What’s good…

The other day, I stopped by the outlet of this bakery…

Bread Sense Bakery
*Archive photo*

…near my house to see if there was anything that I would like to try.

We had been going in and out of this place buying this and that like these that I bought quite a long time ago but I did not think there was anything that really stood out from some of the stuff at the other bakeries in town. Oh yes! We went there to buy the New York cheese cake that we thought was very nice and my girl’s colleagues loved it very much so I would buy one quite regularly for her to take back to her school to share with them. I think theirs is baked, not chilled to set in the fridge…but like all those cheese cakes, there is about this much that one can eat so of late, we have not gone back there to grab more. I did notice that day though that the price was RM20.00 and I do remember somewhat vaguely that it was not a round figure way back then, maybe RM18.00, if I’m not wrong.

While I was there, I spotted these Portuguese egg tarts (RM2.20 each)…

Bread Sense Portuguese egg tart 1

…and I quickly grabbed two. I love egg tarts, these or the regular ones but my girl likes this type only so I was thinking that if they are nice, I would go and buy some more for her when she comes home at the end of this week for the two-week mid-year school holidays. We had pretty good ones once from this bakery (and some say that theirs are the best in town) but parking in that part of town is always such a pain so if the ones here are good, we would be able to buy and enjoy them more regularly.

To my delight, they were indeed very good! I loved how crispy those thin layers of the puff pastry…

Bread Sense Portuguese egg tart 2

…were and the texture and the rich creamy taste of the egg custard…

Portuguese egg tart 3

…were simply perfect!

Their chicken mushroom pies (RM2.20 each)…

Bread Sense chicken pies

…looked rather tempting so I bought two of those as well.

Yes, they were good, nicer than those at some of the other bakeries, and there was a lot of meat inside…

Bread Sense chicken pie

…and bits of mushroom as well. The filling tasted great though I would say they could cut down a bit on the msg used (but maybe those who are more comfortable with the stuff would not agree with me on this) and the pastry was not exactly hard, just a bit, but sadly, it lacked the nice buttery fragrance of my favourite here. Those are bigger too but they were selling for RM3.50 each, up from RM2.80 originally…and I hear it has gone up again and are now going for RM3.70 each. Tsk! Tsk! Still, on the whole, I feel those are nicer and would rather go for them instead of these…if ever I feel like having some chicken pies.

The Dragon Boat or Chang Festival or the Duānwǔ Jié is round the corner on the 20th of June, 2015. Of course I prefer the nyonya ones but since we do not know how to tie those dumplings, I don’t think we will get to enjoy eating any this year…unless some kind soul makes or buys some for me (Hint! Hint! LOL!!!) so we will just have to be happy with what we call the Hokkien chang that we can buy here. Unfortunately, of late, even those leave a lot to be desired – those that they sell at the Chinese stalls or shops. The prices keep going up from RM2.00 to RM2.50…and then RM3.00 and I hear they are selling them right now for RM3.50. They still taste good but you would need a microscope to be able to find any traces of meat in those…and the last time I bought one with salted egg yolk inside (can’t remember the price, RM4 or RM4.50, somewhere around there), it was not much better. I could detect the taste of the salted egg in the dumpling but I could not see any!

Well, this bakery (as well as the one on the other side of town – the one with the curry puffs that I like very much) makes very nice ones (RM2.80)…

Bread Sense chang 1

…never mind that it is not a perfect cone…

Bread Sense chang 2

…and being pork-free, they use chicken and the best part is that one can actually see the chunks of meat inside…

Bread Sense chang 3

I’ve tried the lor mai kai too and yes, theirs is not too bad, I would say, but they were RM3.00 each two years ago – I dread to imagine how much one would cost now.

Generally, I would say this is definitely one of the better and more popular bakeries in town. There may be some hits and some misses, but judging from the branches/outlets that are opening here and there, it is pretty obvious that they’re doing well and are here to stay.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

23 thoughts on “What’s good…”

  1. There’s a bakery outlet in downtown Baltimore (H&S) that smells up the area for a few blocks. You just need to follow your nose to locate the store. I have not been in there in years. I never tried the sweets; however, I always made sure I chose a few breads. They were good!

    Ok, edited already. 😉

    Ya, I love the smell of baking bread in the bakeries, so fragrant – same as how I love freshly-baked bread, warm and fragrant, even our local version that we call the kompia – something that they say is our version of the bagel.

  2. Oh my… that should have been, “follow your nose.”

    Yup, gotcha! I guessed that was a typo, slip of the fingers, when I was scrolling and reading the comments on my mobile.

  3. I remember you putting this up before… the egg tarts and the chicken mushroom pie… looks very juicy in that pie.. the Bah Chang looks very fresh too… sure increase price.. at least 50sen.. hahaha…still consider reasonable, I should say…

    I have? Different place, I think – that one, the Portuguese egg tarts are good too but the pies…not really – these are better. Reasonable? Hmmmm…either you are very rich or you are converting into USD and comparing to the prices of things there. Shocking, eh? Prices of things overseas. I would be skin and bone if I lived there. 😦

  4. the egg tarts look PERFECT! love the golden-yellow-brown colour, with the charred parts … it looks so creamy in the custard section and flaky in the pastry part … i want! 😀

    Yes, they sure look very much nicer than the ones that they say are the best in town – both are nice, just that this one looks better.

  5. wow looks good, and all my likings. cheap too!

    i will eat them like crazy when i am back

    Cheap! Hmmm…for what you earn and the prices of things there, I guess. One chang = 1 plate of kampua, take your pick. I know which you will choose. Hehehehehe!!!!

  6. I prefer bak chang anytime. hehe. Meat chang or the Hakka ground nuts chang are my favourite.

    Tsk! Tsk! And you can get really good nyonya chang in Kuching and cheap too – not like the overrated ones I got once in Malacca…and the lady was so snooty and unfriendly like hers were the best in the world. Wish I could get those like the Kuching ones here… Hint! Hint! 😀 😀 😀

  7. I love egg tarts too! They must be warm for me to have them at their best.

    I’m fine with it, can always heat up a bit in the oven – turn on the heat, switch it off when it’s hot enough and put it in to stand for a bit in the residual heat. That way, they would be the same, just nice and warm – I do that with curry puffs and pies too. I know people who would put in the oven, turn on the heat and go watch tv or something – by the time you can smell what’s in the oven, it is already overdone, not nice anymore.

  8. I like all the food in your post today – egg tarts, chicken mushroom pies and bachang.. I usually like bachang with green beans filling (luk dao).. Nice.. With lots of fatty pork and salted egg yolk, yummzzz..

    Green beans? We have red beans ones here but my missus does not eat those – it makes her head spin, she says. I quite like those sometimes…for a change. Ummm…green beans with fatty pork and salted egg yolk? That’s an odd combination?

  9. yum yum! i like my portuguese tart to be crispy and thin layer of skin too! =D i like to have the filling more! =D

    Lots of filling and very well done, some are not so nice, hard like agar-agar, and not creamy and rich.

  10. Oh yes, the portuguese tart sure looks good! I like tarts too!

    Yes, they were good. Sure will go and grab some more when my girl comes home, she loves ’em!

  11. i like to eat chang, but can’t eat too much, as it’s glutinous rice, and my digestion not that good…

    I did not have a problem before but lately, I do feel the discomfort. One, still ok…but not two. 😦

  12. I like those egg tarts that sell in dim sum restaurant, the one can see the yellowish on top more, hehe! I always have two is enough but they served in three, so I must wait for anyone who willing to share with me then I only order.

    Three? I think ours here only two and yes, I do know of one place…or two where the tarts are really nice. Yes, those all yellow ones would be the regular egg tarts – they have those too…but the pastry is different. Almost all bakeries have those – the pastry is usually ok – good or not, it will depend on how well they make the egg custard.

  13. hah…. so fast coming ah the bak chang festival. Feeling so lazy this year. Cost of ingredients even the bamboo leaves have shoot up like nobody’s business. Buy and eat seems to be the cheaper option now

    Not making? Awwwwwwwww!!!! Buy kah? Yunno where to get really good ones? Wink! Wink! 😀 😀 😀

  14. All looks so good. Over here, I love Aloha or John’s pies….but bak chang is still my priority.Nothing comes cheap these days.

    I like the quiche from Aloha, the pies – not really but I hear they are very very expensive. John’s pies…ok lah, not into the puff pastry, I would rather go for Kai Joo’s shortcrust meat pastries.

  15. this reminds me of macauuuuu

    That is where they originated from, I read somewhere…not in Portugal. If I’m not mistaken, Macau was a Portuguese colony once.

  16. Oh yes, the dumpling festival will be upon us again. I saw the dried leaves being sold at the supermarket last week. But I am not into making chang as it is a whole lot of work! Besides I could not get the wrapping right when I helped my auntie make some years ago. So I gave up 😦

    My mum used to make and I tried…but failed. Even then, sure a couple would come apart and make a mess in the water and my mum would get so put off by that. My MIL used to make too and my missus did try to learn but she also failed. So now, we will just have to buy…or wait for some kind and generous people to give. 😉

  17. We actually have a bakery chain in KL called cake sense. Selling both cakes and buns. The Chang looks delicious !!! 👍. Enjoy reading your blog. Have a blessed week and God bless

    Thank you, and a warm welcome. Glad you dropped by and commented, do come again! Never seen Cake Sense but I’ve seen Bread Talk, Bread Story…

  18. wow… I love this place , so much pastries! However, I prefer normal egg tarts than Portuguese tarts as they are kinda sweet.
    Love the mushroom pie and nyonya bak chang… yummy! Gotta go Katong to get some… 🙂

    Katong ones are pretty good – my brother will always buy some to bring back while on transit from NZ though I think he wants to eat them himself. The old folks don’t eat them much anymore, problem digesting. Can’t get those here but there are some Kuching ones that are a little bit nicer.

    Which tarts are sweet? The Portuguese ones or the regular – aren’t they the same? The one and the same egg custard – just that one’s torched and caramelised a bit, the other isn’t (I don’t think they add sugar on top like creme brulee, do they?). The pastry is different so it would depend on which type you like.

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