff pastry, not too sure – never had any intention to buy before this.

  8. Never buy frozen curry puff before. Good try there! Ok…reminds me to go IKEA for curry puff.

    Dijamin sampai hari esok? Or coming to Sibu anytime soon? 😉

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