A few days later…

After our delightful lunch at one of the hawker stalls here, we went back there again a few days later as I wanted to pick up a few things at the supermarket opposite…and we decided to drop by there for a bite to eat.

I saw the girl at Stall No. 10 that I was chatting with on our previous visit, busy frying her cucur (fritters)…

Girl at Stall No. 10

…so I ordered RM1 to try…

Very nice cucur

– for that amount of money, you will get 6 of them and yes, they were very very nice and went absolutely well with the dip which, I thought, had a hint of rojak sauce. She did say that they were selling cucur bubuk too but there wasn’t any hint of the dried shrimps in these so I guess they must be the plain vegetable ones.

No, we did not go back to the stall with the African guy but stopped by this one instead…

Simpang Tiga food stall

My missus wanted the kampua noodles but I urged her to try the ayam penyet rice as the sambal in the photograph looked really nice and she agreed to my suggestion. Unfortunately, despite it being almost 11, the lady said the ayam penyet was not ready so my missus had to go back to her original choice – the lard-free halal kampua noodles (RM4.00)…

Simpang Tiga kampua

It was good, not bad at all but RM4.00 is really too expensive when I could get something that is a whole lot nicer here for only RM3.00.

I ordered the nasi lemak special…

Nasi lemak special

…for myself and asked for the sambal kerang (cockles) for which I had to pay a ringgit extra so in total, that cost me RM6.00.

I should have gone for the sambal sotong (squid) instead of the sambal kerang

Sambal kerang

…as they used the canned ones and I think there were around 3 inside only and I was kind of disappointed that it was not spicy at all, not even a little bit. The rice was very nice, not hard and dry like some and quite lemak (rich with santan/coconut milk). The small miserable-looking piece of chicken was nice too and I loved that salted fish that they gave with those few peanuts, in lieu of the ikan bilis. All in all, I would say it was not too bad but I would much sooner fork out another RM1 to go for this one…

Colourful Cafe nasi lemak
*Archive photo*

…that I had at this pork-free place here with the double-the-amount very spicy and so very nice sambal and the generous serving of the masak hitam beef plus the peanuts and ikan bilis and everything else in that one much much bigger and a lot more satisfying plate.

Ah well, as they say, we would not know unless we tried…and yes, I’ve tried and now I know better!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

9 thoughts on “A few days later…”

  1. Bourdain doesn’t know what he’s missing. Sibu is the place to go.

    If I were to visit one place a second time, I would not want to eat at the exact same place – would try some others. I guess that’s the only one he knows – the one his guide(s) take(s) him to, the most popular for years and years in the past…but these days, there are others elsewhere that people say are better. Yes, my cousins came to Sibu – May 1st long weekend and they ate and they ate and they ate…and still, they could not manage to eat all that they wanted to eat. Would have to come again. Full of praises, not only of the food here…but other things in the town.

  2. i like how all the items on the stall’s menu have photos to accompany them … helps customers decide what to order! 😀 and yes to extra kerang for nasi lemak … and double yes for that gorgeous egg yolk on the plate! 🙂

    Yes, they do the egg well – my style, very old school – quite unlike those you get at cafes, hotels and restaurants these days. Most food stalls have photos these days – the sign of the times…but they may be deceiving at times, look great in the pics but the real things do not look nor taste as great.

  3. Nice fritters. Nasi lemak special look great and that’s my kind of fried egg, crispy edges. School holidays are here again, have a wonderful & enjoyable time jalan jalan cari makan. Cheerssss!!!….

    Happy days are here again! My girl’s home and we’ll be heading back to this place again today as she wants the “pili pili” chicken rice. Yup, that’s how I like my egg too, with the fragrant golden fringe.

  4. See the nasi lemak makes me want to eat…

    Singapore, no problem. Nice ones there!

  5. At least you tried and you know better. I like cucur. Yummy with chilli sauce.

    Nice, went for that again today, lunch time! My girl loved it too!

  6. Belum cuba belum tau, sudah cuba hari hari mau.. But in your case maybe not, hehe.. Errr I dont see any kerang on your plate.. Ooohhh, cucurs…The cafe near my office sella very nice cucur udang, their cili sauce is the best in the world, but they don’t do it often, maybe once a month.

    That’s the trouble with some of them – one day open, several days closed. Really dunno how they make money like that. My favourite nasi lemak – just around for a while…and then disappeared, never managed to find him again.

  7. hahahaa…Mun, did I say that? hahaha…You understand me very well… I like the fritters…kind of missing them too.. RM1 for six is a good buy, Arthur!

    It was! And most importantly, they tasted great. Went for some more today, lunch.

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